Trivia Recap – July 22, 2016 – Original Gravity

The Saga of the Barhop came to an end Thursday. Nine Sporcle Live games jammed into a two-week period, six of those held down by a solo warrior. Getting to this last game at Original Gravity Brewing Co. was almost an adventure in and of itself! I had to make a stop in southern Ypsilanti Township on my way, so I took a different route than usual. The route I “wanted” to take along Whittaker had an accident slowing traffic to a stop. So I turned around and cruised around Ford Lake along Grove Road, which is kind of a pretty way to go once you get past the sad Gault Village Shopping Center. So I make my stop, and attempt to use the Google recommended route of Willis Road. Nope, that’s closed for construction. So I took my chances and cruised south on Whittaker, going past the Lincoln school complex, and the sleepy little town of Willis, which has a really creepy looking abandoned looking red brick building, but otherwise nothing notable. Except a sign with a horse and carriage. Do Amish people live here? Wow, I really am in the country! I figured my atlas would bail me out if I got lost (I am not a believer in GPS, don’t get me started on that topic) , but finally decided to take my chances with Willow Road, which I “hoped” would run into Carpenter. Drove through lots of rural farm country, kind of enjoyable, no other cars around and old school Police songs were playing. And yes, Willow took me to Carpenter! Thank you Michigan for having nice, predictable grid-like roads! So I arrive at the bar, and there’s a substitute host. I learned that Sporcle Trivia Nights With John C. – Chicago traveled from Chicago to do this show, so perhaps his trip out here was as much of an adventure! The Milan crowd seemed happy with this substitute host, and hopefully he enjoyed his cruise into the country as much as I did. So…I finished with just 92 points for the night, but won a first place in game two after being the only person knowing the final answer! It’s been my goal to win a solo game at this place, and what better night to do it than my last barhop night? Everyone loves a happy ending, don’t they? Get your minds out of the gutters, people! I didn’t mean THAT kind of happy ending, sheesh…I can just picture Brad snickering if I said “happy ending.” Anyway…enough commentary, I should get to those questions, shouldn’t I?
Game One
1. Academy Awards – Name one of the two films for which Tom Cruise received an Academy Award nomination for best actor (not supporting actor, as the host clarified). Name both for nerd point. Got one of them for 10 points.
2. Animals – With each eye measuring 11 inches across, what animal has the largest eyes of any creature on earth? I hung my head in SO much shame when the answer was revealed….miss for 4.
3. Music Videos – What 1984 Van Halen single had its music video filmed at John Marshall High School in Los Angeles? Great song…great album. 9
4. Monuments – Which two U.S. presidents are located in the center of the Mount Rushmore display? Correct guess for 4.
5. Directors – Who directed the 2007 film “American Gangster” starring Russell Crowe and Denzel Washington? I did not “know” this but made correct guess based on the fact that Crowe has appeared in a few of this guy’s movies for 5.
6. Reality TV – What U.S. city was the first setting for MTV’s “The Real World?” 1
7. Commercials – What brand of camera was advertised using the tagline “Image is Everything” by Andre Agassi? Miss for 2.
8. Legal Terms – What is the term for willful disobedience for or open disrespect for a court of law? Blankness…could not come up with this word…miss for SIX.
9. Baby Names – What biblical baby boy’s name is shared by a character in the Notebook and an ER actor and rose in popularity as a result? 8
10. Magazine Covers – What national news magazine received criticism for using a darkened image of OJ Simpson? Torn between two, picked the wrong one…SEVEN.
Mystery: Mind Your Ps and Qs (each correct response will start with one of these letters)
1. Container for storing arrows
2. Radioative material stolen by Libyans in “Back to the Future”
3. Protagonist of Hunchback of Notre Dame
4. Famous U.S. golf course that has hosted the U.S. open five times most recently in 2010
Got ’em all.
Standings: Thirteen teams, scores ranging from 20 to 59, with More Beer Less Pants playing under the very clever pseudonym Team Eleven in the top spot. I was in sixth playing under the name Fettucini Alfredo Corleone. Could this be a “Before and After” answer? “Pasta dish with a cream sauce and one of Michael’s older brothers in ‘The Godfather.'”
What U.S. political figure was ranked by Forbes as #1 on the list of the World’s 100 Most Powerful Women in back-to-back years during the decade of the 2000s? This woman was totally off my radar when thinking of this answer…
Final standings: Snow, 76; ??? 77; and MBLP, 78.
Game Two
1. TV Kids – What ’90s TV show family included Matt, Mary, SImon, Lucy, Ruthie, David and Sam? I guessed “Step by Step” incorrectly for 4. I really should learn to count…
2. Sports Venues – Currently named for a telecommunications equipment company, Jack Murphy Stadium is located in what city? Yes, I GOT THIS! The names of sportsball places might be starting to sink in! Only for 2, though….
3. Bodies of Water – What long European river celebrated for being blue runs through Vienna and Belgrade before emptying into the Black Sea? Listened to the waltz named for this river in its entirety once while driving through a rainstorm. Pretty epic stuff, Strauss! 9
4. Acting Families – What two acting brothers had their film debut in the crime comedy film by Wes Anderson “Bottle Rocket?” 8
5. Companies – In addition to baseball trading cards, what company also produced Garbage Pail Kids, Wacky Packages, and Bazooka Joe products? 8
6. Speeches – Audio clue of George HW Bush speech, had to come up with six words. 7
7. Musical Trios – What was the name of the guitarist in the ’60s rock trio that included Noel Redding and Mitch Mitchell? Miss for 1.
8. Measurement – What derived unit of frequency measured by one cycle per second is named for a German physicist? Right guess for 3.
8. Myths (I really needed Mike for this one…) – According to myth, what divine hero killed the multiheaded Hydra? I thought of right guy after I handed in my slip, miss for 5.
9. Snacks – Goobers are chocolate coated what? 6

Standings: Ten teams, scores ranging from 29 to 62, with MBLP again in the top spot. I was in NINTH with 45 points. So I don’t know video game stuff…I know some other stuff, dang it (shakes fist)! I had already cashed out by then, figuring beer money at OG was just a myth, kind of like the Chevy Colorado truck (which I only saw for the first time a couple of days ago), and Bigfoot. Little did I know….
Final Category: Book to Movie
Native American actor Will Sampson is best known for appearing in what Best Picture-winning movie, which was based on a celebrated 1962 novel in which his character was the narrator?
I actually read this book while I was on a long-term babysitting gig in high school in MILAN of all places. Way to come full circle? Remembering the answer to this in Milan, of all places!
Final standings: Josh Pit, 50; Mellows, 60, Fredo Corleone Goes on a Boat Ride With His Nephew, 65 (aka ‘Pods).
Until next time? This team will be on hiatus for a bit! We’ve earned a vacation! One player may be doing a trip to Berkley to join a friend’s team next Tuesday, more on that TBA. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Milan! And Ypsilanti, too….

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