Trivia Recap – March 14, 2017 – Maiz Mexican Cantina

Team “Zach, Miri and Cthulhu Make a Tentacle Porno” (aka the ‘Pods) visited MAIZ Mexican Cantina Monday for a bout of trivia hosted by Sporcle Live with Jessi. We finished in third for the night with 131 points, mainly because of that pesky “sportsball” final question in game one, on which we wagered (drum roll) zero points. Still managed to finish in second in game one, thanks to a “triviagasmic” ’80s music final question. You know those trivia questions you get SO excited to get that you start writing down your possible answers right away – before the question is even asked? Yes, one of those…needless to say, we had the “time of our life” answering that question, and getting it right put us “up where we belong(ed).” See what I did there? Groan…And the questions, one of which (hint…final question #1, specifically the answer) has a very, very tenuous tie-in to the photo I’m using with this recap. I’ll explain more about that later. Without further ado…
Game One
1. Beer – What is the last name of Ralph and Wliliam, who bagan brewing their namesake lager in Australia in the 1880s? 10
2. Showtime – What Showtime series debuting in 2016 stars Paul Giamatti and Damien Lewis as a hedge fund manager? This is the second “obscurity central” TV series question I’ve seen in about a week. Clearly I need to be spending less time at trivia games and more time watching TV, lol! Miss for 1.
3. Logos – Other than white, name two of the three colors found in the Lego logo?
4. Paintings – What painting by Grant Wood depicts the artist’s sister and dentist? Mike was acting like he was unsure of my answer…so I just wrote it down on the slip and handed it in.
5. Royal Weddings – American born Lisa Halaby became a queen upon her marriage to King Hussein of what country? Mike all over this for 8.
6. Math – In trigonometry, what is the ratio of the length of the side that is opposite that angle to the length of the longest side of the hypotenuse? This question is rewritten, my notes on it were not that good. Kimberly, yes, they had a math question on the night you missed! Speaking of miss…we missed this for 2.
7. Movie Characters – Sharing a name with a Beatles song, what is the name of Kate Hudson’s character in “Almost Famous?” I know people raved about this movie, but I just didn’t like it. Something about Cameron Crowe films just don’t sit right with me – can’t put my finger on it. Did get this one, though. Here’s a bonus question of my own – name all of the songs from the Beatles’ album “The Beatles” (aka the “White Album”) that have proper names in them. Seriously, there are quite a lot!
8. Languages – Which Central American country has English as an official language?
9. Number One Hits – Name one of the two Commodores’ songs hitting number 1 on Billboard Hot 100 charts after their songs “Easy” and “Brick House” accomplished this. Nope and nope, miss for 3.
10. Words – What word is used as an adjective and means “In accordance with the rules” or refers to a light complexion?
Mystery – “Seinfeld” anagrams – correct answers will be names of recurring “Seinfeld” characters.
1. Sobering Green Net
2. Garage Cast Zone
3. Crooks Arm Me
4. Sun or Sass
Got them all, though #4 almost tripped us up!
Scores – Eight teams, scores 8 to 66, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers in first. We were in third with 60.
Since 1990, only three MLB catchers have won a league MVP award. Two won while playing in the American League, and one won while playing in the National League.
Name two of those three players. Pssst…one of the guys shares the same last name as the woman in the recap photo…
Wagered zero, but Shooting for Penultimate moved up into second with 75, and LLUA also knew it for 86 points.
Game Two
1. Celebrations – What annual March celebration…I’m just going to stop right here. We all know the answer to this one! 10
2. TV Actresses – Evangeline Lilly was part of the main cast of what TV series from 2004 to 2010? 9
3. Film Series – Which “Bourne” movie does not feature Matt Damon in an acting role – although he does appear as Jason Bourne in a photo in the film? Mike nails this for 3.
4. Video Games – The first “Grand Theft Auto” was available for MSDOS, Windows, Gameboy Color and for what other platform? Miss for 2, though we did consider the correct answer.
5. Magazine Covers – In 1992, what actor became the first male to appear on the cover of “Vogue,” on which he appeared alongside his then wife?
6. Athletes – In 2016, what athlete retired, saying, “There’s something about 18 years?” Miss.
7. National Historic Landmarks – Elferth’s Alley is located in which U.S. city and was the first residential street in the U.S.? Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia or Richmond? Miss.
8. Singers- What American singer was born Anna Mae Bullock in 1939?
9. Car Companies – Audio clue of car commercial featuring dialogue of two guys talking about racing. Big miss here, mistakenly picked an American car company that ran a similar ad (this one featuring actors playing two brothers who began their own car company). Drat!
10. The Sun – On average, how many minutes does it take for the sun to reach the earth? Multiple choices given, did not write them all down. Got them all.
Scores – Eight teams, scores 27 to 58, with Shooting for Penultimate in first. We were in third with 51 points. Ouch, darn you, Dodge Brothers! 🙂
Singer Jennifer Warnes’ only two #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 chart were both duets released in the 1980s.
Name the two singers with whom she performed those duets. Woot, got this….
Final Standings – ‘Pods, 71; LLUA, 76. Until next time, which “may” be tonight at a spot TBD. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Penny Lane!

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