Trivia Recap – Jan. 24, 2017 – Powell’s Pub

Aliens, boxers and…butts were just a few things we were quizzed on in Monday’s My Trivia Live game at Powell’s Pub. Our “dynamic duo” (aka myself and Mike) played under the name “Bill and Squid’s Excellent Adventure” for no other reason than that the music host George was playing before the game started sounded just a bit like some of the music playing in the “future” sequences of that movie. Plus we kind of like that silly movie – the guy they got to play Napoleon was just PERFECT – they must’ve gotten their hands on a real time machine and gotten the real guy to be in the movie (jk). We finished in second for the night, winning a $20 gift certificate, with 59 points going into the final question. Shout out to Ham Wallets for scoring their highest game of the season last night with 68 points (woot!). Also a shout out to my trivia “pardner” Mike for knowing almost all of the answers in the first half without any assistance from me! He likes to pretend he doesn’t know any of the answers in these games and that I just keep him around because he writes his answers more neatly on the slips than I do (which is partially true). Let this game be proof that this just isn’t true! And the questions…
Round One
1. SCIENCE! What medical condition prevents falling or remaining asleep? 5
2. Law – What name do law enforcement agencies give to unidentified men? 3
3. Animals – Because they seem slow and lazy at first glance, what animal gets its name from one of the seven deadly sins? 1
Round Two
1. Food – What is the actual name for egg whites? 5
2. Movies (I thought for sure Mike would need help on this one…he did not) – Which ’80s film sees the teacher boring his students with his explanation of “voodoo economics?” 3
3. Art (nope, he won’t need my help on this one) – What is the nude doing on the staircase in the Marcel Duchamps painting ascending – or descening? For an extra three-point bonus, Swiss surrealist H.R. Giger, known for his airbrushed designs involving humans melded with machines, was part of the Oscar-winning special effects team for what 1979 film? Got this for 1 plus the bonus (Mike used to have a calendar with this guy’s designs in it, and even did some art pieces in college influenced by this guy…he is a “fanboy”).
Round Three (Surely Mike may need my help in THIS round, right? I know, I know…and I’ll stop calling you “Shirley”).
1. Music – Simon LeBon was the lead singer of what popular ’80s English band? Is is just me, or do the questions have more “hints” than usual? Was it REALLY necessary to say the band’s English? Nope, Mike didn’t need my help on this one…
2. Children’s Literature – In the book “Charlotte’s Web,” what is the name of the pig that communicates with Charlotte? Charade you are, Pig. See what I did there? 3
3. Boxing – (SPOILER – Mike’s hot streak ends here) Taking place in 2015, what two fighters were involved in the “fight of the century?” I came up with one name and if we had at least one other player utter the right name, we may have gotten this. Though Mike’s dad used to watch an unhealthy amount of boxing on TV (and use his kids as remote controls before he had a “real” remote control), nope, our first miss of the round for 1. It gets worse! Halftime!
Halftime Name four of the TV series in which character actor Ted McGinley, known for playing Stan Gable in “Revenge of the Nerds” appeared in for at least two seasons between 1980 and 2016. Host threw this one out, which was unfortunate, because we did better on this round than the replacement round!
Replacement round – Name four of the eight Hollywood films with the longest run times of all time.
Whomp-whomp! We only managed to get ONE! Fail…
Halftime standings: Eight teams, scores 14 to 34, with Ham Wallets in first, we were in second with 33 points. One is the Loneliest Number right behind us with 29 in third.
Round Four
1. Authors – Who is the author of Last of the Mohicans? Newsletter clue, 6.
2. Magazines – Which U.S. fashion magazine began as a weekly paper in 1892 and added French and British editions in 1916? “Beauty’s where you find it…not just where you…bump and grind it.” Nope, these “Madonna” lyrics are not relevant here at all! 4 I could have sat out the whole first half of this game, this is the first question Mike needed me for (seriously, it was).
3. Video Games – What video game console released in 1994 had origins in 1988 and was a joint project between Nintendo and Sony? Miss for 2, this isn’t really “our” topic.
Round Five
1. Mythology – What Greek mythological figure died from a heel wound? Earlier this day, I was just telling someone about Mike’s childhood cat “Stripe,” who was truly a “cat from Hell.” She would sit underneath the couch and wait for people to sit there so she could claw at the…answer to this question. She figured out how to open Mike’s bedroom door by using an adjacent bathroom doorway so she could, as Mike said, “go in there and destroy my shit.” Art papers, D&D papers, you name it. She learned to swim so she could go after geese (he said it was really cute watching her swim). She died during a battle with a 40-pound raccoon (who also succumbed to its injuries). As much as he hated that cat…he still grudgingly respects her for being such a bad-ass! 6 points.
2. Landmarks – What home, which has been turned into a museum, is the second-most visited home in the United States after the White House? Yay, I know one more answer in this game! 4 points
3. NFL Draft – Name one of the two players taken ahead of Barry Sanders in the 1989 NFL draft? I know NO ONE is going to believe me…but I actually had one of the correct guys! But Mike picked another guy who wasn’t in the scene until the 1991 draft (nice try, Mike). I remembered this answer from that really, really weird game at Original Gravity where I actually knew THREE sports answers in a game by myself (the guy in this answer was one of these guys). Sometimes the trivia gods look kindly upon me, and sometimes I have to leave dead livestock out in the yard…or sacrifice a virgin on a mountain top (a cultist’s job is never done).
Round Six
1. Space – Whose signature is on the flag next to the three Apollo 11 crew members? This is usually a “Mike” category, but he leaned on me again for this one. “Just call…on me brother…when you need a hand…we all need somebody…to lean…on.” Anyone know those lyrics? I’m looking at you, Scott and Kimberly, it was remade in the ’80s! Got this for 2
2. Prison – What country is the home to the largest prison population? 4
3. Anatomy – What is the largest muscle in the human body? Miss for 6. “My anaconda don’t want none…” OK, I’ll stop now… We missed this for SIX. Not a good way to “end” the round!
Scores – Seven teams, scores 34 to 68, with Ham Wallets in first. We were in second with 59 points.
Final – With 1,200 occurring a year, what does the United States have more than any other country?
Mike knew instantly.
Final standings: Yaks (????), ‘Pods, 118, and Ham Wallets, 136.
Until next time, which will be our regular game at The Wurst Bar on Wednesday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Richard Nixon!

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