Trivia Recap Nov. 5, 2015 – Corner Brewery

November 5, 2015shirleymanson.jpg

A few of us ‘Pods hit up our “usual” trivia spot Wednesday at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma. No gift cards, but still very, very enjoyable (see our previous post for more about that). We were missing Dave, Brad and Geoff, but still held our own pretty well with just three of us in game one and two more in game two. Special thanks to Corn Fritter Archie for thinking he could just come out on Wednesday for a beer and not get shanghaied into playing with The Pods! One of many “guest stars” we’ve had playing with us. We enjoy getting a different mix of players every now and then, it keeps us from getting too bored.
On to the questions…
1. Kids’ TV – Isa the Iguana, Tico the Squirrel, and Benny the Bull are friends of what animated title TV character? Great guess for 3.
2. Card games – What critical playing card in the game hearts shares its name with the name of a Tchaikovski opera? Miss for 1.
3. Precious metals – How many carats is pure gold?
4. Musical Guests – Who provided guest vocals on Kanye West’s “Golddigger” single from 2005? Dave, we missed you for this one!
5. Cars – What astrological sign is also the name of a vehicle first produced in the mid-80s? Considered two possibilities, and came up with right one, thanks to Heb knowing useless zodiac stuff. Real “girl” knowledge out of her, go figure! She also knew both zodiac named car models, which isn’t terribly girly…
6. Literary Characters – In Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The Scarlet Letter,” what is the name of Hester Prynne’s daughter? For nerd point, what was the name of the baby’s father? Nope, didn’t know either of these.
7. Directors – Who wrote and directed the 2010 film “Inception?”
8. TV Themes – Audio opening theme of a ’80s series featuring Angela Lansbury.
9. World Geography – Tierra Del Fuego is located on what continent? Great work, Mike and Chris.
10. Advertising Icons – What is the first name of KFC founder Colonel Sanders?
Mystery: Add ‘Em Up – Numbers for each answer must equal the number used in a 2004 Drew Barrymore Film
1. Total number of seasons Matt LeBlanc played Joey Tribbiani on two different series.
2. Number of NBA championships won by the San Antonio Spurs in the last 20 years.
3. Number of letters in the one-word movie title winning the Oscar for best picture in 2001
4. To the nearest year, the number of years that have passed since “Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch’s” song “Good Vibrations” hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.
Heading into the final: 12 teams with scores ranging from 41 to 63, with a team with a pseudonym (something about Matt Stafford?) we didn’t recognize taking the top place. We were in fourth with 57 points.
Final category: Quarterbacks
As of 2015, who is the only quarterback to have thrown more than 400 yards in a single Super Bowl game? the same quarterback was also second in all-time Super Bowl passing yards.
We wagered 20, and Archie and Chris really, really worked hard at it. But we missed it. As did every single other team. Oh well, moving on…
Game Two
1. Tours – What singer’s “No More Mr. Nice Guy” coincided with his induction into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame?
2. World Leaders – What world leader sold Louisiana to the U.S. in 1803? Brad may have helped on this one, miss for 4.
3. Apples – After Washington, what state produces the most apples?
4. Documentaries – The theme park Sea World experienced a drop in attendance after the release of what movie?
5. Current events – What is the name of the hurricane that made landfall in Mexico on Oct. 23, 2015?
6. Pitchers – How old was Satchel Paige when he pitched in 1965, becoming the oldest player in MLB history? Unsure if this is exactly how the question was worded, but we missed it for 2.
7. Dramas – What TV drama which aired from 1997 to 2003 was set in a maximum security prison? For a nerd point, who played the warden on the show?
8. Frozen Food – What brand produced food under the “Lean Cuisine” name?
9. ’90s Bands – What band’s hits included “Stupid Girl,” “#1 Crush,” and “Push It?” Yup, that singer is pictured, and at least one guy on our team thinks she was pretty cute…
10. Mountains – In which U.S. state is Pike’s Peak located?
Visual Mystery: People with November birthdays, couldn’t pull it up.
Heading into the final: Twelve teams with scores ranging from 41 to 63 with the Matthew Stafford team again taking the lead. We were in seventh with 47.
Final category: Comic Books
Name two of the five original X-Men who appeared in the first issue in September, 1963. And for the second time in a few weeks, a comic book question winds up being successfully challenged. We played at Johnny’s Grill in September and had a question about X-Men character Magneto’s nationality. His nationality differed between his movie character and his comic book character. In this case, we were able to point out that a character we had written down appeared on the cover. Not enough to change our standings, but still not a very well thought out question. Jussayn…does Sporcle need a more heavy duty comic book nerd? We could make some recommendations 🙂 We tentatively plan to hit the road next week and play in Ann Arbor. More TBA. As always, Go Pods!

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