Trivia Recap Aug. 14, 2016 (MTL Semifinals – Woodstone Grill)

No rest for the wicked? The power of Cthulhu compels me to write this… (sigh) Four players on team Generation Double X, including Heather (myself, woe is me, lol), Angie, Mike and Brad battled it out on some rough questions today in a My Trivia Live semifinal game. Our bid for finals was not successful 😦 But we gave it our all, and well, when the stars aren’t right, the stars aren’t right. Congratulations toMore Beer Less Pants for taking first place today and to Cleanup in Aisle 10, Better Late than Pregnant and King Cobra for getting qualifying spots today. And I know these teams aren’t remotely in the right order…but if you made it, you know who you are and where you placed, right? Representin’ players today included me (Heather), Angie, Mike, and Brad. Let’s move on from this debacle, shall we? I would not want to deprive inquiring minds of the questions that bested us today, especially THAT final question. Kiss my grits…that’s all I’m going to say about that [SPOILER ALERT]. Yes, kiss my grits. Dang, now I’m hungry for grits! With a little butter and honey…yum! Without further ado…
Round One
1. Geography – The island of Vanuatu lies in what ocean? 5
2. Logos – What color is the word “warehouse” on the Costco logo, which is currently seen on the exterior of its buildings? Nope,, miss for 1.
3. Sports – What U.S. city was recently awarded a new NHL franchise, which will begin play in the 2017-2018 season? Brad and I for 3. And I shared something about this on this page recently, so was this a gimme for our followers? πŸ™‚ You’re all welcome! And Sin City has yet another thing to gamble on! Did I just give away the answer? Who cares! πŸ™‚
Round Two
1. Current Events – Who are the running mates for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton? 5
2. Past Events – In 1991, American journalist Terry Anderson was released as a hostage after being held captive for seven years in what country? Miss for 3.
3. Titles – What title is bestowed onto non-Jews who saved the lives of Jews during the Holocaust? Hint: This title was also bestowed upon Oskar Schindler. Miss for 1.
Round Three
1. Computers in the Media – In what year was The Computer named Machine of the Year in place of Time Magazine’s normal Person of the Year? My first big hit of the game for 3. My brother owns a Commodore 64 from around this time. It still works, but really, it belongs in a museum. Wonder if he still has the “Radar Rat Race” game cartridge?
2. Cats – What is the common nickname for a cat with a distinctive coat pattern named for a cloth-making neighborhood in Baghdad? Nope, miss for 5.
3. Popes – Born Nicholas Breakspear, what is the name of the only English-born pope in papal history, born in 1100 A.D.? Miss for 1. Will “Pope of Greenwich Village” EVER be the answer to a “popes” question? Pretty please? πŸ™‚
Halftime – Defunct airlines (just make like D.B. Cooper and hijack us, please…) – Identify the defunct airline based on the following clues.
1. Low-cost airline from 1983-2005 based in Phoenix that merged with U.S. Airways
2. Texas-based airline from 1937-2012 that merged with United Airlines
3. Minnesota-St. Paul-based airline in business from 1979-1986 that merged with Northwest
4. Florida-based airline that was Pitcairn Aviation until filing for bankruptcy in 1989
Choices: Pan Am, Transworld, Continental, America West, National Airlines, Republic, Midwest, and Eastern.
Managed to get #2 and #3.
Standings: Scores ranged from 8 to 25 with Cleanup in Aisle 10 in the top spot. We were in second with 20 points.
Round Four
1. Fast Food – What fast-food chain founded in California in 1941 acquired the Hardee’s chain in 1997 and features scantily-clad models provocatively eating burgers in its advertising? Anyone else see the movie “Idiocracy?” If you have? Then you will “get” it when I say, “F— you, I’m eating.” If not, look it up on Wikipedia, lol…6.
2. Cars – Even though its roots can be traced back to a racing team in 1927, which luxury sports car company was founded in 1947? Miss for 2.
3. Rock Music – What hard rock band founded in 1977 has sold more than 100 million records worldwide and has its own Bludgeon Riffola record label named as such for a negative critical review the band received in its early days? Miss for 4. WTF? They’re hard rock? Semantics…
Round Five
1. Math Conversions – Within 10, how many yards are in a furlong? We tried so hard on this, did the maff and everything, but nope, miss for 2.
2. Flags – Which is the only flag of the four United Kingdom countries to not feature the Union Jack design? Brad the vexillogist for 6.
3. Folk Music – What is the first and last name of the person popular in American folklore who was shot down by Stagger Lee in songs by Pat Boone, the Black Keys, Fabulous Thunderbirds, and the Grateful Dead? Mike knew the first name well enough, thanks to his dad having played this song frequently. Could not come up with last name, miss for 4.
Round Six
1. Terminology – Avunculicide is the act of killing what member of your family tree? 2 I can’t even fathom killing any of these family members – I love them all!
2. Comic Books – Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created “The Amazing Spider-Man,” who made his debut in what decade? 6
3. CEOs – What Australian-born media mogul is the acting CEO of Fox News? 4
Standings: Scores ranging from 23 to 47, with three teams tied for first, including King Cobra, More Beer Less Pants and Better Late than Pregnant. We were just three points behind with 44. Yes, this is what really stings about this…(yes I am totally whining, so sue me…).
Final question: What show aired before the MASH finale in 1983, was based on a 1970s movie and also had a sequel? Yes, this is heavily abbreviated…and I already gave a heavy hint to the answer, so there’s that for you. I didn’t even want to write this (whine…). We did not get it and wagered zero, but we didn’t finish high enough to get away with wagering zero. Unlike that other team…
Final Standings: The four teams I mentioned in the first paragraph.
After we finish licking our wounds and going on a long overdue camping trip? ? We’ll be back…our next trivia outing is TBD. See y’all in the funny pages! As always, stay classy, Belleville (that just doesn’t sound right…), and Go GDX! And Go Pods!

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