Trivia Recap – March 21, 2016 – ABC Brewpub

A threesome of ‘Pods visited Arbor Brewing Company in Ann Arbor Sunday for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie. We are still amazingly in first place here, despite finishing with 73 points for the night. Since we are not trying to “win” any venues, we have been wagering 20 on all of the final questions the past few games, with mixed success. Whether we continue to do so is up for debate, and of course at tournaments, all bets are off as to whether we maintain that “strategy.” For those of you who think we might have an actual wagering strategy, we are flattered! Sometimes we literally pull random numbers out of a hat and wager that number, or maybe a random number will materialize in Heather’s head (that really has happened before) or we will roll a 20-sided die from Mike’s massive collection of Dungeons and Dragons dice. OK, we don’t really do that, but maybe we should start doing that from now on! Paper? Check. Pens? Check. Plush Lovecraftian monsters? Check. Twenty-sided die? Check! ‘Pods in attendance Sunday were Heather, Mike and Geoff. Mike left for a brief portion of game two, so for a few questions, we were rockin’ it out as a duo (quite well, actually, too). On to the questions…
1. Game Shows – What long-running TV game show featured nine celebrities playing tic-tac-toe? The question was worded a bit differently than this, we got it for 10.
2. Head Coaches – Who has served as the head coach for University of Miami, University of North Carolina and the Cleveland Browns? Miss for 1, nice try, Geoff!
3. Famous Siblings – What are the first names of the London twins who starred in “Dazed and Confused” and “Party of Five?” Heather amazingly remembered both of these, got the second twin’s name on a GUESS, three points.
4. Memorials – A 60-foot tall lighthouse was erected in 1913 in New York City as a memorial to what event? Another correct Heather guess for 5.
5. Tourist Attractions – What author’s estate on the eastern shore of Jamaica was originally called “Goldeneye?” And this completes Heather’s “hat trick” (go her)! Don’t worry [SPOILER ALERT], we will blow a question for big points soon!
6. Commercials – Audio of “We have the Meats” Arby’s commercial, had to ID the guy, which we got for 8. Geoff to Heather: “How do you know this?” Heather: “I looked it up a while back because I figured it would probably come up in a trivia game sometime.”
7. Beer – In 2012, a version of Bud Light was launched that had what periodic table element in its name? We brainstormed several possibilities (shuffles through notes), let’s see neon, lead, krypton, mercury, sodium, magnesium, calcium, oxygen, thallium, cesium. We put down the one beginning with the letter “o,” but nope. We might know our elements pretty well, but we don’t know Budweiser products very well! We’ll bet that Bud Thallium and Bud Lead didn’t go over so well, but Bud Neon might be kind of cool – neon glow-in-the-dark beer – that’s completely safe to drink, right? πŸ™‚Miss for 4, but got nerd bonus for picking the right bottle color for this beer.
8. Muppets – In the 2011 film “The Muppets,” what actor plays the human brother of Walter? And Heather could name exactly one actor from this film, thankfully it was the right guy (whew), six points.
9. Video Games – Launched in 1999 in North America, what Sega video game console was the successor to the Sega Saturn? Miss for 7 😦
10. Slogans – What product released in 1958 has billed itself as “The San Francisco Treat?” Two points. Two stinking points on this “gimme,” grrr….shake it off!
Mystery: Before and After
1.Early Disney cartoon and baseball player with more than 600 career home runs
2. Peace Garden State and actress from “Uptown Girls” and the “Twilight” series
3. 1982 Duran Duran single and host of CNN show “The Situation”
4. One half of band Tenacious D and a card game involving the number 21
Got them all, though #2 was a nail-biter…
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 20 to 57, with the Poster Maggots taking the top spot. We were tied for sixth with 55 points. Rough game all around….
Final Category: ’90s TV
On Saturday, August 15, 1992, Nickelodeon debuted its SNICK block of programming. Name any one of the four shows that aired that night.
We misunderstood this question and thought that these shows all had to have debuted this night, which meant we eliminated one of the answers we had written down which would have been correct. So nope…did not record game winners.
Game Two
1. Mascots – What Division 1 university uses a mascot known as “leprechaun?” Free points for all! Ten points.
2. Retail – What retail chain was founded in 1878 by a man whose first and middle name was Frank Winfield? Heather with correct guess for 5. And Mike brieflly left the game, not just because Heather wanted control of the answer slips for this game, but…other reasons, too. And sometimes it’s OK to just take a walk! Yes, we occasionally have our dramatic moments on our team, but then with Cthulhu as our mascot, what would you expect? πŸ™‚
3. Definitions – A person who commits polyandry has two or more what? Nine points.
4. Film subtitles – Dream Warriors is the third installment in what film series? Eight points.
5. Rivers – The Cumberland River flows through which U.S. state capital? And for nerd point, from which river is the Cumberland River a tributary? Got nerd point missed the regular question for 3 (mental note: research the facebook clues better!).
6. Memoirs – “The Motorcycle Diaries” are about the early exploits of what South American revolutionary? Photo tie-in, this guy as played by Mandy Patinkin in “Evita.”
7. Congress – Who was elected speaker in October, 2015 following the resignation of John Boehner? And a perfect time for Mike to come back, he knew this for 6 points.
8. TV creators – What short-lived 2006 series created by Aaron Sorkin starred Matthew Perry? Our guess was “And Chandler Bing-O was His Name-O,” miss for 1. There are hosts out there who might have given out bonus points for this answer (pout)!
9. Music Videos – What band released a 1996 video that was a parody of a Mentos commercial? Miss for 2.
10. Streets – What street in Memphis was renamed “Home of the Blues” in 1977 by an act of Congress? Geoff the blues man for four points. Got them all.
Heading into the final: Thirteen teams with scores ranging from less than 30 to 62, with Two Can Be as Bad As One in the top spot. We were in third with 58 points.
Final Category: #1 Hits
What band or artist had 12 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the first in 1964, and the last in 1969?
Our guess was a band known for its “surfing” theme, though Heather was not sold because of a hit song the band had in 1988, which when researched later, we learned did hit #1. It was played heavily on the radio at the time. Them’s the breaks, sometimes you bet 20 and blow both final questions in trivia! Until next time – which will be Wednesday at “Corner Brewery” – Go Pods!

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