Trivia Recap – March 23, 2017 – Wurst Bar

A foursome of ‘Pods visited The Wurst Bar for our weekly My Trivia Live fix hosted by Stacy Wednesday, finished in first for the night with a $30 gift card and 66 cumulative points. The final question was almost easier than some of the regular round questions! Still a fun night overall, and Brad in particular was on fire with the answers, I suspect it’s because of his hard-core bicycling habit in which he likes to indulge before the games. Does all that exercise fire up his brain? Perhaps. Does the exercise mean he doesn’t ever forget to lock up his bike? Uh, no comment! No matter, I’m calling him game MVP for this particular night of trivia (nice work, Brad). And the questions….
Round One
1. Sports – What is the first name of Hall of fame basketball player Dr. J?
2. College- If you took the MCAT, what type of school are you trying to get into?
3. Texting – What does ROTFL stand for in texting “speak?”
Round Two
1. Reality TV – What series did Gordon Ramsay and Christina Tosi use to look for the best amateur chef? Brad for 5.
2. Animals – On what continent do bush babies live?
3. Howie – Howie Long and Teri Hatcher did advertisements together for what company? For “nerd” bonus, what company did Long play for his entire career? Knew the bonus answer, but not the main answer…no points!
Round Three
1. Music – What singer’s first hit was “Danke Schoen” in 1963 at the age of 21? And this was my first “hit” of the night….
2. Movies – What are the first names of the “Blues Brothers?”
3. Words – What word was coined in 1977 by Lee Marvin when he split from his live-in girlfriend? Brad for the points…
Halftime – Name four of the five most populous U.S. cities, according to the 2010 U.S. Census, which are also capital cities.
Got three of these…
Scores – Seven teams, scores 8 to 32, with us in the top spot, just three points ahead of Team Pants.
Round Four
1. Authors – Eric Arthur Blair is the real name of what science fiction author? Newsletter gimme…
2. Movie Quotes – What Oscar-winning movie opens with the line, “I believe in America…America has made my fortune?” And we quibbled quite a bit about what “Oscar winning” actually meant…did it mean best picture winner? Or that someone who acted in/directed the film won the Oscar? And there was no clarification from the host here, either. Had we known it was a best picture winner, we would have gotten this…
3. Alcohol – What drink is made from malt liquor and Sunny Delight and shares its name with a Beastie Boys song? Sounds absolutely disgusting….
Round Five
1. Toys – The TMX was released by Fisher Price in 2006, 10 years after the release of what popular toy? I felt like I was talking to the Berlin Wall on this one or maybe Trump’s fantasy Mexican wall…I had to do a “popular Christmas toys” story for a news rag in 1997, and remembered this toy being on the list. Parents were basically beating each other up to get their filthy mitts on this toy. And the initials in the TMX match what I had come up with. Still it came down to me just writing it down and handing it in while the others still wanted to discuss it…sometimes Democracy just doesn’t work in trivia! Got the points…
2. Words- What word do we get from the nickname of the insane asylum Bethlehem of London? This question is abbreviated…
3. Inventions – Thomas Edison recorded the first human voice by reciting what nursery rhyme?
Round Six
1. Sports – What number did the Tigers retire in honor of Sparky Anderson? Brad the man here…
2. Drugs – What illegal drug did novocaine replace for dentists?
3. Animals – What relative of the elephant and mammoth lived for almost 40 million years?
Only one miss in the second half….
Scores – Seven teams, scores 10 to 66, with us in first, just seven points ahead of Team Pants, who had 59.
Final Category – Geography
What is the largest landlocked country by area in South America?
Got it…did not write down other top finishers. We’ll see all y’all in the next recap – Saturday – or Sunday….of our MTL semifinal game. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Thomas Edison!

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