Trivia Recap – May 25, 2016 – Heidelberg

Guess we were just due for an awful trivia night. On our previous three trivia outings, we won $50, including a first venue place for the night at Original Gravity Brewing Co. Thursday (a deed that has not gone unpunished, cough). But Tuesday? We were having none of that! Even with the trivia gods bestowing us with the “favor” of our “team to beat” being absent that night. Yes, it was a grim, grim trivia night for Mike and I at the The Heidelberg forSporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M. If you have a heart condition, are pregnant, or otherwise have a delicate consitution? Do not continue to read this game re-cap! Don’t say we didn’t warn you! đŸ™‚Good news? We’re back on top of the venue standings at this bar. We will thank the trivia gods appropriately for that small favor, just don’t ask us how we plan to go about it (walks into candlelit room and shuts the door, starts chanting in Latin).
Game One
1. Adverts – In an ad for what company did former Steelers player “Mean Joe Green” appear, throw a dirty jersey and say “Hey kid, catch?” 10. “Adverts” is what they call “advertising” in the U.K. All hail brevity!
2. Champions – The grand champion of what sport is deemed “Yokozuna?” 9.
3. Fish – What forage fish belonging to clupeidae family is smoked, pickled and salted? 5, nice work Mike.
4. Directors – Who directed What Lies Beneath, Cast Away and the Back to the Future series? For nerd point, what film did he win he best director Oscar in the 90s? This question all me for 8
5. Communism – What country did Pol Pot rule the Khmer Rouge from 1975 to 1979? 6
6. Jazz Musicians – Jazz musician Duke Ellington was best known for playing what instrument? 7 miss…painful ! I thought about an instrument featured prominently in his orchestra, not an instrument that he played. Balls, balls, balls, balls balls! And if you didn’t catch that the first time? BALLS!
7. Cars – How many generations of the Ford Mustang have been released, within 1? Knew how many years the car had been around, but not “generations.” Total “duh” for 3. Miss.
8. Long running TV – What long running series aired originally on the History Channel in 1995 and now airs on H2 and focuses on technology ? 4
9. Ice Cream – What Ben and Jerry’s flavor shares its name with a stoner comedy? Miss for 1. Mike was just talking the other day about how he hates stoner comedies. Maybe we should start watching more of them!
10. Games – A computer beat a grandmaster at what ancient Chinese board game in 2013? Not Chinese checkers? Miss for 2. We did not put Chinese checkers! And isn’t “grandmaster” the coolest title? Is it “grandmistress” for females? If so, that kind of sounds whorish…
Mystery – Name four full-length Disney animated features besides “Cinderella” to have been released in the 1950s. Only managed to get two, our other two guesses were both off by a decade.
Standings: Eight teams, scores 44 to 56. We were in fifth with 50 points.
Final Category: Trademarks
Along with its distinctive triangle logo, what company’s name was the first registered trademark in the UK in 1876, nearly 100 years after the company was founded? Got this, but only wagered 7, and three other teams got it correct. Dull are the stars when the stars are wrong…boo on the purple and green! Not our game…
Game 2
1. Running backs – Who was the second youngest running back to win the Heisman Trophy doing so while playing for Alabama in 2009 as a sophomore? Miss for 1. The only college running back I could name was the one who drove the white Ford Bronco and had his trophy taken away. Yes, that one.
2. Knots – What knot is associated with a duke who was briefly king of England ? 5. Wow, for once my job helps with a trivia question! This knot is used in ties.
3. Star Trek – What is the color of Spock’s blood? 10. A certain type of crab also has green blood, says Mike…
4. Perfume – What 2 digit number used in a perfume name marketed in 1971 to commemorate Coco Chanel ‘ s birthday? Miss for 2.
5. Animals in Movies – In the movie Milo and Otis, what dog breed is Otis? In what country was this movie originally produced, for extra point? Miss on both for 4. Not so hot on stoner comedies or “talking intrepid animals on an adventure” movies, either.
6. State Capitals – What state capital means “sheltered harbor” or “calm port?” Miss for 3, every team missed this one.
7. Cover songs – Audio
8. Websites – What website founded in 1995 calls itself the world’s online marketplace ? Lost on coin toss for 6.
9. Geometry – What is sum total of the angles in a hexagon? 7, yay Mike! You are so brainy! Smooches! Seriously, he worked so hard on this one.
10. Book series – What is the name of the book series on which Game of Thrones is based? Mike again for 8. I would not have known this, way to finish with two big-point answers! two of these, don’t recall which ones.
Standings: Nine teams, scores 10 (wow someone had a far worse game than us, did they leave early?) to 62, with Sandy Know Facts in the top spot. We were in sixth with 46 points.
Category: Olympic History
What country hosted the first Summer Olympic Games to be broadcast on television internationally in color? Mike decided to step outside and let me handle this question on my own (not that he would have helped much), and I came up with the correct year – but wrong country – and wrong Olympic season. I know my teammates Geoff and Brad would have helped me out greatly here (Cartman voice) I love you guys! The city name for the winter Olympics held that year is one of those cities that just sticks in my head because I like the sound of it. “Grenoble”…just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it? Wagered 20, finished with 83 points. Well, at least the beer was free, and I still have some more beer money left to use? #silverlinings. Until next time, which will be my “GDX” outing Wednesday with Angie at a local watering hole. You’ll get to read all about that game Thursday, let’s hope it’s not as disastrous as this game! Go Pods!

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