Trivia Recap – May 26, 2016 – Wurst

The “core duo” of Generation Double X/GDX visitedThe Wurst Bar Wednesday for a My Trivia Live game dished up by the fabulous trivia host Stacy Louis. Going into the game, I had a “good feeling” that this would be the first Wurst game we would win money. And we did! We won a $10 gift card tonight, so now we know what a Wurst gift card looks like! And we look forward to spending it next week on “whiskey night” at Wurst where the drinks are $2! Maybe I will actually get over my dark liquor hang-ups and actually try to stomach some whiskey for the sake of a cheap bar tab. Potential hangovers, be damned, argh! Anyone want a front-row seat to this potential fiasco? Stranger things have happened…always an adventure! And the questions. Warning: the first half questions were particularly brutal. So if you can stomach it, read on! Any edits to this post will not occur until Thursday, so if you see mistakes, point them out to us! If we spot them, we’ll correct them!
Round One
1. Food – What campfire confection once had a medicinal origin as a relief for sore throats? 5
2. Government – The word “bicameral” describes what branch of U.S government? 3
3. Geography – Also known as “Devil’s Island,” what geographical oddity lies southeast of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean? 1.
Round Two
1. Animals – bat, bear, blunt and button describe what feature on a dog? I texted my ‘Pods dog expert Brad on this one, and he would have known it. Alas, we did not get it right…miss for 1.
2. Travel – What is the name of Disney’s island located in the Bahamas? What, not “Whore Island?” Balls…no, we did not really put down this answer, though we talked about it…miss for 3. And you can “like” Whore Island on Facebook! It’s a thing!
3. Anatomy – Cervical, thoracic and lumbar are all types of what in the human body? For extra three bonus points, what is the only bone in the human body not connected to any other bone? Decided to risk this and FAILED. Miss for 5.
Round Three
1. Literature – What is the name of Hester Prynne’s illegimate baby in “The Scarlet Letter?” YAY ANGIE! This was all her! Though I had to make an off- color reference about a certain “necklace” that might have been involved in the baby-making process. I am so crude…5
2. Greek Mythology – What is the name for the spawn born of a Greek god and a mortal? Angie steps up again, woot, who is gunning for game MVP? 3.
3. Football – What is the name of the NFL team represented by the west coast NFL mascot Blitz? The right answer was considered, but not turned in. Grrr, sportsball! And it will only get worse, read on (if you have the stomach).
Halftime – Name four of the five NFL pairs that have played against each other in the Super Bowl more than once. Is this how the question was actually worded? Don’t remember. All I know is we TOTALLY FLUNKED THIS. Most non-triumphant…
Halftime standings:
Scores ranging from 5 to 29. We were in sixth with SEVENTEEN POINTS. Worst. First half. Ever. Of all time…
Round Four
1. In Greek mythology, who was the son of Zeus and Europa who became the first king of Crete? 6
2. Art – What artist created the 1872 work “Impressions” which was to spark the Impressionism movement 4
3. SCIENCE – what is the most fundamental particle of light that is both a particle and a wave? 2
Round Five
1. Captains – What is Captain James Kirk’s middle name? 6.
2. ’90s Movies – What is one of the two patriotic names given to the shuttles racing to save the planet in the 1998 film “Armageddon?” 2
3. ’80s Music – What heavy metal musician and pilot joined his band in 1982? Miss for 4.
Round Six
1. World History -In what year, within 2, did the Ukraine establish itself as a independent nation? Nailed the year dead-on.
2. Technology – What technology company celebrated 40 years of being in business in 2016?
3. U.S. Presidents – What U.S. president enacted “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell?” ‘Standings: Twelve teams, scores ranging from 5 to 60. We were in fifth place with 49.
Got all of these, 12 points for round six.
Final What cable network TV show topped every top 10 spot in 2015 as the most-watched TV show? Discussed two possible answers but Angie steered us to the one she suggested. And IT WAS RIGHT.
We won $10. Unsure who was ahead of us. That’s all for now, folks! This girl has to to go bed! Go GDX!

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