Trivia Recap – February 23, 2017 – Wurst Bar

We started the My Trivia Live season Wednesday at The Wurst Bar for our weekly trivia “meetup” hosted by Stacy. This time, only myself (Heather), Mike and Brad were able to attend but we still managed 60 points before the final, which we flubbed – meaning no gift cards. Eight teams were involved in a tiebreaker after the final – including ours – where we had to answer in what year the first electric washing machine was made available to the public. two teams tied after this, so rock/paper/scissors determined the winner, though I did not catch who ultimately won that tiebreaker. I have always wanted to see a real “ro-cham-beau” tiebreaker (Eric Cartman style), but then I have some pretty twisted bucket list line items! Moving on…how about those questions?
Round One
1. Grimm Brothers – What Grimm Brothers character is renowned for her long hair? 5
2. Monopoly – What are two ways you can go to jail in Monopoly? There are three ways you can go, but we only had to name two, got this for 3.
3. Taxes – Which main numerical form should be used to file your income taxes: 1
Round Two
Actresses – What actress, who was once married to Jesse James, starred in “While You Were Sleeping” and “The Proposal?” 5
2. Shakespeare – What Shakespearean character said, “Good night, good night, parting is such sweet sorrow?” 3
3. It’s All Greek – The Greek statue Aphrodite of Milos is better known as what? For an extra three point bonus, for which Greek mathmatician is a device named that transports water into irrigation ditches? Did not attempt the bonus.
Round Three
1. Songs – Re-released in 1997, what song is the second-top selling record of all time? 5
2. Presidents – What former president of an automotive company released a book called “Where Have all the Leaders Gone” in 2007? Miss for 1.
3. Beer – What beer brewed in Munich by Anheuser Busch has a name that translates into “Lion’s Brew?” 3
Halftime – Name four U.S. states in the Pacific time zone.
Had all four on our slip, but (ahem) those other two guys CHANGED my correct answer to a wrong one. Now where did I put that cat ‘o nine tails? 🙂
We were tied for third with two other teams heading into the final with 32 points. Team Pants was in first with 37 points. Ten total teams.
Round Four
Presidents – Which U.S. president suffered from triskaidekophobia? This is not even close to how this question was worded, but MTL does not have the newsletter question from this day posted anymore. I just want to see how many of you know what this phobia is! If I had to pick a “favorite” phobia, I’d cay coulrophobia ranks right up there. I think there should be a fear of furries/costumed mascots, but I don’t think there technically is one. But I digress. And yes, furries and costumed mascots are very disturbing to me, though I would not go as far as to say I’m phobic of them (long shudder).
2. Football Plays – Alonzo Stag is credited with being the first to call what trick play in a 1908 football game which was later used by the WIldcats in the 1949 Rose Bowl? You know a sports question is too easy when I know it! Speaking of, I got TWO sports questions correct in our game last night at Original Gravity! I’ll be working on that recap after I’m done with this one…(be patient, you trivia junkies you!)
3. Explorers – What English explorer is credited with being the first to set foot on all continents except Antarctica? I told Mike to never, ever trust me on explorers questions, but Brad actually backed me up with my guess on this one, which was right (screw you, Magellan! Colonialist Portuguese bastard! Those Filipinos probably gave you exactly what you deserved!). He knows what he did…Ahem…you never forget those questions you lost big points on, do you? 🙂
Round Five
1. Go – was a web portal launched in 1998 by what company? No “go” on this one…miss for 2.
2. Volcanoes – What is the term for a type of mud flow or debris flow composed of a slurry of pyroclastic material, rocky debris, and water coming from a volcano? I have attempted to reconstruct this question via wikipedia, but alas, we called “shenanigans” and it was thrown out.
2. Education – What educational initiative in the United States that details what K–12 students should know in English language arts and mathematics at the end of each grade? Another question I’ve essentially re-written, got this…
3. The Bible – The “immaculate conception,” according to Catholics, is the conception of whom? Believe it or not, some teams missed this. And I thought I dozed off too much in Sunday school! Except when I had that weird hippie teacher who claimed that there were Satanic messages galore in “Hotel California.” Which there probably are, but who cares? It’s still a cool song, and trivial fact, Panamanians went NUTS over this song in the early ’90s, according to Mike,who lived there. So that and learning all the books of the New Testament with a silly song are basically all I actually remember learning in Sunday school. And I am CHOMPING AT THE BIT for a “books of the New Testament” category in trivia sometime. MTL does ask about religious stuff from time to time, after all. But if such a question actually happens, it will probably result in a plague of frogs or something. But I can dream, can’t I?
Round Six
1. U.S. cities – What third most populous city in the United States has a name that is Algonquin for “garlic fields?” 2
2. Alcohol – What Lynchburg, TN headquarters has been declared a national historic place? 6
3. Kings- What Egyptian king’s name means…I did not take good notes here. So here’s my completely revised question: What Egyptian king was sung about by Steve Martin in a 1978 single, which sold more than 1 million copies?
Scores: Nine teams, scores 43 to 70, with team Percy in first. We were in third with 60, just behind Team Pants with 67 points.
Final Category Trees
What tree is native to eastern North America and eastern Asia and comes in varieties including red, white and silky? It is also harvested to make root beer. Miss, though we all thought of the correct answer. Brain farts happen…first game of the season, we’re not overly concerned! Did not pay close attention to final scores, though there was a tiebreaker for third, which I already mentioned earlier. Until next time…which will be next week, when I will be venturing out on a Tuesday since Mike (fingers crossed) might be getting into a Dungeons & Dragons group! Geekgasm! If we randomly play over the weekend, well, we’ll be sure to tell you all about it! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Ferdinand Magellan (bastard)!

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