Trivia Recap May 28, 2015 – Corner Brewery



Not our most triumphant outing Wednesday playing Sporcle Sporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery. Blowing seven points in the first round certainly didn’t help, and having just four players in game one left us slightly underbrained. But alas, just two more weeks to go, and then we will be (possibly) changing up our trivia routine, details TBD. Bane from “The Dark KnightRises” has told us to “Take back your summer,” so take it back, we shall.
Game one
1. Comics – In 1991, what comic strip character was named the official spokesperson of National Piano Month?
2. Film characters – What was the reptilian name of the protagonist in the 1981 film “Escape from New York” and the 1996 sequel “Escape from L.A.?”
3. Inventions – what mode of transportation invented by Dean Kamen was named one of the 50 worst inventions by Time Magazine and described as the mode of transportation of choice for lazy tourists and mall cops?
4. Disney Channel – Actress Emily Osment portrayed the quirky sidekick to the main character on what Disney Channel show airing from 2006 to 2011? We picked wrong sitcom airing from roughly the same time frame, and also missed the nerd bonus asking for the name of the show’s theme song. Miss for 4.
5. Dances – Conga music and the associated Conga line originated in what country?
6. Home Runs – In May, 2015, Alex Rodriguez hit his 661st home run passing what Hall of Famer and becoming fourth on the list? We put the guy he surpassed in RBIs, not home runs, a whopping miss for 7.
7. Rivers- What river flowing 1,500 miles through India and Bangladesh to the Bay of Bengal is considered most sacred to Hindu people?
8. Classic video games – Audio clue of 1987 game.
9. Hollywood relationships – Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz (hey, their names rhyme…) began a three-year relationship after co-starring in what 2001 film?
10. Battles – The battle of Osan was the first military action involving U.S. troops during what war? Debated between two, including the right one. Picked the wrong one, miss for 2.
Mystery – Anagrams – systems of the body
1. Edge visit
2. Cute provider
3. Neon cider
4. Itchy lamp
Missed #2.
Heading into the final: Ten teams with scores ranging from 41 to 72, with Cool People and Jeff leading the pack. They earned five extra points for helping Kuma with some computer-related technical difficulties. We were tied for eighth with 51 points.
Final category: North American Geography
Name three of the four original Canadian provinces, comprising the newly formed Dominion of Canada on July 1, 1867.
We bet zero on this, but had we known it would be about Canad, we would have changed our wager.
Final standings – A team using Kuma’s name that we did not write down, 83, Money Badgers, 83, and Cool People and Jeff, 92.
Game two
1. TV openings – What are the first four words of the opening narrative of the original “Star Trek” series? For nerd bonus, within one, in what year did it go off the air? Got both.
2. Famous accidents – What R&B soul singer known as the “Mad Man from Macon” was killed in a plane crash in 1967 when he was only 26? We knew several people it wasn’t, just couldn’t come with who it was. Miss for 1.
3. Artists – Completed in 1890, “Wheat Field With Crows” was one of the final paintings competed by what artist?
4. Universities – What university did Kevin Durant attend fora year before being drafted? Miss for 2.
5. Ice cream – Baskin-Robbins released “Lunar Cheesecake” ice cream in honor of what Apollo mission?
6. Politicians – Name one of the two Republicans who served as Speaker of the House during the Clinton presidency?
7. Transformers – What was the subtitle of the second “Transformers” film released in 2009?
8. Slang – In British slang, “Trainers” refers to what type of clothing?
9. National Parks – Death Valley National Park spans which two U.S. states?
10. ’90s Albums – What is the title of Jewel’s debut album released in 1995, which had the hit songs “Who Will Save Your Soul” and “You Were Meant for Me?” Miss for 4.
Mystery – them all.
Heading into the final: Eight teams with scores ranging from ??? (not written down) and 64, with Two Trivias to Paradise leading the group. We were in fourth with 57 points.
Final category: Directors and Actors
Name two of the three Steven Spielberg-directed films released as of May 2015 in which Tom Hanks is credited. Wagered 20 and only named one correct movie. The qualifier “credited” made us incorrectly guess an animated film (face palm!).
Final standings:
3. Harold and Kuma, 78; 2. Cool People and Jeff, 84 1. Two Trivias to Paradise, 84. Until next time, Go Pods!

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