Trivia Recap – March 26, 2017 – Woodstone Grill (Belleville, MI) – MTL Semifinals

The ‘Pods visited Woodstone Grill in Belleville for a My Trivia Live semifinal game Saturday, but we sadly did not finish among the top five teams advancing to the final April 1. It was also kind of sad that Woodstone Grill did not seem prepared for the 80-plus people visiting the place. Maybe they’re not usually open that early and they just didn’t have the staffing. I always like to give the benefit of the doubt in these cases, but…service was definitely lacking. One guy – whom I presume was the owner – was the first person waiting on us, and as it appeared, every other table in the place. Other servers showed up later, but by that point, the additional people were forced to deal with backlogs of previous requests and just couldn’t keep up. Two of my players actually walked into the kitchen to get soft drink refills! One of my players, who had thought about ordering food, decided instead to dine elsewhere after the game. A player from another team attempted to just order a drink directly from the bar – prepared to pay for it with a credit card right then and there, but was turned away. I really, really don’t want any of this to sound like a Yelp review, but it really was like the elephant in the room. As for the game, the advancing teams were Team Pants (our rivals from our weekly games at The Wurst Bar, More Beer Less Pants, Torvo ,Better Late Than Pregnant and King Cobra. Our players this time were myself, Mike, Brad and Geoff. We had just four teams ahead of us going into the final question, but just couldn’t manage to lodge the correct answer for that one from our brains (though the answer was definitely there…sometimes that’s just how the trivia cookie “crumbles”). We had a few shining “fist bump” moments in that game, but just couldn’t cross the finish line…and the questions, which may be abbreviated versions of the questions that were asked:
Round One
1. Presidents – Who was U.S. president when Prohibition was repealed?
2. Clubs – What club’s secondary motto was “One Profits Most Who Serves Best?”
3. Cameo Roles – What real-life pilot had a small role as Fred the bartender in the 1983 film “The Right Stuff?” Made right guess here, woot!
Round Two
1.Grammar – What are the only two indefinite articles in the English language?
2. Music – The 1983 hit song “Red Red Wine” by UB40 was originally written and recorded by what artist in 1967? Geoff to me: “How do you KNOW this?” Mom was a big fan…
3. Famous People – Who was Albino Luciani better known as in the summer of 1978? Miss.
Round Three
1. Geography – The famed Lipizzaner horse breed takes its name from a village found near the Karst plateau in what modern day country? Miss.
2. Businesses – What now defunct book store chain founded in 1966 had numerous outlets in shopping malls and in J.L. Hudsons stores until being liquidated and purchased by Barnes and Noble? Miss.
3. Sports – What NBA team is the only one to have a human or human like mascot? What, a human wearing a raptor costume wasn’t correct? (JK)….a much needed easy one, yay!
Halftime – “Make it Official” – name the “official” item listed the most time for each U.S. state symbol categories (fasten your seat belts…)
1. State dance
2. State sport
3. State nut
4. State musical instrument
This was tough…we only managed to get #3 correct, though we did talk ourselves out of the right answer for the musical instrument one.
Scores – Fourteen teams, scores 2 to 27, with Chuckless in first. MBLP was in second with 24 points, Team Pants was in third with 23, we were in fifth with 20, tied with Bert Macklin FBI.
Round Four
1. Board Games – In March, 2017, the boot, wheelbarrow and thimble were removed from Monopoly games and replaced with three new tokens. Name one of those new tokens.
2. Political Scandals – Before Watergate, what 1921 scandal was regarded as the greatest and most sensational scandal in the history of politics?
3. Actors – What actor known for performing in “Camelot,” “Gladiator,” and the “Harry Potter” films had a hit in 1968 with “MacArthur Park,” which hit the top 10 in the U.S. and the U.K. and is regarded as the worst song ever recorded? Very,very happy we managed to get this one…and I’ll never have that recipe again, lol…
Round Five
1. Movies – What 1978 prison film nominated for best picture was shown on Navy vessels days before reaching ports of call as a cautionary tale of what would happen if they got out of line? Geoff’s big “bam” moment of the game…
2. U.S. History – The women’s suffrage movement at the National Convention of 1848 for what political party? Miss.
3. Soaps – On September 17, 2010, what celebrated U.K. soap opera became the longest running soap opera in history, debuting in 1960? Brad for the points here…
Round Six
1. Singers – Initially an instrumental for budgetary reasons, who was hired to do vocals for the “Beretta” soundtrack? Brad is the only one our team who remembered this show and vaguely remembered the soundtrack, and we really, really tried on this one, but nope…
2. ’90s TV – What city did Brandon and Brenda Walsh live in before moving to Beverly Hills on “Beverly Hills: 90210?” Had to dig deep for this one…oh college memories…thanks college roommates Sarah and Kim for turning viewings of this show into a weekly “event…” And the 90210 viewings were always followed up with viewings of”Melrose Place.” I think I may have attempted to find other things to do the nights these shows were on after a while, lol!
3. Terms – What term named for a real person described anticommunist activities in the 1950s?
Scores: Fourteen teams again (nobody jumped ship…) scores 14 to 55, with King Cobra and Chuckless tied for first. We were tied for fourth with 48 points with MBLP, Team Pants was right behind us with 41 points.
Final Category – Newspapers
What Pulitizer-Prize winning weekly newspaper was founded in 1955 by Dan Wolf and Norman Mailer?
Lots of discussion…but nope.
Congratulations to the teams that advanced! We look forward to reading MBLP’s recap of the finals game next Saturday. If they do one…Until next time, which will be tonight at the YpsiAlehouse. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Warren G. Harding!

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