Trivia Recap Nov. 9, 2015 – ABC Brewpub (Ann Arbor)


A trio of ‘Pods (Heb, Mike, Geoff) ventured out to Arbor Brewing Company for Sporcle Trivia Nights With Charlie in Ann Arbor Sunday with the lofty goal of using a gift card. Good thing our goal wasn’t to “win” gift cards… (rolls eyes). Apparently the stars weren’t right, and our 9-point guess on a “New Kids on the Block” question wasn’t right either. Curse those boy bands! 🙂 Despite this flub, we were only narrowly edged out of second place in game two. More about all of that, on to the questions…
1. Celebrities in the News – In 2014, Ashton Kutcher and what actress announced their engagement? Got it for big points.
2. Star Wars Quotes – What Star Wars character was quoted as saying, “You can’t win, Darth. If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you could possibly imagine.” Too, too easy…
3. Animals – What type of bird means “paloma” in Spanish? Miss for 1.
4. Home Runs – In 2015, who became the Milkwaukee Brewers’ all-time home run leader when he hit his 252nd home run? And for nerd points, whose record did he beat? Geoff worked hard here, and had one of two correct guesses written down for the nerd point. But picked the wrong one. No points, but great effort!
5. Cable TV – Within 2, in what year was the History Channel launched? Glad we changed our answer at the last second, got our points for 3.
6. Movie Trailers – Audio clue of 2014 Academy Award nominated film. Geoff and Heb teamed up with success here. He recognized the actor’s voice, and she knew the movie. That’s f—ing teamwork, as Tenacious D would say…
7. Museums – What U.S. city is home to the International UFO Research Center and Museum?
8. Airlines – Iberia is the largest airline in what country? Europe expert Geoff for the points here.
9. Novels – What is the title of the 2003 debut novel by Lauren Weisberger, which chronicles her time working for “Vogue” magazine? Geoff again here for the points, but he scoffed, “That’s not a novel!”
10. Music Videos – The music video for what 1997 Fiona Apple song featured her nude in a shag-carpeted room with wood paneling? And this would be our first music question fail of the night, but fortunately, not the worst. Miss for 4.
Mystery: Music Occupations – Fill in the blank with the appropriate occupation/job in the following song lyrics:
1. Poison – “Just like every _______ sings a sad, sad song.”
2. Jewel – “Another doctor’s bill, a _______ bill. Another cute cheap thrill.
3. Elvis – “The ______ said, hey, buddy, don’t you be no square
If you can’t find a partner use a wooden chair.”
4. Pink Floyd – “Hey _______, leave those kids alone.”
Missed #3, but were on the right track.
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 41 to 61, with Comfort Eagle taking the top spot. We were in sixth with 57 points.
Final category: Oscar Nominations
Laurence Olivier and Paul Newman each received Academy Award nominations over five different decades. Name three other performers to achieve this feat.
We wagered and failed….
Game winners: Team Insanity, and Two Broke Teachers.
Game Two
1. Last names – What was the last name shared by the author of “Beloved” and the name of the first-round NBA draft pick for Conzaga University? Geoff for the win, here. We’re still trying to figure out his big knowledge areas, but he hasn’t disappointed so far!
2. Sesame Street – What was the name of the human Sesame Steet character married to a woman named Susan? Miss for 1.
3. Albums – What is the title of the 1988 “New Kids on the Block” album that was also the name of one of the hit singles from that album? Picked the wrong single, whose name we made fun of in high school by calling it “The White Stuff.” And no, we haven’t gotten any more mature…. 😉 Miss for a whopping 9 points.
4. Country Names – what Asian country was previously known as Siam? Siam’s gonna be the witness to the ultimate test in cerebral fitness..(a little taste of “One Night in Bangkok” for all of you).
5. Cocktails – What is the primary alcohol by volume in a bee’s knees? Never heard of this drink…miss for 2.
6. Fictional Networks – In the 2004 film “Dodgeball,” what is the name of the fictional TV network? Wish it was a real network…
7. Medical conditions – From the Greek word for “bending,” what is the name for curvature of the spine?
8. Figure skating – What type of jump is named for the man for first performed it in 1882? Had two choices, picked wrong one. Miss for 5.
9. Cookies – What did the “EL” stand for in Keebler’s EL Fudge cookies? Damn, those were good….
10. Wars – Name one of the two generals who commanded forces at the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836? Name both for extra “nerd” point. Heb and Mike teamed up here for the nerd point by getting both. them all.
Did not take good notes on teams’ scores heading into the final. We were in fifth with 48 points.
Final category: Territorial Claims
Name 2/3 European nations that have made official claims on territory in Antarctica. Wagered 20 and got it – and were just barely edged out of second place. Curse you again, boy bands! If you didn’t suck so badly, maybe we would’ve listened to your “music” and plastered our walls with your posters and devoured every issue of Tiger Beat magazine with you on the cover! But you were lame and sucked, so we didn’t listen to your “music.” There. Rant over. Our next stop will be the Heidelberg “Club Above” in Ann Arbor on Tuesday. We hope to see some good teams! Go Pods!

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