Trivia Recap – July 20, 2016 – Heidelberg

And so our Tuesday nights of trivia have ended. We played our last Tuesday game at The Heidelberg in Ann Arbor for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Josh M., since it looks like we are advancing to the Sporcle Live finals again by using the “barhop” pass. Tuesdays just didn’t shape up to be a good night for us to play, for multiple reasons. Tuesday just wasn’t a draw for enough of our players, and neither was this trivia spot, apparently. This whole season was held down by mainly just 1-2 players, with a couple of others added on just a couple of nights. Nope, the stars aren’t right for us to continue having Tuesday trivia nights! Hats off to host Josh, who put on a solid show every week – and took our wacky song requests! How many times did we ask him to play Falco’s “Der Komissar” in the original German? Maybe some other team can be the oldest people in the room on Tuesdays (seriously: this place is Millennial central on trivia nights). And the questions, special thanks to Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money for supplying them.
Game One
1. Food: Tahini is a thick paste primarily made from what type of seed?
2. NBA Players: Which former member of the Utah Jazz and the 1992 Dream Team was the single season leader in the NBA in assists for eight straight seasons beginning in 1988-89? Miss, but to my credit (ahem) I did manage to pick someone from the “Dream Team!” I put Karl Malone, only because I remember them making fun of him on “The Man Show.” (sniffle) I miss that show. The theme song mentions me by name, lol!
3. Plant Life: What deciduous trees and shrubs of the genre Salix are known for their drooping, low-hanging branches?
4. 2000s Hit Singles: Three years before they hit the top of the charts with “Hey Ya.” Outkast had their first charting single with what song? Bonus: which member of Outkast played Jimi Hendrix in a 2013 film? Nope and nope…
5. Tragedies: What 23 year old actor collapsed and died outside a Los Angeles nightclub called the Viper Room on October 31, 1993? And here is my “theory” about this actor. Had he not died, I think some of the big roles that went to Keanu Reeves may have gone to him instead, He was a far superior actor. Just couldn’t shake the monkey on his back…so sad. For my own special nerd point opportunity? In what film did this actor play a male prostitute?
6. Bodies of Water: What sea borders both Romania and Bulgaria on their eastern coasts? Mike is normally really solid in this category, but nope, miss.
7. Reality TV: What reality show that debuted in 2010 follows Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz as they travel around the US buying antiques and collectibles?
8. Universities: Published since 1876, the world’s longest continuously published humor magazine is produced at what Ivy League university?
9. Symbols: Which number on a standard keyboard shares its key with a symbol called the caret? Nope.
10. Same Name: What word can refer to a nymph who enticed Odysseus, a musical genre from Trinidad & Tobago, or a ship used by Jacques Cousteau?
Mystery Round: Quickfire
Other than the United States, name the four most populous countries that begin with a vowel in the English version of their name.
Got three of these, but discussed the right fourth.
Heading into the final:
I’m way too tired today and not going to list the standings. Please forgive me this once, pretty please?
Final Category: Literary Sequels
Final Question: Savage Sam is the title character of a 1962 children’s book by Fred Gipson that was a sequel to what 1956 book about Sam’s father? Each book was adapted into a movie the following year.
Game Two
1. Mountains: In which southern US state is the westernmost point of the Appalachian Mountains? Miss.
2. The Human Body: What specific part of the foot is the hallux?
3. 70s Music: According to a top ten hit by the Village People, where can you find pleasure, search the world for treasure, and learn science and technology? MISS. Shameful!
4. Japanese Words: What Japanese game, roughly translated as “single number,” first gained popularity in the 1980s and became an international hit in the mid 2000s?
5. MTV: Originally hosted by Carson Daly, MTV had a music video show abbreviated TRL. What do the letters TRL stand for? Nope.
6. Golf: What color shirt is Tiger Woods known for wearing during the final round of golf tournaments? Nope.
7. Commercials: Infomercial pitchman Vince Offer first gained popularity for appearing in ads for what brand name cleaning product?
8. Games in Movies: The Hustler and its sequel, The Color of Money, both center around what game? Bonus: who played Fast Eddie Felson in both films? Got both. Yay me! Not enough to save this shipwreck of a game (takes another drink of Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale).
9. Numbers: A chiliad is a term that comes from Greek to describe a group of how many things: 48, 100, 1000, or 1024?
Nope. Again, Mike is normally good at this stuff.
10. Fish: Coming from Yiddish, what term is traditionally used to describe salmon served on a bagel with cream cheese?
Visual: Missed the girl from “Bob’s Burgers.” Don’t watch that show, though love H. Jon Benjamin!
Final Category: Politicians
Final Question: Joseph Graham Davis, Jr. and Edmund Gerald Brown, Jr. both have served as the governor of the same US state. Name the person who served as governor between them.
Nope, though the Brown name was really, really familiar. Even betting and getting this would not have resulted in anything for us. Until next time, which will be TONIGHT at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle With Tim! Yes, a real “gathering” of ‘Pods! IKR? One night only in the My Trivia Live “bye” week. We will return to our old stomping grounds. Go Pods!

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