Trivia Recap – March 26, 2017 – Oscar’s Sports Grill (Saline, MI)

It’s always a risky endeavor, but sometimes you just have to chase that “white whale.” Yes, you could destroy your whaling vessel, piss off your crew, and alienate your loved ones while you doggedly pursue your “white whale.” My “white whale” Saturday was getting even just a taste of trivial victory after my team failed to qualify in a semifinal game earlier in the day. So I made a very last-minute decision to head out to Oscar’s Sports & Grill for a game hosted by Sporcle Live with Liz to see if any trivia “redemption” could be mine. I finished in third overall for the night with a $10 gift card/second place prize in game two, after winning a tiebreaker with another solo player. Yes, I felt much, much better after this game! For now, this game is being credited to the Corn Fritters team because of my lousy handwriting on the signup sheet. And yes, my horrible handwriting is the source of endless jokes among my trivia teammates (yeah, yeah, I get it…years of having to take notes longhand will destroy anyone’s writing). I finished with 119 points for the night. And those questions, which may be abridged versions of the ones that were asked.
Game One
1. Wine – Claret wine is what color?
2. World Series – Fred Clarke, Bill McKechnie, Danny Murtaugh, and Chuck Tanner all managed which National League team to World Series titles? Miss…though ironically enough a longtime fan of this team played with our team at our MTL semifinal game earlier in the day. He rolled his eyes at me when I told him he would have to try being a Tigers fan now that he lives here…
3. Classic TV Characters – Roy Hinkley was better known by what name on “Gilligan’s Island?”
4. Schools – In which southern U.S. state is Auburn University? Sportsball question in disguise…miss.
5. Tickets – What online ticketing service with a rhyming name is owned by eBay?
6. Songs in Movies – The song “Dueling Banjoes” is played during an iconic scene in what 1972 film which starred Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds? Just watched the 1989 version of “Total Recall” with another one of this film’s cast members, Ronny Cox, recently. He was so adept at playing assholes in ’80s films… He was such a fantastic corporate slimeball in “Robocop,” too.
7. Disney World – Within one, in what year did the Epcot Center open? I “prayed” before this question was asked that this question would be about Epcot…(I have witnesses who can back me up). This was being built the year I visited the place when I was 9…and at the time I thought it looked like something I would probably enjoy more than the amusement park itself #dork. Also got nerd bonus for hitting year exactly right.
8. Medical Exams – What part of the body is examined with a gastroscope?
9. Country Bands – “Girl Crush” is a single by what CMA-winning band? Nope…
10. Companies – What French luxury cosmetics company, beginning with the letter “L,” was founded in 1935 as a subsidiary of L’Oreal?
Mystery – This Day in History
On this day in history…
1. 1982 – who was the first NHL player to score 200 points in a season
2. 1911 – the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory burned down, killing 146 garment workers in what major U.S. city?
3. 2016- film starring Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill released in theaters
4. 1947 – English musician Reginald Kenneth Dwight born, whom is better known by what name
Got them all (yes, even the NHL one).
Scores: Twelve teams, scores 28 to 63, with teams Hamskins and one other team whose name I did not recognize tied for first. I was in third with 61 points playing under the name Beatrix Squiddo.
Final Category – Summer Olympics
China, Indonesia, South Korea, Denmark, Japan, and Spain are the only nations to win gold medals in what sport that debuted in competition at the Summer Olympics in 1992?
Miss…wagered it all and ended up with 41 points going in the second half.
Game Two
1. Title Characters – Who played he title character in the 1980 film “Popeye?” For an extra “nerd” bonus point, who played Olive Oyl? Got both.
2. SCIENCE! – What is the nine-letter term for a space rock that has passed through the earth’s atmosphere? Host Liz instructed us to be very specific with the spelling here…
3. Mythology – Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea, was also called “Earth Shaker” and tamer of what animal? Multiple choices given, did not write them all down, missed it. Balls, happens every time I leave Mike home…mythology question (I missed you!).
4. Advertising Mascots – Elsie the cow was the longtime mascot ow what company known for its dairy products?
5. ’70s Hits – The 1978 song “Sultans of Swing” by what band was their second highest charting song of all time?
6. Party Games – What Hasbro party game originally consisted of a timer and a plastic disc that players would use to take terms guessing particular words? Miss.
7. TV Openings – Audio clue of HBO series that aired from 2001-2005. Miss…
8. Sporting Goods – What company, originally founded as Ashland Manufacturing Company, originally produced tennis rackets, baseball shoes and strings? FB clue…
9. Literary Last Words – What novel published in the 1920s and was most recently adapted into a 2013 film of the same name ends with the line, “So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past?”
10. Peoples of Asia – What word meaning “Eastern People” are commonly associated with the Himalayas in Nepal?
Mystery – Got them all. A much-needed gift from the ‘trivia gods…”
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 19 to 63, with team Side of Bacon in first. More Beer Less Pants was in third with 60 points, playing under a psedonym. I only know that this is how they were doing because I overheard this information (take what I can get, lol). I (aka Beatrix Squiddo) was in fifth tied with One is the Loneliest Number with 58 points.
Final Category – Populations
After Texas and New York, name TWO of the next three most populous U.S. states whose names begin AND end with consonants.
For the purpose of this question, “Y” is a consonant.
Remembered a final question from a July venue tournament I played with Ryan‘s team in Berkley that asked for the most populous U.S. states to have not “birthed” a U.S. president. Remembering two of those states proved helpful here…
I was put into a tiebreaker for second with One is the Loneliest Number. We had to say how many total episodes of the Carol Burnett Show aired during its 1967-1978 series run. My guess of 262 was closest to the correct answer, OITLN’s guess was more than 300. So I won $10. Woot? So I chased my “white whale” and got a little taste of trivia victory. I’ll see y’all in the next recap on Monday if we still end up playing tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you sleazy owners of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory! Locking your employees in the building and thus keeping them from being able to leave when it was on fire was a DICK move…I watched a show about this before, it was pretty horrific. Uh, Go Pods? 🙂

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