Trivia Recap – March 17, 2016 – Corner Brewery

The ‘Pods played a St. Patrick’s Eve game of Sporcle With Tim Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. They are doing full visual trivia here now, you can see the categories/questions on a pull-down projection screen! We have just one more game to play here to qualify for the “venue tournament” April 6, which we plan to play – even if only to spectate (and of course write a re-cap)! Never a dull moment with the trivia scene in this place! It’s not uncommon to see a team hovering toward the bottom in terms of scores at the end of a round, and manage to sneak up and take a prize when it’s all said and done. It could be anyone’s game on any given night. We managed a second-place finish in game one after losing out on a “Wizard of Oz” tiebreaker, 118 points fifth place overall after missing a geography final question (a rare thing indeed, geography is usually a good category for us). ‘Pods in attendance this time were Heather, Mike, Brad, and John. “Guests” included Sri in game one, and Sylvia in game two. And the questions…
Game One
1. TV Moments – When Kanye West was quoted as saying “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” he was at a benefit concert for what? Four points.
2. ’70s Albums – What British rock band released two studio albums in 1970 – one self-titled debut album, and one called “Paranoid?” John the hero for 10 points.
3. Directors – Who directed “Inception,” “Insomia,” and “Interstellar?” For “nerd” point, which of these was the highest-grossing? Heather for 9 points.
4. Irish Food – The Irish dish colcannon is made with minced onion, cabbage/kale and what other vegetable as a main ingredient? What else could it be, really?
5. Multi-sport athletes – Athlete Lolo Jones represented the U.S. from 2008 to 2012 in the Summer Olympics in track and field. In 2014, she represented the U.S. in what sport in the Winter Olympics? Brad yay!
6. Animated TV – Theme song for one of the shows featuring H. Jon Benjamin as a title character. Not Bob’s Burgers…
7. Beer – What is the last name of the man George who is the namesake of an Irish red lager now brewed by Miller/Coors? We saved our low point slip for this but did not need to, got this for 7.
8. Nursery Rhymes – What two words are used to describe Jack in the classic nursery rhyme in which he jumps over a candlestick? Free points for all on the second consecutive question! 🙂
9. Travel – If a person were to travel across the Arabian Sea directly west from Mumbai, India, what country would they reach first? Saudi Arabia, Oman, Somalia or United Arab Emirates? Our only miss of the round for 1.
10. Fictional Characters – In the “Wizard of Oz,” what is Dorothy’s last name? And it took this long for Heather to realize the significance of her last name (mind blown, pun intended). Yes, she is a little slow on some things, lol.
Mystery: Crosswords (yay, we have Mike the crossword wizard!)
1. Four letters – French word for “sword” and fencing weapon
2. Six letters – to eat quickly, or sound a turkey makes
3. Five letters – Name of 1989 Civil War film
4. Thirteen letters – A line at a 90-degree angle to another line
Got them all.
Heading into the final: Eighteen teams with scores ranging from 44 to 67, with Ted Cruz Brings 13 Items to the Express Lane in the top spot. We were tied for second with Ennui with 66 points (they also missed the travel question).
Final Category: TV Sketches (we were hoping it would be “Monty Python,” but not the case)
What recurring sketch on The Muppet Show featured characters named Captain Link Hogthrob and Dr. Julius Strangepork alongside Miss Piggy?
An easy final question? That’ll do, pig, that’ll do! See what we did there? 🙂
And we were tied with Ennui for first, and had to answer this: How many pages were in the book “The Wizard of Oz?” we guessed 127 (we think we kept changing our answer), but Ennui’s guess was closer to the correct answer of 213, though our guesses were only 12 pages apart. Oh well, we got $10 we can easily spend on 4-5 players with the $2 bottled beer special! Not complainin’.
Game Two
1. Song Lyrics – What Britney Spears song begins with the lyrics “Superstar, where you from, how’s it going?” We’re going to bet absent player Dave would know this, alas none of us did, we put “Ooops I did it Again,” which is the only song of hers the four of us could name! Miss for 1.
2. TV Characters -What TV series that debuted in 2015 included two different characters named Phil Miller? Miss for 2.
3. Google – In August, 1998, Google displayed its very first “google doodle” of what event that occurs annually in the Black Rock Desert? Ten points.
4. Restaurants – In 2012, what restaurant chain changed its slogan to, “When you’re here, you’re family?” Nine points.
5. Baseball Rules – In baseball, what is the name for a pitched ball that the catcher fails to catch, allowing base runners to advance, which is similar to a “wild pitch?” And the jokes about whether Brad was a “catcher” or “pitcher” were flowing as readily as green beer on St. Patrick’s Day at this point…and Brad got this for us for 8 so we would shut up about it!
6. Mountains – At more than 11,000 feet in elevation, what is the highest peak in Oregon? Four points.
7. Technology – In terms of units of digital information, a terabyte is made up of how many bytes? John the computers guy got this for 7.
8. Famous Crimes – The 1978 Lufthansa heist took place at which U.S. airport? A re-rack, a re-rack, my kingdom for a re-rack! Picked wrong one, miss for 3.
9. Words – What five-letter word that can used to refer to an Arab leader is also the name of a singer who had a Billboard Top 40 hit in 1997? And because we had visual questions/answers, one of the females sitting at the table said, “Oh he’s kind of cute.” got it for 6, missed the bonus where we had to name the top 40 song.
10. Universities – President James Knox Polk, journalist Charles Kuralt and TV character Andy Griffith all attended which college in their home state? And Heather remembered what state Polk was from, but (d’oh) picked the wrong college! Tough question, tough question…well played, Sporcle! Well played! Miss for 5.
Mystery: Got them all.
Heading into the final: Sixteen teams with scores ranging from 36 to 61, with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, playing under the pseudonym “Why is there no porn on the big screen?” in the top spot. We were tied with three other teams in eighth with 52 points playing under the name “Monty Python’s Flying Cephalopods.” We really did want that “TV Sketches” final in game one to be about Monty Python, darn it!
After the Missouri River, name one of the three next longest U.S. rivers that is a tributary of another river. After the slips were handed in, the host gave out a clue that would have helped us avoid putting down the answer that we did. Can’t complain, though, he hosts in a place with too many teams to be handing out clues on final questions!
We wagered 20 and missed. Shout out to Two Trivias to Paradise for ascending from last place to second! Final standings: Johnny Five is Alive, 45 (zero bet); Two Trivias to Paradise, 56 and Money Badgers, 66. The ‘Pods will be visiting Original Gravity Brewing Company in Milan for trivia tonight. As always, Pods, and stay classy, St. Patrick’s Day revelers! We know we will!

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