Overview – Sporcle Live scores and other boring statistic-based stuff if you need a sleep aid..

Our trivia team has been struggling this year in the Sporcle Live trivia league. Since we haven’t always sucked this badly, let’s take a look at how we have done in seasons past. Here’s a roundup:

YpsiAlehouse –

April, 2016 to July, 2016

We played all 13 weeks plus the venue tournament, snagging a total of 1515 points, which on average is 117 points per night. We played in the venue tournament even though we qualified through “barhop” and finished in second behind Izzy and the Peeps. We typically only had 2-3 players per night.

August, 2016 to November, 2016

We played nine weeks, earning a 1003 total points, averaging about 111 points per night. We finished third in the venue tournament behind Teamy McTeamface and Izzy and the Peeps, who qualified for finals.

Original Gravity Brewing Company

April, 2016 to July, 2016

Played eight total games plus the venue tournament, 734 points, average 92 points per night. Most games were played by just 1-2 players. Finished in last at the venue tournament, team More Beer Less Pants finished in the top spot, qualifying for the west division finals.

August, 2016 to November, 2016

Played 12 of the 13 total games plus the venue tournament, 1339 total points, average 112 points per night. About half of the games attended by a solo player. Finished in second at the venue tournament, team Josh Pit advanced to the finals, since my team qualified through barhop and the venue tournament winner More Beer Less Pants (represented by a single player) finished in the top spot.

April, 2017 to present (season is ongoing)

We have played eight games, with a score of 712 total points, average 89 points per night. This is well below our average scores from the previous year. I am going to attribute our lackluster performance here to some grumbling within the ranks about playing in this particular trivia spot. Not all of our players enjoy playing here. Because of this, this place might go on the chopping block next season, except for maybe occasional solo games, but will certainly not be used as a spot to qualify for a tournament again.

Johnny’s Grill, Belleville

We have played six games here so far, and are currently on hiatus from playing here. Have not ruled out playing here again, but based on our inability to get final questions correct (have only gotten one right all season), it is not likely to be a viable “qualifying” spot for finals. So far we have scored 561 points, averaging 94 points per night.


So far this year the spots we have played include the YpsiAlehouse, Sticks, Maiz, Curtain Call (soon to be renamed Haymaker Public House), Salt Springs Brewery, Oscar’s Sports and Grill, and Johnny’s Grill in Belleville. We qualified through barhop in the first season of the year, and have been attempting to qualify by playing in one spot this season. It’s looking like it’s not going to happen this season, so it’s likely to be the last time we attempt to qualify for tournaments in both of the trivia leagues in which we play. We do not want to quit mid-season, and will still make an effort to earn a tournament spot, most likely at Original Gravity. We’ll provide updates to this as things progress.

Our future playing in the Sporcle Live league is uncertain at best. Tension within our team’s ranks – mainly, not all players sharing the same passion for trivia – is the most likely cause of our lack of trivia mojo this year, and we will be attempting to resolve it by any means possible. The beatings will continue until morale improves, lol! Don’t count us out of the game just yet, but do look at us to change how we do things in the seasons to come! As always, Go Pods!



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