Trivia Recap – May 24, 2016 – Powell’s PUb

I went out to get my ‘trivia on Monday at Powell’s Pub with my regular trivia partner Mike. He was definitely the MVP of the game! He not only nearly nailed an “on the dot” question asking for the current price of cotton per pound (doing so allowed us to pick the “you pick” category in round five), but also knew a tricky “animals” answer by thinking like an 8-year-old boy. We finished with 52 league points, but dropped 20 of those by wagering conservatively on an “authors” final question, which allowed us to hold onto our third place standings and – most importantly – win some beer money! My Trivia Live final questions can be very, very tough – if you can’t always get them right, take the next best thing when you can get it! And presenting the questions…
Round One
1. Cosmetics – The luxury cosmetic and fragrance brand Lancome is from what European country? Miss for 1.
2. Fairy Tales – What was the fate of anything that King Midas touched? 5
3. Mountains – What is the more common name of the second highest mountain in the world named Mount Godwin-Austen, and Chhogori? 3
Round 2
1. Currency – What is the full name of the U.S. president featured on the two dollar bill? 5
2. Anatomy and Physiology – Epilation and alopecia has to do with the lack of or removal of what? 3. Anyone remember the “Epilady?” One of my friends in high school had one. It was like an electric tweezer of some sort that ripped out the hair on the legs. Too wussy to ever try it…sounds painful!
3. U.S . History – What U.S. President delivered the immortal “infamy” speech to Congress in the 1940s? For bonus, what proposition were the forefathers dedicated to “Four score and seven years ago?” Got both, woot! So rare when we get the “bonus” questions correct!
Round Three
1. 80s films – Though released in 1988, in what decade was “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” set? I might not know much about luxury cosmetics brands, but I know a “little” about fashion! Jessica Rabbit’s dress was very reminiscent of a particular decade. And apparently in this decade boob jobs were available, too (or the cartoons gods were very kind to her). Got this for 3
2. Other Sports – How many horseshoes thrown per team per turn in a game of horseshoes ? Miss for 1.
3. Textiles – What material are you working with if you are carding, scoring, or spinning? A lot of discussion, got this for 5 (whew)!
Halftime – Airline slogans – Identify the airlines based on slogans/taglines. Groan…
1. More experience than our name suggests
2. Fly the friendly skies
3. We really move our tail for you
4. Keep climbing
Missed them ALL. We are not fliers. Though we do have one player on our team who is a pilot namedJoel who was not present at this game. Wonder how many he knows? 🙂
Halftime Standings: Seven teams: Dutch, 15; Combat Wombats, 19; Says Who, 25; Ham Wallets, 27; GDX, 28; Glencoe, 29 and One is the Loneliest Number [SPOILER] – he will end up winning the top prize. But you didn’t read that here, did you? Because you stopped reading at [SPOILER], didn’t you? 🙂
Round Four
1. Basketball – At 32 points, what was the smallest point differential of any country against The Dream Team in the 1992 Olympics? Newsletter question, 6.
2. 2000s TV – Though their characters went by last names, what 2000s medical drama featured characters named John and Christopher? Miss for 2. Some grumbling about calling this a “drama.” Mike said, “Well, it was supposed to be a comedy but it was never funny, so by default it’s a drama.” Opinions…gotta love ’em!
3. Animals – What group of animals is divided into two groups called Ornithischia and Saurischia? Quite a few teams missed this, having paid too much attention to “ornith” and not enough to “saur.” Mike got this for 4 (way to channel your 8-year-old self)!
We had an “on the dot” question asked of every team in the bar, and the team closest to picking the correct answer got to choose between the categories of Donald Duck, Donald Trump, or Donald Sutherland. Our guess of 65 cents was closest to the correct answer of 70.4 cents for the price per pound of cotton. Yay, Mike! The answer he turned in was different than the one I originally thought he handed in. Nice work and nice reasoning! So I decided I would pick the “Donald Duck” category since I am just so mature…it wound up sparking a bit of a tiff with a large team sitting next to us!
Round Five
1. Donald Duck – Within 2, how many years did Donald have to wait before his girlfriend Daisy was created ? Got it but for only 2. Not very confident. And a loud “I told you…” was overheard at the neighboring table. Oh the trivia drama, which our team is sometimes guilty of on occasion! 🙂
2. Hockey – What name did the Colorado Avalanche go by prior to 1995? Nope, miss for 4.
3. Elements – Unonoctium has what atomic number? Miss for SIX. Only 4 off from the correct answer. (whine) Why couldn’t this be a “within two” question? Wonder if Brad would know this answer?
Round Six
1. Geography – What Canadian island is the largest in North America and the fifth largest island in the world? Mike steps up for a much needed 6. Go ahead and keep reading, this round went far better than the last round, which we will not speak of again!
2. ’60s Music – By performing two sets, which deceased Woodstock performer procured the biggest amount of earnings? Thought about two dead Woodstock performers, one a female, one a male. I wanted to pick the dude because “It was the ’60s, men made more money.” And the guy wound up being correct, got this for 6.
3. Food – What is the name of the sauce made from crushed garlic, pine nuts, and basil, among other ingredients? 2.
Standings: Combat Wombats, 35; Dutch, 39; Says Who, 41; Ham Wallets, 51; GDX, 52; One is the Loneliest Number, 55 and Glencoe, 60.
Final Category: Authors
What writer of psychological thrillers, non-fiction, romance and children’s books was the first person, according to Guinness, to sell one million e-books? We wagered 20 and missed it.
Final standings: GDX, 32; Glencoe, 56 and One is the Loneliest Number, 63 (the only team getting it correct). Until next time, which will be for a Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M. outing tonight at The Heidelberg, where we will vainly attempt to reclaim our top venue spot, which we lost by having to miss a game there last week. Stupid work! As always, Go Pods, Go GDX, Go Generation Double X! Go us, whomever we happen to pretend to be!

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