Trivia Recap Oct. 15, 2015 (Venue Tournament, Corner Brewery)


So we didn’t walk away “venue champions” this time at Ypsilanti’s Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in the end-of-season pub trivia tournament. That is OK, we will focus on trying the same thing again this coming Sunday at Arbor Brewing Company in downtown Ann Arbor. Congratulations to “Two Trivias to Paradise” for being the victors and qualifying for the upcoming Sporcle Live regional tournament! It was a whirlwind night of trivia rife with crossed fingers, teamwork, blank stares (though not as many as in past tournaments) and for us? Second place finish after a close, close game that was nearly disastrous for us in game one. On to the questions, which may be somewhat paraphrased.
Game One
1. Albums – What musical duo released the album “The Heist” in 2012? for nerd bonus, name two singles from that album that reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. So we all looked to Dave on this one as the ranking “youngest player” to delve into millennial knowledge as he has been asked to do many, many times before (especially since Alex moved away, more about him later). Bro didn’t fail us – got the points and the nerd bonus, for only a conservative 2 points. Way to start the game!
2. World cities – What is the shared name of the most populous city in Libya and the second most populous in Lebanon?
3. Cable TV – New episodes of “Love It Or List It” air on what cable channel?
4. Museums – What art museum located at Fifth and 89th STreet in New York was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright?
5.. Authors – What best-selling author penned “The Power of Thinking Without Thinking” and “Story of Success?” We put down Tony Robbins as our guess, it was not correct, miss for 4.
6. Crimes – The unidentified man who hijacked a Boeing 727 and leaped out with $200,000 in ransom money was known by what name? And this is why this is a team game. Heb eventually remembered that his name began with initials, and for some reason this helped her husband Mike pull the correct last name out of his ass. And this helped Heb remember the correct first initials. Fist bump time!
7. ’90s Films – What actor plays a widowed college professor in the 1999 drama “Arlington Road?” We had no clue, so started brainstorming older male actors. Mike asked, “What about that Purple Rose Theater guy?” Heb said “Jeff Bridges?” She later figured out that the Purple Rose Theater guy is actually a different Jeff. However….guess which answer turned out to be right? Too bad we didn’t write down our “wrong” answer (facepalm). Miss for 1.
8. Online – Shawn Fanning co-founded what online service launched in 1999? And this is where our newbie Geoff had his first heroic act of the night. Good thing, too, since we were getting into our high-points slips, got 6 points here.
9 World Series – How many different American League teams won the World Series during the 1990s? Brad and Dave teamed up here with success. A sweet 7 points. Which leaves us with just an 8-point slip for the “sitcoms” category. Maybe it would be about a sitcom we actually know about? Pretty please? [spoiler alert] No.
10. Sitcoms – Actor Max Wright was best known for playing Willy Tanner in what ’80s sitcom? we put down “Full House” even though we knew that couldn’t possibly be right. And it wasn’t. Miss for 8. Not a single one of us ever watched that show.
Mystery – This Day in History
1. Year 1947 – Who became the first person to fly faster than the speed of sound?
2. Year 1066 – William the Conquerer defeated King Harold I in what battle?
3. Year 1964 – What noted American was awarded the Nobel Peace prize?
4. Year 1957 – What was the first #1 hit for the Everly Brothers? Someone cracked a joke about the song being about rufies…we have no class.
Heading into the final: Fourteen teams with scores ranging from 20 to 66, with Ennui posting a near perfect round. We were tied for sixth with 58 points.
Game Two
1. Cooking – En brochette is a type of cooking that uses butter, skewers, or served flaming on a table? Geoff’s second hit for the night, used our 10-point slip early, woot!
2. 2000s Hits – What 2005 single by Gwen Stefani reached 1 million digital downloads? Heb came through on this one with a great guess – she happened to read about this song recently, which is a response to Courtney Love calling Stefani a “cheerleader.”
3. Mythology – According to Greek mythology, Hephaestus is in an arranged marriage with Greek goddess?
4. Actress Names – What is the correct spelling of “Bridget Jones’ Diary” actress Renee? Heb got really, really excited here. She loves correct spelling (goes along with being a former journalist and spelling bee nerd). Eight points.
5. Track and Field – What track and field event, which is 3,000 meters in length, shares its name with a similar horse race? Geoff again for the points.
6. Appalachian Trail – Clingman’s Dome, the highest point in the Appalachian Mountains, straddles what two states? Another exciting moment for Heb, who posed for a dorky picture here as a kid with one foot in one state and the other foot in the other state. Six points.
7. Groundbreaking TV – (no, not another TV question! Please don’t be about “Alf!”). Ahem… In a 2012 interview, Vice President Joe Biden said what long-running TV show did more for LBGT awareness than any other series? Brad for the points.
8. Biology – What is the name of the fluid surrounding a cell that contains organelles but not the nucleus? Dave for the points.
9. Shakespeare – In “Romeo and Juliet,” how old is Juliet? Off by one, first miss of the round.
10. Musicians in Movies- In the 1975 movie “Tommy,” who played the lead character “Tommy” and for nerd bonus, who played the Pinball Wizard? Got the bonus, missed the points. Great place to use our 1 pointer (polar opposite of game one, damn it!).
Mystery: Most Popular Baby Names (top 10 in 2014)
1. Nine letter boy’s name
2. Three-letter girl’s name beginning with vowel
3. Only girl’s name to not include the letter “A.”
4. Seventeenth most populous city in the United States.
Missed #2 and #3. Agonized a bit over number one, but through some strange magic, one of our former players who moved to Seattle last spring must’ve worked some mojo on our brains to get us to write down the right name. Thanks Alex, we still miss you on the trivia team! In all truthfulness, Dave was the one who came up with the right name, but it still made us reminisce about Alex.
Heading into the final: 11 teams with socres ranging from 77 to 119, with Two Trivias To Paradise in the lead. We were just four points behind with 115. OK, now we’re really, really starting to hate “Alf.” Moving on…
Final category: Countries of the World
Other than Taiwan, name two independent sovereign nations outside of Africa or Europe that contain the letter “w.” Almost too easy…glad we wagered full points this time..
Final standings: Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 153 ($20 prize, won tiebreaker with Money Badgers), Miskatonic U, 155 ($30 prize), Two Trivias to Paradise, 159 ($50 prize). Until Sunday, Go Pods!

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