Trivia Recap – July 21, 2016 – Corner Brewery

The ‘Pods visited Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery Wednesday, a former regular trivia spot, for Sporcle With Tim. With a whopping six players – including myself (Heather), Mike, Brad, Dave, John and Corn Fritter Archie? Our goal was to just meet up for trivia for old time’s sake at one of our favorite bars. And get a barhop point in the process. What ended up happening? Yes, the stars were right! We won a $10 prize/second place in game one (after losing a tiebreaker for first, wasn’t my fault, it was sports related, so we’ll blame Brad for missing it, lol…). You’re off the team, Brad (JK). We won first place/$20 in game two. Special shout out to our guest player Sylvia in game two (who took over Dave’s spot, he had to leave after game one) , for helping us out on some tough questions, including the final in game two. But we’ll explain more about that in a bit! And the questions, provided by Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money, a Toledo trivia team (thanks Matt, I’ve been pretty busy this week with work). And art fair traffic was NOT pleasant. Always bad when you have to take surface roads. Aye carumba…speaking of…
Game One
1. The Simpsons: On The Simpsons, what color are Bart’s shorts?
Dave used to have a Bart Simpson piggy bank, 7.
2. Film Duos: Logan and Preston are the last names of the title characters in what 1989 sci-fi comedy film? And this was our first “tell” that the stars might be right in this game! A question about this movie#bestmovieeverofalltimeafterpeeweesbigadventure. 10
3. Important Documents: What are the first three words of the preamble of the US Constitution?
Civics 101, anyone? I had students in my high school civics class who were taking it for the THIRD TIME. And I thought I was dumb for having to re-take algebra! Civics class was tough, but doable. I developed all sorts of mnemonic devices for remembering crap. And since it was the last semester before I graduated? No way was I going to let THAT class get in the way of graduating! Anyway…got this for 9.
4. Novels: What 1926 novel by Ernest Hemingway is partially set in Pamplona, Spain during the running of the bulls?
Damn, I was just talking about Hemingway on Wednesday! Yep, miss for 2, though I initially had the right book written down. But I thought it was a Sidney Sheldon novel. D’oh!
5. Instruments: Audio clip of a brass instrument being played. Not a particularly recognizable tune.
A lot of debate. David? You were right. We did not listen to you. We’re not worthy! Miss for 1.
6. Medical Conditions: Labyrinthitis is a medical condition affecting which organ of the human body: kidney, ear, heart, or stomach? We did not have multiple choice, Dave nailed this for us quickly for 8.
7. Clothes: What clothing brand aimed at teens was launched in 2000 as a more affordable option to its parent company, Abercrombie & Fitch? 6
8. Award Shows: What comedian and actor hosted or co-hosted the Academy Awards a record 19 times? Yay, I knew this one! And Archie began singing, “Thanks for the Memories….” Classy… 4.
9. Mountains: K2, the second highest mountain in the world is located on the border of China and what other country: India, Nepal, Russia, or Pakistan?
A bit of debate again, but got it for 3.
10. Pro Athletes: Who is the only person to have hit a home run for a MLB team and scored a touchdown for an NFL team in the same week? Bonus: Name either of the teams that he played for at that time.
Picked the wrong multi-sport athlete. It happens…miss for 5.
Mystery Round: This Day in History
1. What is the name of the lunar module that landed on the moon on this date in 1969?
2. Which actor and martial artist died at age 32 on this date in 1973?
3. What Lakota leader surrendered to the US Army on this date in 1881?
4. The Union defeated the Confederacy at the Battle of Peachtree Creek in which state on this date in 1864?
Missed #3. All Mike’s fault, lol…not really, but he doesn’t miss Native American questions that often. We won’t shun him and make him do a vision quest! Wait, maybe we will…he would probably enjoy it, lol.
Heading into the final:
Sixteen teams – scores ranging from 33 to 63, with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender in first. We were tied for second along with Your Resume Sucks with 56 points. Venue leaders Ennui were in ninth with 45 points.
Final Category: Physics Terms
Final Question: The name of which elementary particle was partially inspired by a line in James Joyce’s novel Finnegan’s Wake?
Dave knew this one immediately. SCIENCE! BOOKS!
This put us in a tiebreaker with Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender. Had to answer how many regular season games played in MLB by Deion Sanders. Archie, Dave, and Brad went to work, but apparently it was Brad’s fault (per Dave). Not getting involved…oy.
Final Standings: Mediocre at Best, 67; Pods, 76, Strip Your Bartender, ’76. Beer money, woot!
Game Two
1. Scrabble: In the official rules of Scrabble, playing all seven tiles in one turn is known by what term, also the name of another game?
Miss for 2.
2. 2000s Movies: What 2000 film directed by Gus Van Sant starred Sean Connery in the title role?
Not even close…and I like his movies! Used a photo from one of his movies in my last recap, damn it! Never bothered to see this one…miss for 4.
3. Current TV: Name one of the two actors who play roommates Felix and Oscar on The Odd Couple which debuted on CBS in 2015. Bonus for both.
Archie, Brad and I all teamed up on this one. Brad? Who was that one guy (name deleted) from “Friends?” Yes, I know the names of the actors from that terrible show. Got both for 10 plus the nerd point.
4. Chemistry: C3H8 is the chemical formula for what gas that can also be compressed to a transportable liquid?
Nice work John! And this is when Sylvia joined in on the fun. SPOILER. I hug her after the game two final. And I’m NOT a hugger! Strange things were afoot…. got this for 6.
5. Vegetables: The cucumber was originally cultivated on which continent? Me again! And we are growing delicious cukes in our garden right now! So yummy…7.
6. NHL Legends: What position did NHL Hall of Famer Bobby Orr play? I predicted whom this question would be about. Years ago, at Red Rock, I got a question right involving this guy by making a GUESS based on remembering his name from old “Peanuts” cartoons. And I also remember a certain word being used to describe his style of play, so I backed Brad up on his answer. 9
7. Rap Singles: What 1998 single by the Beastie Boys includes the lyric “If you wanna battle, you’re in denial/Comin’ from Uranus to check my style?”
We have a rap music question without Dave and it’s the one rap group I “kind of’ know about! Didn’t I say the stars were right? 8
8. Superheroes: What superhero, introduced in the 1930s and featured in comic books, television, film, and radio, used the alias Lamont Cranston?
I walked away to get a couple of beers, but there was a bearded fellow in front of me in line who insisted upon tasting the Bavarian Bliss before committing to buy it. I couldn’t wait for him to make up his f—ing mind. Had to get back to my team! Hipsters (shakes fist)! We did get this for 3 (but Mike said he’s not really a “super hero.” #semantics
9. Neighborhoods: Harlem is located in which New York city borough? And Sylvia steps in with the answer for 5.
10. Italian: Giovedì is the Italian word for which day of the week?
Sylvia made right guess on this one when I went back in line for beer. No choosy hipsters this time (thank goodness). High school French class would have helped me get this one too (nice to be needed, lol).
Visual: one, don’t know which one. Brad and Archie were the ones working on it.
Heading into the final:
Sixteen teams – scores 4 to 61 with Your Resume Sucks in the top spot. I refuse to use their league name with the misplaced apostrophe (deal with it, you guys!). We were in fourth with 56.
Final Category: Miniseries
Final Question: Two Academy Award winning performers appeared in the 1977 Roots miniseries and two others appeared in the 2016 version. Name any of them.
Archie came up with one actor from the 1977 series. Sylvia mentioned a movie featuring one of the actors, and I came up with his name. And this is why I hugged her. I had some help on a movies question! Woot! That’s f—ing teamwork!
Final Standings: Ennui, 71; Money Badgers, 74, ‘Pods, 76. Until next time, which will be tonight, though not an official “Pods” outing. Recap posted in the a.m., unless the storm knocks power out, but that goes without sayin’. Stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go Pods!

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