How to avoid seeming creepy to solo female trivia players


Backpacking and playing trivia solo can be equally challenging…carrying 40-plus pounds on one’s body versus answering an entire set of trivia questions by one’s self? Tough call!

I read a “Backpacker” article today featuring tips on how to avoid seeming creepy to solo female hikers. Solo female trivia players are really not that much different than solo hikers – one of them has to be physically fit – the other has to be mentally fit. Both are venturing into a world ripe with challenges, both are likely to encounter lots of people they don’t know, and both have to keep their wits about them to survive. Solo hikers have to worry about weather,  where/when their next “squat” is going to happen, wild animals, such as bears, boars, snakes and cougars. Solo female trivia players have to worry about drunken idiots sitting next to them, overly “friendly” people talking their ears off and throwing off their game, and trivia questions about sports, reality TV, and other gnarly subjects. Without further ado…

DO be friendly, but not aggressive. If a female solo player doesn’t seem interested in having a conversation with you, take the hint and back off. Not every “single” person sitting in a bar is doing so because they are trying to hook up with another person.

DO NOT hit on solo female trivia players via social media or in person while games are going on. Distracting ANY players intentionally during games is an all-around party foul!

DO ask what she put down for an answer – AFTER she’s handed it in. Striking up conversations about trivia is perfectly OK if done at the proper times.

DON’T question why a female solo trivia player is playing solo. It really is none of anybody’s business.

DON’T use sexual innuendo. I once had a drunken guy talk about “making the best sausage” when bragging about his “culinary” skills. However, if you know the woman you’re talking to and know that she doesn’t mind this kind of thing, that’s a different matter altogether.

DO give solo women trivia players space. If bar seating is at a premium, ask before occupying a seat next to her. But this is just common courtesy for anyone sitting at a bar, male or female.

That’s all, folks!


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