Trivia Recap – March 16, 2016 – Bowery

A solo ‘Pod visited The Bowery Grille & Pub Tuesday for an impromptu game with Sporcle and Shine with Emily. Her normal “partner in crime” was busy playing with Cthulhu bobble heads with friends during “board game night.” So what would be a good 8 p.m. show? Hmmmm…decided to take Ford Road, which is kind of like the Autobahn, except, you know, speed limits. Easy peasy drive in. Thanks More Beer Less Pants for providing the questions! Now that’s f—ing teamwork, as Tenacious D said in that one song…
Game 1
1)What collectible card game was first published by Wizards of the Coast in 1993?
Did I mention that my “partner in crime” was busy playing board games? Yup, an easy 10 points to start! One of the night’s few high points, unfortunately! A word about “spousmosis – those things you learn from a spouse/partner by proxy.
2)Which New York City borough is the largest by area and 2nd largest by population? Miss for 3, though originally had the right answer. Darn boroughs!
3)In what year was the Stanley Cup not awarded due to a lockout by team owners?
Miss for 1.
4)What is the name of the mother of actress Jamie Lee Curtis, herself an actress famous for playing the victim in the shower scene in Psycho? Unnecessary miss. Brain fart, picked wrong first name. Miss for NINE. Meh…just killing time, right? And this place doesn’t count for the barhop anyway?
5)What Southern US state is the setting for Harper Lee’s book, “To Kill a Mockingbird”? Miss for 2.
6)What brand name product claimed in its advertising that it “Makes hamburgers taste like steakburgers”?
7)Name one of the two most abundant elements in Earth’s crust, in terms of mass? Got this for 8, missed the bonus. Whew! Didn’t even have my “SCIENCE!” geeks here! Friendmosis? Maybe some of that stuff has soaked into the brain?
8)What TV show, which premiered in 2013, centers on a family whose members include Murray, Beverly, Adam, Barry and Erica? No clue, but my guess of “That show with the Jewish Family – the Goldsteins” was so, so close…miss for 5. Really not caring about dropping points at this point!
9)What light, fluffy baked dish has a name that means “to puff up” or “breathe” in French? Got it for 7.
10)Born in 1866, Russian Wasilly Kandinski is considered a pioneer in which art genre: Abstract, Art Deco, Minimalism or Post-impressionism? Miss for 6.
Mystery – Body Part Songs
Name the song, with a body part in the title, based on the band and year.
A)Creed, 2001
B)ZZ Top, 1984
C)The Weeknd, 2015
D)The Guess Who, 1969
Missed C and D. Put down “I got my appendix out” for C as a “joke” answer and got some “pity” points from Emily (thanks for that).
Going into the final, MBLP was in first place after dropping 10 points, up by four points over 2nd place. The ‘Pod was tied for fourth with 40 points. Oi…
Final – Stadiums
Name 3 of the 4 NFL teams that play their home games in stadiums with a retractable roof.
Wagered 20 (whimper) …but I got one of them? Can I have five points? No? Moving on!
Game 2
1)When listed alphabetically, which legal Federal holiday follows Independence Day? Ten points.
2)100 degrees Celsius is equal to how many degrees Fahrenheit?
And MBLP thought this was a social? Pssst…I missed it! For three points. Don’t tell them!
3)What 19th Century musical instrument, that originated in Germany, is also known as a “squeeze box”? Nine points.
4)In the 1999 film Fight Club, where does Edward Norton’s character meet Tyler Durden? The first rule of “Fight Club” is…eight points. Awesome, awesome movie. First DVD I ever bought!
5)The Borg-Warner trophy is awarded to the winner of what annual race?
Nope and nope. Miss for 2. Don’t know this redneck stuff!
6)How many cervical vertebrae are in the human neck: 4,5,6,7 Miss for 4.
7)Audio – Clip of a late night host and comedian discussing the comedian’s love of Sporcle quizzes. Got one guy, flubbed the second. Miss for SEVEN.
8)Which of the Great Lakes extends farthest west?
It lives up to its name. Got it for 6. Go see it!
9)Founded in Ohio in 1883, what store is the largest supermarket chain by revenue and the 2nd largest overall, behind Walmart? Five points.
10)What alternate name for superhero Capt. Marvel is also the name for a music identifying app? Got it for 1.
Mystery –
Didn’t write down the answers I put, but pretty sure they were ALL wrong. Go directly to jail!
Final – European Capitals
Not including anything that is part of the United Kingdom, what is the closest world capital city to London, England? (a qualifier was given, stating that Paris was the 2nd closest)
Considered the answer that would have been correct, alas didn’t write that one down. Them’s the breaks! The “team” will be at it tonight at “Corner Brewery.” We need to play just two more games there to meet the minimum requirement to play in the venue tournament April 6. We will not miss it! Go Pods!

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