Trivia Recap – July 18, 2016 – YpsiAlehouse

Our “core trio” of ‘Pods visited the YpsiAlehouse for a couple of hits of trivia from Sporcle and Shine with Emily Sunday. Finished with just 92 points for the night, no prizes. We had our brief triumphant moments, including getting the correct name on an “arenas” question and getting an MLB question correct for mid points – but nope, the stars weren’t right for the ‘Pods on Sunday. And it’s likely that will be the last time we will play here until next season, depending upon whether Cthulhu compels us to push for a barhop point, It’s not up to us, after all! Representatives this time around were Heather, Mike, and Brad. Joel joined in late in game one, just in time for the “military” question (he is a veteran, and he is famous for having timing like this). And the questions…
Game One
1. Comic Strips – Arlene, Pooky, and Nermal are all secondary characters in what comic strip first published in 1978? 10, and I’ll agree that I hate Mondays, too. Particularly this one…how about some lasagna? 🙂
2. Arenas – Which NHL team plays its home games at the Gila River Arena? Yay, I got this one for us, but we only went 5. My quest to learn arena names (and Super Bowl winners) continues…
3. Slogans – What clothing retailer has used the slogan – “You’re Going to Love the Way You Look – I guarantee it.” And for nerd point, what was the name of the guy who said this in commercials? got this for 9 but missed the bonus.
4. Audio – Music in movies – Identify 2001 movie title character who dies in a movie scene while this song is being played. I got this one very quickly (and the song was originally recorded by Tears for Fears, believe it or not) for 8.
5. Presidents – Prior to Ronald Reagan, which U.S. president had been the oldest at inauguration at age 68? 7
6. Reality TV – What reality TV series had seasons titled “No Excuses,” “Glory Days,” and “Temptation Nation?” Handed this in early for 1 and missed it, but thought of the right answer after we handed it in (d’oh). Miss.
7. Mascots – A kookaburra, a platypus, and an echidna were all mascots for the summer Olympic games in what country? 6
8. Radiation – what is the term for electromagnetic radiation that has a wavelength greater than that at the end of the visible light spectrum but less than that of a microwave? So happy Brad and Mike were all over this…got it for 4. And Joel just showed up!
9. Military – What does CPO stand for in Coast Guard and Navy parlance? Mike and Joel for 3.
10. Colorful Songs – What color is in the title of a Bruce Springsteen song? There was a bit more to this question, but my notes ain’t so good, got this for 2.
Mystery (ugh, I do not want to re-hash this, but inquiring minds want to know, don’t they?)
Identify the movie based on the following clues. Hand in slips early for max points.
1. I am a 2007 film featuring characters named Max, Lucy, and Sadie
2. Singers Joe Cocker and Bono made cameo appearances
3. One of my main characters is a shipyard worker from Liverpool
4. More than 30 songs by the Beatles are featured in this film.
Risked it all by handing it in early. But still had no clue anyway…
Standings: Scores 20 to 66, with the megateam You’re a Quizard, Harry in the top spot. We were in fourth playing under the name Zach, Miri, and Cthulhu Make a Tentacle Porno (an oldie, but a goodie).
Final Category – Entertainers
In 2005, Entertainment Weekly named the entire cast of a popular television series as their “Entertainer of the Year”, and in 2006, they gave that honor to the entire cast of another popular series.
Nope, we picked another popular series that was on around that time.
Final standings; My Trivia Partner Thinks It’s a Date, 69; You’re a Quizard, Harry, 85.
Game Two
1. Sugars – What type of sugar gets its name from the Latin ford for milk? 10
2. Organizations – The YMCA was founded in 1844 in what international city? 3
3. Duos – Brothers Cedric and Joel Haley make up what R&B duo who had a hit with “All My Life?” Miss for 2.
4. Mexico – How many countries share a land border with Mexico? For nerd point, name all three. Got this for 5, plus the bonus.
5. World Series – The As, Orioles, Yankees, Pirates, and Reds were the only teams winning the World Series in which decade? Always nice when the MLB questions fall into the time period when Brad was a kid and heavily following baseball! Nice work for 6.
6. Politicians – Who was the only person to have served as mayor of Washington D.C. on two separate occasions? Brad was a little confused by “separate occasions,” so we said “Like Grover Cleveland, you know, double dip?” Then he “got” it. 9.
7. TV Hosts – Who has served as host of “Last Call” since 2002? No idea, miss for 1.
8. Shakespeare – Which Shakespeare comedy is primarily set in the forest of Arden? Miss for EIGHT.
9. Hats – What type of hat, similar to a fedora, shares its name with a Central America country? 7
10. Video Games – What 1980 Atari arcade game features scorpions, spiders and fleas in addition to the title character? Yay an old school video game question, 4.
Mystery: Missed #1 (though “someone” originally had the right guess and was talked out of it, yeah these things happen!).
Standings: Scores 21 to 59, with “We Shout out Answers…” in the top spot. We were again in fourth with 53, this time playing under the name “There’s Lots of Rare Pokemons in Deja Vu.”
Final Category: MVPs
Kevin Durant will play with current NBA MVP Steph Curry on the Golden State Warriors in the upcoming season.
The last time two NBA MVPs played on the same team was from 2012 to 2015, when what two former NBA MVPs played on the same team?
Wagered zero on this, but no one got it. Zero betters scoring higher than us got the gift cards. Until next time, which will be tonight, when a solo player will head out to a local watering hole TBD. As always, stay classy, Ypsilanti, and Go Pods!

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