Trivia Recap – July 14, 2016 – Wurst

Team Generation Double X/GDX finished the My Trivia Live season at the The Wurst Bar Wednesday hosted by Stacy. Barring any score discrepancies we have a spot in the upcoming semifinals! Since this is our first season playing in this league, we’ll take that as a feather in our caps! Good teamwork all around in this game, with players Heather, Mike, Brad, John and Archie at the the helm. Our score heading into the final was 63, which allowed us to beat the third place team by just four points. Again, barring any score discrepancies, nothing official has been posted yet! And the questions, which will be heavily abbreviated…
Round One
1. Professions – In what profession would one wear a wimple? 5
2. Mascots – What color is “Phillie Fanatic” in MLB? Archie and Brad all over this for 3.
3. Drugs – Why would some take the over-the-counter drug Sominex? 1
Round Two
1. Food – What type of food is the Spanish food chorizo? 5 Interesting question considering the types of food served here…
2. Music – In the opening lines of Tom Jones’ “It’s Not Unusual,” what is not unusual? Me and Archie teamed up here for 3
3. History – What did Dr. Samuel Mudd to to get sent to prison? Brad the hero here for 1. Extra nerd bonus (three points) – What general surrendered to General George Washington in the Siege of Yorktown? Mike stepped in and got this woot!
Round Three
1. Colors – Named after a flower, jonquil is what color?
2. Businessmen – What is the full name of the man who partnered with Jacob Davis to make riveted work pants in 1873? John for 5.
3. Movies – What 1998 Tom Hanks film is based on the 1940 film “The Shop Around the Corner?” Archie remembered the latter movie for success here. Enough questions about this movie already! 🙂 1.
Halftime: Name the TV series named for the title character based on the years given and the actors’ name.
’76 – Linda Lavin
’96 – Robert Wuhl
’79 – Robert Guillaume
’84 – Scott Baio
Missed Wuhl/Baio. Went with an earlier series for Baio, and tried so, so hard to get the Wuhl one…
Twelve teams, scores ranging from 15 to 34, with us in the top spot. The team we were trying to beat were behind us with 29.
Round Four
2. States – What U.S. state is known as the “Nutmeg State?” Newsletter answer, 6.
2. Colleges – What SEC college goes by the nickname Commodores? It’s so, so nice when Brad says “I know this.” 4
3. Music – Inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame in 2010, what band had three out of four of its members born in Sweden? Me and Archie for 2.
Round Five
1. Literature – Pitchairn’s Island is the sequel to what film that won the Oscar for best picture? 6
2. Mountains – How many mountains are higher than 28,000 feet? 2
3. World Leaders – What leader in the 13th century had a name meaning ‘Universal Ruler?” And he totally ravaged Oshman’s Sporting Goods…4.
Round Six
1. Psycho – When Norman Bates says “A hobby should pass the time, not kill it,” to what hobby is he referring? Miss for 2.
2. Mythology – According to Greek mythology, who was the first woman (mortal) created by the gods? A rare miss for 4.
3. Sports Nicknames – What recently retired wide receiver went by the nickname Megatron? 6
Standings: Eleven teams, scores 31 to 64. We were in second with 63.
Final Category: Animals
What animal must be purchased in pairs in Switzerland because of its tendency to suffer from loneliness?
Nope, wagered low and missed. First game to not win money here in about a month 😦 We’ll be taking a break from Wurst next week and bringing the ‘Pods to Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for aSporcle With Tim show. Go GDX/Go Pods!

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