Trivia Recap June 9, 2015 (we won a 3-way tiebreaker at Maiz, woot!)


June 9, 2015 ·



Cthulhu is only happy when it rains. We’re kidding, of course, because Cthulhu is never happy. But when thunderstorms happen during a trivia game that we are playing, we always view it as a good omen. We walked away with one first place finish (after a three-way tiebreaker) and one second place at MAIZ Mexican Cantina for our weekly dose ofSporcle Live with Rachel Sue. We finished in third place overall for the venue, just four points shy of second place finishers More Beer Less Pants and just 12 points shy of first place finishers Normal Park Trivia Tigers (aka Little Lebowski Urban Achievers). Whew, this season is almost DONE! We know that we are dark horses in the running for qualifying for the upcoming regional tournament. And since we love a challenge, that is how we like it. Game on!
And the questions…
Game One
1. SNL – What country music “artist” served as both SNL host and musical guest in SNL’s 40th season? Nope, we are neither strong in the category of SNL OR country music. Miss for 1.
2. Board games – What party board game was billed as the “game for the whole brain” and had categories of creativity, performance, word play, and knowledge?
3. Logos – French clothing company LaCoste features what animal in its emblem? This was multiple choice, and no, one of the choices was not a squid.
4. Diseases – What type of cancer was the most fatal in the U.S. based on the total number of fatalities according to 2013 data?
5. U.S. Geography – With an elevation of more than 10,000 feet, Leadville is the highest incorporated city in which U.S. state?
6. Rom Coms – In the 2008 romantic comedy “Forgetting Sarah Marshall,” who played Peter Bretter in that film? Miss for 2.
7. Organizations – What sports organization was founded in Williamsport, VA in 1939?
8. Soundtracks – Name one of the three songs that hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts by the Bee Gees on the “Saturday Night Fever” album. For nerd bonus, name two of those songs. Got both.
9. Mayors – Who did Bill DeBlasio succeed as mayor of New York City in 2014?
10. Holidays – On what date is “Boxing Day” traditionally celebrated?
Mystery “This Day in History,” all questions start off with “On this date in history…”
1. In 1968, who was arrested in London for assassinating Martin Luther King, Jr.?
2. In 1862, Confederate troops, led by “Stonewall” Jackson, scored a victory in the battle of Crosskeys in which U.S. state?
3. In 1984, what Ivan Reitman film became the second highest grossing film of that year?
4. In 1969, guitarist Brian Jones left what rock group in what was described as an “amicable split?
Heading into the final:
Eleven teams with scores ranging from 20 to 64, with three teams tied for first, including Miskatonic U., Little Lebowskis, and More Beer Less Pants.
Final category: Lakes
Lake Victoria is Africa’s largest lake by area, and is divided among three countries. Name TWO of those three countries.
The three #1 teams were still tied after this question. Tiebreaker: In what year was the Porsche car company founded? Most trivia places ask teams to send up one representative to answer these questions. When we heard it was about cars, we sent up Heather, who comes from a long line of autoworkers, and even had relatives who participated in the famous “Sit Down Strike” in Flint. Apparently we picked the right person SINCE WE WON THE TIEBREAKER! Sorry, we will attempt to curb our enthusiasm. Our guess was 1943, Lebowski’s was 1908, and More Beer’s guess was 1946, which put our guess closest to the actual 1931 year. However, had we sent up tank aficionado Mike or history buff Brad to answer this question, they probably would have gotten even closer to the correct year, since both remembered that the Porsche company was involved in making tanks for World War II. This is why it’s always a gamble when picking what person to answer these questions.
Game Two
1. Slogans – What fast “food” company received accolades from Advertising Age for its slogan “You Deserve A Break Today?” Really? Who wouldn’t know this one?
2. Song titles – The title of what Coldplay song was inspired by Chris Martin seeing a phone book sitting on a table? For nerd bonus point, name Coldplay’s first studio album released in 2000? Heather stepped in for both of these.
3. Audio – Theme from a premium cable show none of us have ever watched, though we guessed the right one, and didn’t write it down.
4. Plays – Blanche DuBois is a character in what Tennessee Williams play? Again, really?
5. Capitals – Minsk is the capital of what European country and former Soviet republic? Multiple choice given but not needed by any teams.
6. Trips – Within two years, in what year did President Teddy Roosevelt make his first trip to Panama, which was the first overseas president ever undertaken by a sitting president?
7. Outer Space- The asteroid belt in our solar system is located between what two planets?
8. U.S. History – St. Joseph, MO served as the eastern end of what service until 1861?
9. Actresses – Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for her role in what 2011 film? Not a clue…
10. Nicknames – What is the video game-themed nickname for Tennessee Titans NFL player Adam Jones, who was a first round draft pick in 2005? Nice Brad.
Mystery: them all.
Heading into the final:
Seven teams with scores rangign from 31 to 64, with More Beer Less Pants taking the lead. We were in fourth with 61, behind Little Lebowskis (62), and “Touch Me Where I Pee” (63).
Final category: Concert tours (ugh)!
What band or artist first embarked on what is popularly known as the “Never Ending Tour” in 1988, still continuing as of June 2015?
Congrats to More beer Less Pants for being the only team to get this one right. We wagered zero and guessed the Grateful Dead, even knowing that Jerry Garcia died in the mid 1990s.
Final standings: Miskatonic U., 61, More Beer Less Pants, 84. One more game to go, Go Pods!

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