Trivia Recap – June 15, 2017 – Wurst Bar

It was a lovely night for a walk to our My Trivia Live game Wednesday at The Wurst Bar. Being able to see a couple of adorable cats, admiring people’s horticultural handiwork in their yards, and best of all, not having to worry about parking – or driving home after having a few drinks! What’s not to like? After seeing a police cruiser parked along a route I normally take home from work, I thought this night would be a good one to avoid taking the car to the bar… It was the first week of the regular trivia season, and we had more than our share of stumbles on some of the questions! We still made it to the finish line, winning a $20/second place gift card with 55 points going into the final question. It’s not uncommon for us to start a trivia season off in such an unceremonious fashion, there are plenty of other games to go! And the questions, most of which will be abbreviated…
Round One
1. Geography – Which continent in the world is the only one without a glacier?
2. Disney – What color is Winnie the Pooh’s shirt?
3, TV – What media mogul founded CNN in 1980?
Round Two
1. Soprts Terms – The word “stymie,” which means to barricade or block, was traditioinally associated with what sport? Miss for 1.
2. Transportation – Created in 1883, what is the name for the railway line with Paris and Constantinople as end points?
3. Authors – What is the last name of author John Ronald Reuel? And for an extra three point bonus, what was the pen name of William Sydney Porter, who wrote stories known for their “twist” endings, including “The Gift of the Magi?” Goth both of these for the extra three points.
Round Three
1. Measurements -An apgar score refers to what in terms of measurements?
2. Music – Band members from The Primes and The Distants combined to form what Motown group? A woman sitting near us shouted out the answer which was the correct answer. The resounding plea from the bar patrons was for host Stacy to switch out the question. The question was not switched out, but she very firmly asked that people not shout out answers again. Which fortunately did not happen. Although, thanks for the lifeline, lady! We might have stumbled upon the right guess for that, but you sounded so sure of yourself we put full points on that. But the other teams probably did the same…ugh!
3. Game Shows – What game show premiering in 1965 featured celebrities including Farah Fawcett, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Sally Field, among others, who were hidden from the game contestants? Miss for 3. We had a group of non-players sitting right next to us, which made it difficult to hear some of the question “qualifiers.” We initially thought the answer was “Hollywood Squares,” until we found out the question qualifier was “hidden from view.” Stacy was also having some technical difficulties with her microphone cord, which shorted out a few times. By the time the final question rolled around, I actually asked the loud team – politely, of course – to briefly close their wurst holes so that we could hear the question, which they did. Oh the trials and tribulations of this crazy pub trivia game…woe is us!
Halftime – Name four of the seven U.S. states that border three other U.S. states, including land and water borders. We only managed to get two of these. Boo!
Scores – Eleven teams, scores ??? to 33, with Immoveable Force in first. We were in second, tied with two other teams, with 29 points.
Round Four
1. Games – Although the name originated in the United States, the Chinese Checkers was invented in what country? Newsletter clue, 6.
2. Math – What branch of mathematics gets its name from the Latin word for small pebbles used for counting? Kimberly, here’s a math question! And yes, we got it…but it took a bit for us to come up with it.
3. Medicine – What do the letters NMT refer to in prescription drug parlance? Brad, easily the most medicated person on our team, was all over this..thank goodness!
Round Five
1. Landmarks – Who is buried under the Arc de Triomphe in Paris? BIG MISS FOR 6. Ouch. This question buried us!
2. Candy – Milky Way is similar to what other candy bar when sold overseas? Brad and I teamed up on this one, it was very helpful that I knew this candy bar’s “three” main components. And yes I totally gave you guys a hint to the answer, you’re welcome!
3. Alcohol – What is the name of a popular whiskey-flavored liqueur which sometimes referred to as “Cuffs and Buttons?” We initially had the right answer, but changed it to the wrong one. And I will never, ever touch this stuff again. This is the stuff that taught me that there was such a thing as a two-day hangover! Spew! Miss for 6.
Round Six
1. Music – In 1983, what was the first number one single for The Police? And this was my “grab the slip and write down the answer” moment…I was bound and determined that we not f— anything up in THIS round! 🙂
2. Cars – What defunct car company created by Edsel Ford in 1938 was intended to bridge the gap between the luxurious Lincoln line and the more utilitarian Ford line of vehicles? And I reached for the slip immediately again…no screw-ups, people!
3. Martial Artists – What martial artist founded the style Jeet Kune Do? And thankfully the other guys were all over this…though I probably would have guessed the right person. Photo tie in is this guy’s son…
Ended this game with a fairly sub-par 55 points…
Scores – Ten teams, scores 24 to 63, with Team Pants in first. we were in second with 55 points.
Final Category – Movies
What 2000 sci-fi film won a Golden Raspberry award for “worst picture of the decade” from 2000 to 2009?
Bad movies is a topic we have studied a little bit…but this question was kind of easy. Anyone else picturing the lead character in this movie wearing the white “Saturday Night Fever” suit, striking the disco pose, but with the character’s head from this movie? My live-in artist thinks it’s a great idea, but unfortunately does not have time to do this in time for posting this game recap!
Final standings remained the same – Joey Tribbiani, 3, 98; MUFC, 2, 110; and Team Pants, 1, 126. Until next time, which will be tonight at Original Gravity Brewing Co.. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…L. Ron Hubbard!

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