Trivia Recap June 4, 2015 – Corner Brewery


June 4, 2015 ·



There must be a first time for everything. For the first time this season, we finished in first place for the night snagging a precious 15 “venue” points at the highly competitive Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery for Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma. Too little too late to make a difference in our standings, but taking two first place gift cards was a rare feat for us indeed! As to be expected with our team, strategic wagering – and an ample helping of luck – turned out to be keys to our success.
And on to the questions, which will be heavily abridged, as perfect notes were not taken during the game.
Game One
1. Opening Tracks – “Hell’s Bells” is the opening track to what AC/DC album?
2. Award Nominations – What 1980 film garnered Joe Pesci his first Academy Award nomination? Heather all over this one.
3. Slogans – What technology company has ued the advertising slogan “Solutions for a small planet?” Miss for 1.
4. Short stories – Who wrote “The Pit and the Pendulum?” Too easy…Photo with this post is Mike’s hasty handiwork. Nevermore!
5. Charities – In May, 2015, Charity Vision pitted boxer Evander Holyfield against what politician? For nerd bonus, in what year did Holyfield participate in his last professional fight? Missed the nerd bonus.
6. Bones – In which part of the body would you find the ossicles? Multiple choice, did not write down the choices. Interesting this question followed #5, was this intentional?
7. Money – What physicist’s image appeared on Israeli paper currency?
8. ’60s Hits – Audio clue of Kingsmen tune that is a standard at every frat party ever. Of all time….
9. TV Actresses – Which actress’ TV credits include “Sons of Anarchy,” “Joey,” and “The Sopranos? Dave the hero at the last minute here, kudos for prying that bit out of the gray matter!
10. Baseball Names – Branch Rickey was the coach of what MLB team from 1943 to 1950? Miss for 3.
Mystery – “Progressive” theme based on “What element of the Periodic Table am I? These mystery rounds are almost always dooming…Cthulhu would approve.
1. My atomic number is in the 40s and is between Palladium and Cadmium.
2. I have the highest conductivity of all metals. Another descriptive word was thrown in with this clue, but didn’t write it down.
3. Prior to 1965, I comprised the majority of all dimes and quarters in the U.S.
4. My chemical symbol is AG.
Grabbed two lousy points in this round, ugh.
Heading into the final:
Eight teams with scores ranging from 42 to 64, with Cool People and Jeff taking first. We were in fourth with 57 points playing under the pseudonym “Call Me Cthulhu Jenner.”
Final category: Populations
Place the following U.S. cities in chronological order according to when they most recently appeared among the Top 10 most populous U.S. cities, according to census data, from earliest to most recent.
Boston, Buffalo, Baltimore, Pittsburgh
This category almost always sucks for us. We wagered zero, though knew that could be risky. Turned out not to be the case this time.
Final standings: Cool People and Jeff (unsure how many points), Toys, 55; and Call Me Cthulhu Jenner (aka Miskatonic U.), 57.
Game Two
1. Twitter – What even in June, 2009 caused the shutdown of Twitter and the Los Angeles Times web site? Heather all over this one.
2. Monsters – What actor has never played Frankenstein’s Monster? Robert DeNiro, Boris Karloff, Peter Boyle, or Ian McKellen? Heather again makes correct guess.
3. Agriculture – Known as the “Three Sisters,” the three main crops of Native Americans are squash, beans, and what other crop?
4. Spin-Offs – What spin-off of “The Cosby Show” featured his daughter Denise’s adventures at college?
5. College Football – Name two of the college football teams who were playing while the band was on the field in a legendary 1982 game? For nerd point, name the winner of that game. Brad, Dave, and Archie were the heroes here.
6. Mascots – What type of animal appears as Kanye West’s mascot on the first three of his studio albums? Hint: It’s not a Kardashian.
7. Word origins – What eight-letter word beginning with “V” is derived from the Latin describing a wandering person who drifts from place to place? Definitely a “Mike” category.
8. Book to Movie – What 2009 movie directed by Spike Jonze was adapted from a book of the same name?
9. National Parks – Named after French-Canadian traders, Voyageurs National Park is located in what state?
10. Weather – The first named storm of 2015 Atlantic Hurricane season shared its name with what SNL cast member? Miss for 3. No freaking clue.
Mystery: them all.
Heading into the final: Nine teams with scores ranging from 36 to 60, with us taking the top spot.
Final category: Presidents
In the 19th century, four different U.S. presidents served their entire time in office without a vice president, each of them having replaced a president who had died in office.
Name TWO of those four presidents who did not have a vice president.
Our “presidents” person normally quickly jots down the names of all the presidents in order when this final category comes up, and sometimes, it’s not needed or necessary. In this case, it was very helpful.
Final standings: Money Badges, 75; Ennui, 76 and Miskatonic U., 80.
Just one more “regular” game to go. Whew. It’s been a long season! Go Pods!

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