Trivia Recap – Jan. 31, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

Trivia players can be a very literal lot. The most competitive of them love to immerse themselves in facts, and take pride in the ones they can easily recall for the points in trivia games. Countries of the world starting with the letter “H?” An easy one for any geography nerd. Name all of the countries of the world ending in “stan?” For any teams out there serious about competing in trivia, again, that’s an easy one (not all teams may be able to spell every one of those correctly, but then not all teams have two former spelling bee champions, lol). But when our warm ‘n cozy world of facts gets turned upside down? It’s like Dustin Hoffman’s character Raymond (aka “Rain Man” is DEFINITELY not wearing his underwear. And Wapner is on TV somewhere and he’s not watching it. And without further ado, here’s the question that rattled our brains: “Name one of the two countries in Europe starting with the letter K.” We easily named one, and though we weren’t required to name the second, we tried to do it anyway. Does one of the countries technically start out as “Kingdom?” No. After both of us thought about it for a bit, we decided we were stumped. When the answer was revealed? Our response was, “That’s not in Europe.” Well, technically, part of it, maybe a sliver of it IS in Europe, but for trivia purposes? No, it’s not REALLY considered part of Europe. It’s certainly not considered part of Europe even politically. And yes, most trivia players know that Russia and Turkey are considered to be both Asia and Europe. Oh well, we’re just glad they didn’t ask us to name BOTH countries! Our ‘Pods ‘duo” visited Powell’s Pub for a My Trivia Live game Monday, which turned out to be the scene of the lowest-scoring game of the season. FOR THE ENTIRE BAR. No teams managed to crack 50 points! As for us, we won no prizes this time, and also did not manage to get the final question correct. And the questions…
Round One
1. SCIENCE! – What common word is used for measuring heat intensity? 5
2. Medicine – What kind of patients does a gerontologist specialize in? 3
3. Protests – The Boston Port Act of 1774 was an act of Parliament and Great Britain in response to what political protest? 1
Round Two
1. Europe – Name one of the two countries in Europe that start with the letter K. 5
2. Sports Stadiums – What sports stadium is so large it has its own ZIP code of 90090? Mike and I both teamed up on this one for 1 point. Thank you early 90s TV series with a ZIP code in the title! Who knew you would actually help with a trivia question one day? Now who wants to go to the Peach Pit to celebrate? 🙂
3. World War 2 – Kay Summersby was a member of the British Transport Corps and later, served as chauffeur and secretary to what supreme commander of the Allied Forces? We knew who the supreme commander was, but were tripped up by “British Transport Corps.” Sometimes more words in a question can be a bad thing…miss for 3.
Round Three
1. Sci-Fi – What ’60s TV series centers around a disabled ship called the Jupiter 2? There was a really drunk guy sitting next to me who was just BURSTING with the urge to blurt out this answer. He said, “I know I’m not supposed to shout out the answer…but this was the best TV show ever,” Hell, I’ll take a friendly drunk over an angry one any day! 🙂 He was drinking shots (presumably tequila) along with his Corona…as inebriated as he was, he did NOT blurt out the answer! Maybe it was because I said, “Danger…danger?” 5 points.
2. Novels – What city is the main setting for Oliver Twist? 3
3. Golf Courses – “The Devil’s Golf Course” is located in what California valley? I had right guess, but we went with another…1.
Halftime THIS IS GOING TO BE REALLY BAD, just to warn you all. This was a really ROUGH halftime round. Maybe we should have gotten tequila shots to go with our pitcher of beer?
These questions have been resurrected via wikipedia…notes must be lost in space…see what I did there?
Category – Fashion (ugh…what the hell do I KNOW about that?) – Jeans edition – Identify the “top selling” jeans companies worldwide as of 2016 based on the following clues.
1. Established in the Portobello Road area of London in 1973, and now based in Sant Feliu de Llobregat, Spain.
2. Founded in 1978 by Renzo Rosso in Italy
3. Co-founded by Jacob Davis in 1873
4. Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, founded in 1904 (this is not even remotely how this clue was worded)
Managed to get just ONE of these. Sad…especially jeans is one of the things sold in my place of employment! Now where’s that tequila shot I ordered? 🙂
Scores –
Seven teams – scores 29 to 26, with team Presumptive in first. We were tied with two other teams for second with 25.
Round Four
1. Bands – What band was originally known as Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions? Newsletter clue, 6.
2. Floods – What river, which is the longest in Asia, was the site of a massive series of floods in July, 1931, killing roughly 4 million people? A bit of debate, but got it for 4.
3. Records -In 2015, what album became certified 30X multiplatinum with 30 million U.S. sales? And I was just talking to another player about this very album shortly before this question was asked…4
Round Five
1. Statues – What was the original name of “The Thinker” statue? We had the “duh” on this one (oh the irony)….Miss for 2.
2. Explorers – Twenty-two year old American Nathaniel Palmer and his men were the first to discover what peninsula? Picked a peninsula a bit too close to home, miss for 4. Hell, why not just blow this whole round? OK!
3. Islands – What island in the Hawaii archipelago is NOT officially part of Hawaii? Nope, miss for 6.
Round Six
1. Psychology – What is the male counterpart for the Elektra complex? 6
2. Packaging – What three colors make up the tartan pattern on a package of Scotch tape? Miss for 2.
3. Racing – What two-word phrase used in racing is said when entrants must be at their starting positions? Miss for 2.
Scores – Team Presumptive was in first with 48 points. We were in fourth with 43.
Final Category – Innovators
What two American innovators visited a city in Northern Alabama in 1921 with plans of buying the unfinished Wilson Dam to power a nitrate plant and employing 1 million workers in an endeavor that they hoped would become the Detroit of the South? This would have created a city nearly 75 miles long.
Miss…Did not write down game winners…Until next time, which will be Thursday at Stick’s. We are taking Wednesday off from our regular game at Wurst because, among other things, we some chores to do around the house. The self-cleaning house is totally malfunctioning, lol…We’ll see y’all in the next recap! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, all of you Boston Tea Party protesters!

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