Trivia Recap June 2, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


June 2, 2015 ·



We won two second-place gift cards Monday playing Sporcle Live With Rachel Sue at MAIZ Mexican Cantina. Congrats to More Beer Less Pants and Little Lebowski Urban Achievers for both having perfect games in game one. And here are the questions, thanks to Brian Williams Reporting Live for the write-up…
Game One
1. US Capitals: Among the US state capitals that begin with the letter A, which is last alphabetically? Questions like these are why you hang onto your slips until the host calls for them. That paid off for us.
2. Commercials: A TV advertisement for which company features former NBA great Dikembe Mutombo blocking crumpled paper, laundry, and loose change before running away and laughing?
Dang, we must not watch enough TV, a loss for 1.
3. Movie Dads: What actor plays the father of Leonardo DiCaprio’s character in the 2002 film Catch Me If You Can? Only one of our players has seen this movie and only part of the movie. Just couldn’t come up with it, miss for 2.
4. Charities: What program, founded in 1947 and run by the US Marine Corps, distributes toys for Christmas to children whose parents cannot afford gifts?
5. Winter Olympics: Name one of the two non-European countries that have earned medals at every Winter Olympic games that have been held. Bonus point for both. Got both.
6. Famous Women: Despite not beginning her career until her late 70s, Grandma Moses was known for her contributions to which field: politics, writing, art, or science?
Multiple choice? On a Facebook clue? Facepalm…
7. Rap Albums: What rapper released his third studio album titled “Curtis” in 2007?
Nope. Miss for 3.
8. Actresses: Sara Gilbert received two Primetime Emmy nominations for her role on what sitcom?
9. Disorders: What eating disorder is characterized by binging and purging in order to avoid weight gain?
10. Play to Movie: What play that premiered on Broadway in 1985 was turned into a movie released in 1988, both of which starred Matthew Broderick?
Audio mystery round. All four were clip of hosts of Family Feud. We missed the ones that weren’t Richard Dawson or Steve Harvey, the only hosts we could name.
Heading into the final:
Eight teams with scores ranging from 42(?) to 67, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers and More Beer Less Pants both taking the lead. We were in fourth with 57 points.
Final Category: Periodic Table Geography
Final Question: Name the five elements on the Periodic Table whose chemical symbols spell out the name of the country whose capital city is Kiev. Give the full name of the element, NOT just the symbol. Heather (who took no high school or college chemistry courses) was the one who came through immediately here, with Brad telling her “Hey, look at you, you’re smart!,” to which she said, “Of course I’m smart!” Had a slight debate over the letters RA.
Final Standings: Miskatonic U., 77, Little Lebowski, 87.
Game Two
1. Creators: Who is the creator of the cartoons Beavis and Butt-Head and King of the Hill?
2. Same Name: What 2011 political drama directed by George Clooney shares its name with a famous date in Roman history? Thank you John for showing up just in time to get this right.
3. Deserts: What large desert located in northern China and southern Mongolia is the fifth largest in the world by area?
4. Security: Which of the following colors is not used by the Department of Homeland Security to codify threat levels: orange, red, blue, black, or green? Mike here.
5. Mergers: In 2012, what mattress manufacturer and distributor merged with Sealy Corporation in a move that allowed each company to continue to operate separately?
Most teams at our bar got this wrong, including ours, a miss for 5.
6. Science: What radioactive isotope of carbon is used in radiocarbon dating?
**Too easy.
7. Fan Clubs: What rock band formed in Las Vegas has an official fan club called the Victims?
Miss for 1.
8. Shakespeare: What play opens with the protagonist Prospero conjuring up a violent storm? Bonus for two points: what is the name of Prospero’s daughter?
Missed the bonus.
9. The News: Who preceded Brian Williams as the anchor of the NBC Nightly News from 1982 until 2004? We picked the wrong guy, though the right guy (and his characterization on “Family Guy” was briefly discussed).
10. MLB Teams: What is the only MLB team whose city and team name begin with the same four letters? Total brain fart…
Visual: #1.
Heading into the final:
Six teams with scores ranging from 38 to 62, with Little Lebowski Urban Achievers taking the top spot. We were again in fourth with 50 points (that mattress question killed us for five points).
Final category: MTV Awards (yikes!). This could be ANYTHING, including “best kiss.” Not a strong category for us. Wagered zero.
What band that formed in Boston and released their first studio album in 1978, won the very first MTV Video Music Award for Video of the Year in 1984?
Heather’s best guess here, Dire Straits, turned out to be only off by two years. Oh well, she can’t get all of the final questions for her team right, can she? 🙂Wagering zero paid off for us this time.
Final Standings: Miskatonic U., 50; More Beer Less Pants, 81. Go Pods!

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