Trivia Recap – July 28, 2017 – Original Gravity (Venue Tournament)

We did it! Thursday we managed to secure a spot in the Sporcle Live league championship by winning a venue tournament Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. in MIlan. This was the third season we’ve played here, but this was the first season we decided to eye it as a possible tournament qualifying spot. The season started out very, very rough for us – we started out in about fifth place in the overall standings, and gradually managed to move our way up as the weeks progressed. We finally securing second place just last week – missing first by just one point behind first place team More Beer Less Pants( a majority of their games were fielded by just one player). The challenge of beating this team – and the others – was just one of many selling points of playing here, though not everyone on the team was sold on playing here, unfortunately! Speaking of challenges, winning prize money here proved to be a YUGE challenge at the beginning – with several weeks passing before we managed to win our first $10 prize! Then just last week, we won a $10/$20 prize, and also won a $10/$20 prize last night. The questions were among the roughest we’ve ever seen in a tournament game. Special thanks to Joshua, a “loaner” from Teamy McTeamface, who joined us as a fourth player after one of our regulars had to cancel – and another declined the invitation to play. It’s all par for the course for our team, it’s not the first time we’ve had players have to jump ship on the eve of a tournament! And without further ado, the questions…
Game One
1. Theme Songs – What animated series airing from 1985 to 1991 had these lyrics in its theme song – “Dashing and daring,
Courageous and caring,Faithful and friendly, With stories to share?” Miss for 4.
2. Physics – What does the letter D stand for in the equation D=M divided by V? A bit of deliberation, but Mike managed to come up with correct guess for 6.
3. ’80s Hits – What word is missing from the 1986 song title “(blank) On You” by the Jets? This genre of music is not very strong for me, but I came up with correct guess here for 3.
4. Applications – In the original release of Microsoft Office in 1990, how many applications did it contain? Mike originally came up with right number, but we talked him out of his guess. Bad ‘Pods! Miss for 2.
5. World Leaders – António de Oliveira Salazar was prime minister of what country from 1932 to 1968? Multiple choices – Brazil, Portugal, Italy or Argentina? We immediately eliminated two of these choices, and picked the right one of the remaining two based on reasoning by Brad…and who says knowledge of Andrew Lloyd Webber rock operas can’t help in a trivia game? 🙂
6. Historical Books – What 1989 work of historical fiction chronicles the escape of the Rosen family from Copenhagen? Stumper across the board. Quote from Joshua? “I have a PhD in history and I have never heard of this book.” Miss for 1.
7. Actors – What actor played a character named James Rhodes in four films, and Basher Tarr in three others? James Rhodes was SO familiar to me, but we just couldn’t come up with this…miss for SEVEN.
8. Trophy Winners – Three players received more than 90 percent of the possible votes when winning the Heisman Trophy, one of whom was Reggie Bush. Name one of the two other players, who were both awarded in this century, name both for an extra “nerd” bonus point. Nope and nope…nice try Brad and Joshua…miss for EIGHT. Mike was starting to get very discouraged here (big surprise, lol…).
9. Islands – Cabo Verde is located off the coast of what continent? And we finally got to use our 10 pointer…woot!
10. Cookies – The third and fourth best selling Girl Scout cookies are primarily what flavor? I came up with this correct guess for 9. And Brad actually asked me, “Were you in Girl Scouts?” Duh…
Mystery – Anagrams – ID the Fox TV series based on the following anagrams.
1. A whole planet
2. Frame chest
3. Sam Bat Haze
4. Rice flu
Mike came up with #4 right away, then we started thinking…then Joshua started rattling off names of reality series, which earned us #2; then I thought of the right answer for #3, but #1 continued to elude us. And Mike actually watched that series! So six points…
Scores – Thirteen teams – GI Advantage, 8; Peppercorn, 9; Good King Snugglewumps/and Team 16, 16; Team 13, 21; Wowee, 23; Mellows, 27; More Beer Less Pants, 28; Snow Spiders, 29; Matt and Friends, 31; Smokin’ Aces, 33; ‘Pods, 42 and Team Mott, 43.
Final Category – Winning Movies
What is the lowest grossing movie released in the 2000s to have won the Academy Award for best picture? Wrote down list of films from this decade and picked the second lowest grossing one, but only wagered 10 points.
Final Standings – MBLP, 28; ‘Pods, 32; and Team 13, 41 (they got this correct).
Standings heading into game two with “tournament” points added:
Snow Spiders, 9; Wowee, ???, Mott, 24; Mellows, 27; ‘Pods, 42; and MBLP, 43. Ahead of us by one! Oh the humanity!
Game Two
1. Flavors – Strawberry banana smoothie and pancakes and maple syrup are flavor varieties of what popular candy? Brad with right guess here…4.
2. Winners – India Gants and two other people whose names I just don’t give a crap enough about to chase down in google are among the three most recent winners of what reality f—ing series? Nope, miss for 1.
3. More Winners – John Valasquez and Javier Castellano are the most recent winners in what American sport? Miss for 3.
4. Clothes – Founded in 1818, what company is headquartered on Madison Avenue and is named for the family sons? Me with right guess, but only for 5.
5. U.S. Cities – After New York and Chicago, name one of most populous cities that are north of the Mason-Dixon line. A bit of debate, but got this plus the bonus for naming a second city, for 6.
6. Sports Movies – The film 8 seconds, released in 1984 and two other films whose names I did not catch (we were not in a very good spot for hearing the questions) all revolve around what sport? Joshua all over this one for 10 points, woot!
7. Math – What lower case letter is used to represent a natural logarithm? Miss for 9. OUCH! Where’s the Bactine? Wait – that doesn’t work on wounded trivia egos, does it? Again, OUCH!
8. Video Games – What video game series released on XBOX and PS2 in 2005 had the tagline “One Giant step on mankind?” Miss for 2, but I am very intrigued by the name…
9. Hit Songs- What 2002 song won the Academy Award for best original song? Picked a song from the right year, but not the correct year…miss for 7. And this is when I started to say, “I don’t really care if we make to finals this time anyway.”
10. Money – What state’s quarter has an image of America’s Cup winner in Newport? Brad and Joshua thankfully knew this one…my brain was pretty strained by this point in the game! 8 points.
Mystery – BAN words – all correct responses begin with BAN
1. Robber or outlaw
2. Musical instrument played by Steve Martin
3. Exchange of playful or teasing remarks
4. Type of large round flat bread originating in Scotland
Missed #4, but Brad’s guess was close…
Scores – Tried, 2; ???, 10; Wowee, 23; Smokin’ Aces, 35; Matt and Friends, 36; ‘Pods, 40; Snow Spiders, 41; Mellows, 45; Mott, 50 and MBLP led the heap this time with 55 points.
Final Category – Money Makers
According to Forbes Magazine in 2016, there are 540 billionaires in the United States. After California and New York, name both states home to the most billionaires.
Teamwork here…and got this…and we wagered (IKR)
Final Standings – Mellows, 72; MBLP, (did not write down the points for them…I was too excited…) and ‘Pods, 102. Thanks host Matty Ice for the homemade trophy! Until next time, which will be the YpsiAlehouse on Sunday, where I will be joining the Corn Fritters for their venue tournament. We’ll see some of YOU at the league championship Aug. 6!

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