Trivia Recap – March 23, 2017 – Salt Springs Brewery (Saline, MI)

A couple of us checked out a “new to us” trivia spot Thursday and paid a visit to Salt Springs Brewery in Saline for a Sporcle Live game hosted by Courtney, who was subbing for regular host Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M.. Saline was our “stomping grounds” from 1997 to 1999. Ah, memories. Being able to walk to the Saline Celtic Festival…and stumble home. Walking to the video store, finding a copy of “Barely Legal” stashed in a hollowed tree in the woods behind our apartment, getting pulled over by Saline’s finest. I happened to be stone cold sober when a couple of Saline’s finest pulled me over on Henry Street in 1998, though my passenger was not sober – and was causing the car to smell like, as the officer described it, a “brewery.” So I did the sobriety test “dance,” walked a straight line, recited the alphabet backwards, touched my nose…I don’t really remember the whole thing, but the part where I actually had to blow into the Breathalyzer was the absolute best. It registered zero, which apparently puzzled the cop who had administered it to me. Being that I’m kind of a smart ass, I said, “I told you I was sober.” Not to be deterred, the officer also wanted to question – and possibly administer a Breathalyzer – to my passenger, who wasn’t having it. He did what I can only describe now as a “Jedi mind trick,” and said in his best Obi-Wan Kenobi voice, “You don’t need to see my identification.” And the officer agreed with him and pursued the matter no further. It was amazing to see…(you had to be there). Unfortunately in our trivia game, we were not able to pull any Jedi mind tricks! We finished fourth overall for the night with 116 points, winning a third place prize in game two. In this case, the third place prize was a free pint of beer, which was deducted from our tab (hey, we’ll take it!). Overall, it was a nice change of scenery to do trivia in an old church that has been repurposed into a brew pub! It was a very packed house that night, most likely because of the “ladies night out” downtown event and possibly also because of weather that wasn’t too disagreeable. In game one, we had a “helper” sitting next to us named Aaron, who had never witnessed a live pub trivia game before, and was actually quite helpful in coming up with a couple of answers! Speaking of answers, how about those questions?
Game One
1. Same Name – What is a 10-letter word referring to a heavy projectile or a splashy entrance to a pool?
2. Movie Opening Lines – What high-grossing 2002 film has the opening line, “When I was growing up, I knew I was different. The other girls were blonde and delicate, and I was a swarthy six-year-old with sideburns.”
3. Sports Records – A.J. Foyt wet a record by competing in what annual event for 35 consecutive years – from 1958 to 1992? Our “helper” Aaron helped “steer” us in the right direction here, but we picked the wrong similar event, miss for 1.
4. Cake – What popular dessert combines elements of a flourless chocolate cake and souffle and derives its name from its liquid center?
5. Reality TV – Since 2012, Duck Dynasty has aired on what cable network? For an extra “nerd” bonus point, what is the last name of the family appearing on that show? Got the points, missed the bonus point.
6. U.S. Islands – Located on the Eastern seaboard of the United States, what island has been called the Island of Hope and the Island of Tears?
7. Music – Which online music service founded in Sweden by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentz in 2006? Special thanks to host Courtney for spelling these names out without being begged to do so! Missed this for 3.
8. Willy Wonka – In the 1971 film, a rival candy maker offers a large sum of money to Charlie if he can provide a sample of what Willy Wonka candy? When this category was read, I said to Mike, “You’re up, Mike.” And indeed he knew this one…(Mr. Bookworm).
9. Banks – A stagecoach and six horses is used as the logo for what bank? When this category was read, Aaron said the bank that wound up being the correct answer would probably be the answer (which it was).
10. The Heart – What medical device uses pulses delivered by electrodes?
Mystery – Before and After
1. Neil Diamond song in which he sings “Good Times Never Felt So Good” and ’90s NBC series starring Lea Thompson
2. Fast-food chain named for a kids’ toy and a type of men’s undergarment
3. June Carter’s husband and Ben Bailey’s game show set in a car
4. American pioneer known for exploration of Kentucky and cheap malt beverage favored by college students for its low price
Got them all…and drank quite a bit of the hooch in #4 in college…
Scores – Eleven teams, scores 40 to 64, with Blue Moon Investigations in first. We were in second with 62 points.
Final Category – Olympic Athletes
Five Olympic gold medalists have also won the U.S. version of Dancing with the Stars. Name two of them.
Nope, could not come up with even ONE of them. Dave probably would have been a help here, he’s the only person on our team who has ever watched that show on purpose!
Final Scores: Blue Moon, 64 (wise zero bet), 64, Gilmore Gars (who got it right and moved up the rankings).
Game Two
1. Marvel Movies – In what Marvel movie does Evangline Lilly star alongside Paul Rudd? OK, this is the second question about Evangeline Lilly I’ve seen in about as many weeks. I’m beginning to think there is a Sporcle question writer who fancies her. Which is completely OK. And since I’m a complete enabler…(drum roll), she will be the photo tie-in for this recap! A little trivia I read recently about her, she agreed to do the “Hobbit” movies only if her character wasn’t involved in any love triangle BS. Guess what? During re-shoots, that’s exactly what they did with her character, who did wind up being in a love triangle with a fellow elf – and a dwarf. Imagine! A relationship involving a woman who is taller than the man! The horror! In Hollywood, said man would have to stand on an apple crate (which actually happened in some movies).
2. Political Parties – Under what party did Eugene Debbs run for president five times? For an extra “nerd” bonus, name any of the years he ran for president. Got the points, but missed the bonus. Mike was really, really surprised I knew this one…
3. Planets – What planet’s four largest moons called Galilean moons, in honor of Galileo, who was the first to observe them? Mike for the points here.
4. TV Dramas – Elliot Staebler and Olivia Benson have been two lead characters on what long-running crime drama series? Miss for 1.
5. Safety – In what decade was the first airbag put in a passenger vehicle? My initial guess, based on my “these things always happen earlier than you think” reasoning was correct, but we went a decade too late, miss for 2.
6. Catchphrases – Susan Powter rose to fame in the ’90s and was known for the catchphrase, “Stop the (blank)?” Multiple choices were given here, but I didn’t write them all down.
7. Rock bands – Audio clip of guitar riff, had to identify the band.
8. Word Origins – What branch of mathematics’ name is derived from the Arabic word “the reunion of the broken heart?” Talk about heartbreaking, me trying to pass this class in high school….
9. Real Names – Don Herbert is the real name of what TV personality known for teaching about science and technology?FB clue….
10. Shoes – What shoe company announced it would release a self-tying shoe in 2015 because of the movie “Back to the Future 2?”
Visual Mystery –
Only got ONE of these correct…
Scores – We had a score discrepancy we needed to have addressed, and I didn’t write down these scores. We had 54 points going into the final, unsure what place we were in…
Final Category – Oscar Winners
What two films primarily shot in black and white and released in the past 25 years have won the Academy Award for Best Picture?
Got it, but so did two teams ahead of us…
Final Scores: ‘Pods, 74; Blue Moon, 75; Gilmore Gars, 79.
Until next time, which will be our My Trivia Live semifinal game Saturday in Belleville, where we will attempt to earn a finals spot. Can we hear an extra loud “Go Pods” here? Some of these MTL tournament questions can be really, really tough…and obscure… so we’ll need all the luck we can get! GO PODS!

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