Trivia Recap – Jan. 25, 2017 – Johnny’s Grill

A couple of ‘Pods visited Johnny’s Grill in Belleville for a Sporcle Live Host Elyse show Tuesday, we won a $10 gift card in game two, and…somehow managed to finish in first overall for the night. It may have been partially due to a tough game one final question that only one team got right – and a “cocktails” question that proved to be a stumper. And since we normally get molested by the cocktails questions ourselves, we’ll take actually getting one correct for a change! There are just SO many variations on most drink recipes, and not just the white trash versions we concoct for our camping trips, like the “Jimbo Collins,” which we created in October, 2016 in Rogers City, MI (RIP Jimbo). It’s basically made of the cheapest drinkable vodka you can get (we used Burnett’s), club soda, some kind of “citrusy” element (lemonade, lime/lemon juice, whatever you can shove into a cooler and eventually, your mouth) and just a “splash” of ginger ale. It’s not even remotely classy enough to resemble a Moscow mule. Ideally it should be served in a plastic tailgate cup, so don’t go stingy on the vodka – and if you’ve got fresh ice, use it, otherwise…hell, it’s designed to be consumed while you’re camping, so anything goes! Though Johnny’s isn’t intended to be a “regular” trivia spot for us, we’ve been playing better there than we do at our “regular” place on Thursdays! Oh the irony…where is Alanis Morrissette when we need her to write a song all about how ironic that is? Maybe we get fired up over having a “team to beat” at Johnny’s. Maybe the trivia gods are testing us. Maybe a late trivia game on Thursday just isn’t going to work out. Best not to overthink, might thrust us into madness like some character in one of those H.P. Lovecraft books Mike loves reading so much. What better way to distract one’s self from overthinking something than to just type up the damn questions? 🙂
Game One
1. War Terms – What does WMD stand for?
2. Company Slogans – What company has used the slogan, “babies are our business?” Miss for 3.
3. Singers – What actress and singer appeared as Kat Valentine on the series “Sam and Kat” and has a current top 40 single called “Side to Side? Miss for 2.
4. Rivers – The 325-mile long Kaskaskia River, which is a tributary of the Mississippi, is located entirely in which U.S. state? Multiple choice- Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, or Minnesota? Miss for 4. At this point, I started thinking, “Now if only we can get the rest of these right, maybe it won’t be so bad.” But with “World Series” as a category coming up? Better save that one pointer!
5. Video Games – Roland Brick, Lilith and Mordecai are all characters in what first-person shooter video game series? FB clue (thank you trivia gods), 9.
6. Cocktails – What type of juice is used in a Tom Collins? Luckily I remembered looking up this recipe before our camping trip…and altering the fuck out of it, as you can see! Got this for 8. Nerd bonus – what type of liquor is used in this drink? Got the bonus.
7. World Series – As of January, 2017, what is the most recent National League team to win the world series besides the Cubs or the Giants? A short time ago I actually tried learning the league divisions for the MLB and remembered the right team for this, so woot got a sportsball question right! But for only 1…
8. Classic Stories – In which “Arabian Nights” story would you find a character who says “Open Sesame?” Damn, now I have to play that Beastie Boys song ‘Rhymin’ and Stealin…” “Because mutiny on the bounty’s what we’re all about…” Pirates! 🙂
9. Surgery – What surgical procedure severs the connection between the brain’s frontal lobe and the thalamus? 6
10. Young Actors – What young actor was nominated for his role in a 1999 film for playing a character named Cole Sear?
Mystery – Anagrams – Chevy car models – Correct answers will be current or past models
1. Ace Rival
2. Ail Map
3. Evil Roads
4. Naval Ache
A gift from the trivia gods…we were both just at the Auto Show this past weekend! Plus Dad used to work for General Motors (and Ford, And Roush, and Visteon)…
Scores: Eight teams, scores 51 to 65, with Slick Rock Rumble in first. We were in fourth with 58 points.
Final Category – Sports Words
What four-letter sports term is the shortest word ever to decide the National Spelling Bee?
Nope. That’s a four-letter word! Lots of four-letter words! Lets start listing some of the best four-letter words, kids!
We finished in third, just out of the money zone. Slick Rock took second, Gang’s All Here got the answer right and won first.
Game Two
1. Rock Albums – In the 1990s, what rock band released their 22nd and 23rd studio albums, called “Voodoo Lounge,” and “Bridges to Babylon?” 10
2. State Capitals – What is the only state capital ending in the letter “h?” I asked Mike to write the question down while I brainstormed capital names. Of course he didn’t.. And we nearly overlooked the correct answer that I had written down! But we came up with the answer in the nick of time for 9.
3. Dr. Seuss – The Sour Kangaroo and the Wickersham Brothers are characters in what Seuss book, which was made into a 2008 movie? A bit of debate, but got this for 3.
4. Historic People – The birthday of what historic American Revolutionary figure is celebrated as “National Handwriting Day?” And of course Mike has to attempt to imitate this guy’s signature (always an artist), 7.
5. ’80s Movies – What 1984 blockbuster movie features characters who say, “Why worry? Each one of us is carrying an unlicensed nuclear accelerator on our backs.” This quote is paraphrased. For nerd bonus, who directed this? Missed the bonus, but did pick another director who was active around the same time…got this for 7.
6. Soft Drinks – What popular name brand soft drink was created by physician Charles Albertson in Waco, TX in the 1880s? 4
7. TV Hosts – Audio clue of female political commentator talking about solar panels, got this for 6.
8. Math Class – What number serves as the largest common divisor or 76 and 98? Mike takes this away for 5.
9.. College Stadiums – The Carrier Dome is the home for basketball and football teams of what university? Our only miss of the regular round for 1 besides the nerd point. And the mystery round coming up. Should we have said “spoiler alert?” Yes, the mystery round is going to SUCK! For us, anyway.
10. Alternative Medicine – What form of alternative Chinese medicine using thin needles is commonly used for pain relief? 2
Visual Mystery –
We missed ALL of these. Terrible!
Final Category – Movies and History
What movie that was nominated for a Best Picture Academy Award within the last 20 years shares its title with a code name for a beach landing site on D-Day?
Mike nails this one right away…
Final Standings – ‘Pods, 76, More Beer Less Pants, 84. Until next time, which will be our MTL game at the Wurst Bar tonight. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mr. Furley!

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