Trivia Recap – June 16, 2017 – Original Gravity

Are you a fine art aficionado or expert? Prove it by seeing how many of these art questions you can get correct! First off, how many naked people are in the Manet painting “Dejeuner sur l’herbe?” Don’t get too excited, the naked people in this painting aren’t THAT hot, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder! 🙂 How many animals are depicted in Picasso’s “Guernica?” How many water lilies are in the Monet paintings so aptly named “Water Lilies?” He did multiple paintings in this series, so this one is kind of a trick question! What is on the subject’s mind in the Munch panting “The Scream?” How many people are wearing the color red in DaVinci’s “The Last Supper?” How many people are shown rowing the boat in Leutze’s “Washington Crosses the Delaware? And how many time pieces are there in Dali’s “The Persistence of Memory?” This last question was our final question in our Sporcle Live trivia game Thursday at Original Gravity Brewing Co. Unfortunately, none of us has a copy of this painting hanging in our homes, and nobody on our team is an expert in fine art. The closest thing we have to a “copy” of this painting is an old Gary Larson calendar of “Wiener Dog Art,” which has a parody called ‘The Persistence of Wiener Dogs.” We don’t have the calendar anymore, but who would forget an image like this? Anyone else miss Gary Larson and “The Far Side?” Also, none of us has visited the Museum of Modern Art, where this painting is on display. So, considering all of these things, it really came down to drawing a number out of a hat. One team in the bar managed to get this correct, and if they did so by making a lucky guess, go them! And if they have art experts on their team, also go them! Now instead of getting into the other questions from the game, I’m going to take the day off so I can study some more paintings so my team has a better shot at getting these questions correct on trivia night, lol! And while I’m at it, I’ll put visiting every fine art museum in the world on my bucket list! Has anyone had enough hyperbole yet? OK, the game highlights… we finished with 71 points for the night, failed both final questions. No prizes, so nothing earth-shattering there. And the questions! Please note there were multiple incidents during the game where I could not hear the questions very well thanks partially to an air conditioning unit near our table, so in some cases, I may have to “reconstruct” these questions…
Game One
1. TV Casts – Steve-O and Johnny Knoxville are among the cast members of what TV show which originally aired in 2000? 10
2. Flags – What color is the cross on the Finland flag? Miss for 4.
3. Pixar – What 2004 Pixar film is the first to get a PG rating? 9
4. Law – In what decade was the Freedom of Information Act signed into law? Miss for 8.
5. ’80s TV – What ’80s TV series starred David Hasselhoff and featured a talking car named KITT? FB clue question heavily re-written…
6. Mascots – What type of animal is the mascot for the Oakland Athletics? The other two guys on my team did not believe me when I said I knew this answer. I could hardly blame them, since I was SO sure of that FOIA answer, which I screwed up. I explained that this was a repeat question, and there was another reason I knew the answer. And Dave was going all “la la la I am not listening to you” when I attempted to explain why I knew it (sometimes we are a little immature). So I wrote on his scratch paper – “I just saw Moneyball, dammit.” We got this for 5, woot!
7. Measurements – What unit of measurement for force is represented by the letter “N?” 6
8. Main Characters – George and Lenny are characters in what John Steinbeck novel? 7
9. Motown – What Motown artist was known as “The Prince of Motown” and was shot by his father in 1984? Funny, this very day I had the song “Night Shift” by the Commodores pop into my head, specifically the line with this guy’s name.
10. Pets – What pet food company has varieties including “Healthy Naturals” and “Proactive Protection?” And being able to finish the game with our one-point slip is probably the only real positive thing to happen the entire night, lol!
Mystery – Same initials – the initials of all of the people in the following clues will share the same initials, provide the first and last names of both.
1. NBA team playing in the American Airlines arena
2. Arkansas governor who was a Republican presidential nominee in 2008 and 2016
3. Mattel fashion doll line featuring dolls named Frankie Stein, among others (did not write them all down).
4. Leader of “The Three Stooges.”
Got all of these.
Scores- Eleven teams, scores 38 to 60 with More Beer Less Pants in first. I think it was them…We were in third with 55 playing under the name “Cunning Linguists,” which was an old name for a softball team David was a part of.
Final Category – Names
According to the Social Security Administration, among the 50 most popular first names for a baby boy in 2016, three of those given names are also the last names of former U.S. presidents. Give two of those three names.
Got one of these, but not both…we picked a name that only recently moved out of the top 50. And thank goodness for that, it’s a terrible, terrible name, imho…
Game winners – Team Mott, 77; MBLP, 78.
Game Two
1. ’90s Singles – What is the name of a Goo Goo Dolls single that shares its name with a flower? Miss for 1.
2. Stock Market – What two animal names represent an upturn or downturn in the stock market? David all over this…10.
3. Birthplaces – Which U.S. capital city is the birthplace of Jeff Foxworthy, Martin Luther King Jr. and Spike Lee? Mike and Dave with correct guess for 3.
4. SCIENCE! terms – What is the nine-letter term for the point in the earth’s surface lying directly above the location of an earthquake? 9
5. Government – Who was the vice presidential running mate for Gerald Ford in 1976? Miss for 4.
6. Beverages – Within five, in what year was Red Bull launched in the United States? To this day, I have never ingested this stuff…got this for 6.
7. Horror Movies – Audio clue of “monster” movie from 2008.
8. College Nicknames – What is the shared nickname of teams from the University of Connecticut and the University of Washington? 7
9. Brand Names – Kirkland Signature is one of the brand names associated with what American retailer? 5
10. Autobiographies – Who penned what final autobiography in 2013 titled “Mom and Me and Mom?” Miss for 2.
Mystery – Got all of these.
Scores – Nine teams, scores 30 to 60 with Team Mott in first. We were in fifth with 56 points.
Final Category – Paintings
In the Salvador Dali painting The Persistence of Memory, how many clocks or watches are depicted in total?
Team Mott the only team managing to get this one.
Game Winners – Mellows, 57 (zero bet); Team Mott, 80. A weekend game is on the agenda, you will find out more about that when we post the recap! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Bob Dole!

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