Trivia Recap – Feb. 20, 2017 – YpsiAlehouse

A few weeks ago, a Toledo trivia player messaged me about wanting to bring a team to Ypsilanti and “meet you guys in person.” Well, Sunday that happened – when a foursome representing Spaceballs 3: Revenge of the Schwartz, a Toledo team, visited the YpsiAlehouse for a Sporcle Live trivia bout featuring them, our team, and the other teams that regularly play here every week (happy belated birthday to Sporcle and Shine with Emily). We didn’t want to pick just ANY trivia spot for this to happen! We wanted our “southern comrades” to be able to do trivial battle with the best – and we’re not talking about us (perish the thought)…We’re talking about another team that has been dominating this place for a couple of seasons! Team “Teamy McTeamface” has been virtually unstoppable all season, and remains in the top spot after Sunday’s “clash of the trivial titans.” Another of the Alehouse’s regular teams, Chief Running with Scissors, “technically” finished in first for the night with 160 points, with us just one point behind them. But the “visiting” team were the REAL winners, taking a second place gift card in game one, a first place in game two. This is not the first time we’ve participated in trivial “gunfights.” In 2015, our team and team More Beer Less Pants went toe-to-toe at a local watering hole and we decided beforehand that the “losers” of the night would have to be photographed holding signs with the winning team’s name on it. Without going into TOO many details…let’s just say I had to scrounge up a sharpie and put my lettering/ sign making skills to use! It wound up being a close match that night, with us beating them in game one, and us flubbing a big points explorers question in game two, essentially handing the victory to our rivals. It was all in good fun, and these kinds of things just keep us on our toes and keep us hungry! And what better way to break up the trivial monotony mid-season? Our team Sunday consisted of our “three amigos,” myself (Heather), Mike and Brad; and a couple of “loaners” from More Beer Less Pants (Ang E) and Sparty On (Kimberly). We won a second place gift card after a tiebreaker in game two, and managed 159 points overall. And the questions, provided by Matt from Spaceballs (thanks).
Game One
1. Superhero Movies: In a 2013 film, Russell Crowe played the father of what superhero? Bonus: who directed this film?
Total brain fart. Started game with a four-point thud. Though the director we had for the movie we put down was correct…
2. Medical Conditions: What is the medical condition in which a person’s core temperature drops below the required temperature for normal metabolism and bodily functions?
3. Monuments: Located in Maryland, the Underground Railroad National Monument is named for what woman?
4. TV Hosts: Brandy, David Hasselhoff, and Mel B have all served as judges on what reality TV series?
5. Musicals: Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812, which debuted on Broadway in 2016, is an adaptation of part of what classic novel?
Nope…none of us knew it.
6. Support: What is the name of the tech support station located inside of most of Apple’s retail stores?
7. Hit Songs: Audio clip of “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan. Had to identify the year it hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Kim was the star performer here, she really worked hard on this one and got this for big.
8. Names in Politics: What Chief Justice of the US served as the chairman of the President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy?
9. Theme Parks: Disneyland is located in what city in the Los Angeles metro area?
10. Basketball Teams: The WNBA team based in Phoenix, Arizona shares its name with which element on the periodic table?
Brad was all worried when he heard “WNBA,” but we wound up getting this.
Mystery Round: Before and After
1. A 2007 film starring Tommy Lee Jones/A 1997 film starring Tommy Lee Jones
2. City and team name of an NBA team that began play in 1989/Full title of the popular card game introduced in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast
3. 1851 novel by Herman Melville/the 46th Vice President of the US
4. Emblem in the middle of the flag of Israel/English soccer star who played for both Manchester United and the LA Galaxy
Missed #1, though we probably SHOULDN’T have…
Heading into the final:
La Resistance 48, Two Trivias to Paradise 49, Team #12 54, IU Demons 54, Whitmore Lake Wizards 54, Delta Queens 57, Gotham Knights 58, Annie’s College Fund 59, Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 60, Cam’s Beer Money 61, Chief Running With Scissors 61, Snow Spiders 64, The Rampaging Southern Invaders 65, Happy Birthday Emily 67
Final Category: Railroads
Final Question: The First Transcontinental Railroad was a nearly 2000 mile long railroad line constructed from 1863 to 1869. Name two of the three private companies that built portions of the line.
**As luck would have it, Matt has been reading a series of novels recently in which one of the characters actually helps build this railroad. Had the answer instantly. Unfortunately, the team ahead of us also got it right. Got it, but the victors were:
Happy Birthday Emily 86, The Rampaging Southern Invaders 85
Game Two
1. Dinosaurs: What plant eating dinosaur was given a name derived from Greek that literally means “three horned face?”
Kim “(My youngest daughter) knows THIS answer…”
2. Companies: Since 2006, Indra Nooyi has been the CEO of what major company?
3. Famous Scenes: What 1983 film starring Tom Cruise features a famous scene of him dancing in his underwear to the Bob Seger song “Old Time Rock and Roll?”
My parents took me to see this movie when I was probably way too young to be seeing a movie about a guy who gets into the pimp game…not that I wasn’t old enough to kind of enjoy seeing Tom Cruise in his underpants, but I digress!
4. Dice: On a standard die, when a five is face up, what number is face down?
5. TV Networks: When it first launched in 1994, what did the letters in the name of cable and satellite network IFC stand for?
Nice teamwork!
6. Quarterbacks: Name one of the three quarterbacks who started at least one game for the Detroit Lions during their winless 2008 season. Bonus for two.
When the answers were revealed, Brad, a Lions fan, said he’d never heard of any of them.
7. Poets: What 19th century American poet published collections titled Drum-Taps and Leaves of Grass?
8. Presidents: How many US presidents have been born in the 20th century?
I started writing my list of presidents when the categories for game two were read. It came in VERY handy here, and I was able to put a birth year (or reasonable fascimile) with most of the right guys.
9. Landmarks: The city of Agra, India is home to what large mausoleum that was built in the mid 1600s?
10. Sports in Film: The 1993 film The Program centers on a team playing what sport?
Visual round: Missed either #2 or #3, I don’t recall which one.
Delta Queens 35, Team #12 45, Two Trivias to Paradise 47, Gotham Knights 51, Cam’s Beer Money 54, Whitmore Lake Wizards 54, Annie’s College Fund 56, Chief Running With Scissors 59, Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 59, Snow Spiders 61, IU Demons 61, Seven Years of College Down the Drain 61, The Rampaging Southern Invaders 63
Final Category: Singers
Final Question: What singer, who had two #1 albums and four Billboard Hot 100 #1 hits in the 1970s, hosted the Grammy Awards five times, although he did not win one himself until after his death in 1997?
Initially had one guy in mind, but Mike came up with the guy who wound up being correct. For the most ridiculous reason imaginable…”South Park.” I backed him up for it being the correct year, and bam…Mike isn’t normally the “go to” guy on questions involving music, nice work!
Final Standings: The Rampaging Southern Invaders 82, Miskatonic University Fighting Cephalopods 79, Chief Running With Scissors 79
Tiebreaker: How old was Ralph Waldo Emerson when he died in 1882?
We got this within a single year, taking home the second place card. This was ALL Ang E. woot!
Until next time…which for trivia purposes, will be The Wurst Bar Wednesday for the start of the new My Trivia Live season. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy…everyone!

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