Trivia Recap – Jan. 26, 2017 -Wurst Bar

Trivia players LOVE to complain. “We didn’t win any prize money.” “Not enough players showed up.” “Too many players showed up.” “We don’t have any prize money to spend tonight.” “My trivia spot canceled again this week.” “That question about (fill in the blank) was poorly written.” “We blew big points on that question about (fill in the blank).” “We didn’t make it to the (fill in blank with tournament name of choice).” “We are the suckiest sucks that ever did suck.” “That other player from that other team is (fill in blank with annoying behavior of choice).” “I don’t like the music the host is playing.” We don’t have a whole lot to complain about these days for our weekly games at The Wurst Bar hosted by Stacy (thanks for bringing in your knit Cthulhu toy to show us!). We’re comfortably in first place in the bar’s standings, which will get us a spot in the upcoming semifinals. However, we didn’t win any prize money for the first time in about a month (whine). Shout out to “Team Pants” for taking the top prize Wednesday. We wound up with 64 points heading into the final question about Elvis Presley, which we did not get correct. The picture we’re using with this recap is actually a photo of a painting Mike did for a college art class – the assignment was to create a stamp design. Read all about that Elvis question we flunked and more!
Round One
1. TV – What cable network, aimed primarily at women, is named for an element on the periodic table? 5
2. Math – How many sides does a hexagon have? 3
3. SCIENCE! – Which word refers to a person whose white hair and red eyes are a result of a lack of pigment? 1
Round Two
1. Politics – Who headed Italy’s Fascist party until his death in 1945? 5
2. Languages – From the Greek, what does the prefix “neo” mean? 3
3. Mythology – Who was the Roman counterpart to the god of love Eros? For an extra three point bonus, what Greek goddess did not have a mother but sprang fully grown from Zeus’ forehead? Got this for 1 point plus the bonus.
Round Three
1. Operas – What is the name of the barber in “The Barber of Seville?” What’s Opera, Doc? Who else remembers the Bugs Bunny cartoon? 5
2. Comic Strips – What comic strip is named for a 16th-century theologian and 17th century philosopher? 3
3. NBA – Which NBA team has the most players in the NBA Hall of Fame? 1
Halftime – Name four of the seven films nominated for best picture in 2016. We only managed to get two of these.
Scores – Eighteen teams, scores 18 to 39, with team Different in first. We were in third with 34 points.
Round Four
1. Businesses – In 1962, the very first Wal-Mart opened in which U.S. state? 6
2. People – What group of people are known as the “Fourth Estate?” 4
3. Geography – What country borders Cambodia to the east? 2
Round Five
1. Languages – From the Spanish phrase “from the milk,” what organization offers support to nursing mothers? 6
2. NFL – At age 39, who was the youngest Super Bowl coach in history when he defeated the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl 37? Miss for 2.
3. TV – On the television show “Friends,” who portrayed Chandler’s father? Brad is the only player we had who ever watched that show, and he came up with a good guess, but nope…and I know all there is to know about the crying game…
Round Six
1. Animals – What type of rodents are known for marching to the sea where they drown themselves (even though they don’t really do that)? 6
2. Colleges – Graduates from Radcliffe receive a diploma from what university? This sparked a conversation between Brad and I about what a bad-ass Helen Keller (a Radcliffe graduate) was. She may not have really played a mean pinball, but I’ll bet she could have learned it if pinball machines were around when she was! Move over, Tommy! There’s a new pinball wizard in the running! 🙂 4
3. Alcohol – What do you omit from a martini to make it dry? 2
Scores – We were in third again heading into the final, with team same name, different week in first with 67.
Final Category – Elvis
What Elvis Presley movie was originally called “The Reno Brothers” but was renamed after sales of a single from that movie reached one million, prompting a re-naming of the song to match the movie’s title? Nope…no Elvis experts among our ranks. Where is Dave’s mom when we need her? or Brad’s older sister, for that matter? 🙂 Until next time, which will be tonight at Stick’s for our weekly Sporcle With Tim game. We are still attempting to get our first final question of the season correct here! And we are trying to crawl out of a hole in terms of the standings… Any bets as to whether we can do it tonight? HINT: do not bet on us to ever do anything correct, lol! Always bet on us to fail if you want to win any money! As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Colonel Tom Parker! Poor Elvis was chewed up and spit out by the entertainment machine imho, but I digress…uh, Go Pods!

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