Trivia Recap April 7, 2015 – Maiz Mexican Cantina


The stars may not have been right for us to win first place overall for the night at MAIZ Mexican Cantinaplaying Sporcle Trivia Nights With Rachel Sue. Or for us to get both final questions correct, let alone wager wisely enough on them. But something else happened as a result of that game that has us really excited, in a very, very immature way. Kind of like that tittering a kid does in elementary school when the teacher says “Lake Titicaca.” It has to do with a certain number of “venue” points we have right now. Yeah, baby…sixty-nine, dudes! We are so easily amused…We won one second place/$10 gift card in game one for wagering zero (of course we wound up getting it right, d’oh!), and third place for the night, hanging onto first place overall. For now. We are well aware that other teams are “gunning” for us. Rightfully so. We know what it’s like to be in that same position.
Game One
1. Islands: The US territory of the Northern Mariana Islands is located in which ocean?
Easy for a team with a couple of geography nerds and a professional pilot.
2. Jackie Chan: What 2010 film is the highest grossing at the US box office starring Jackie Chan that is not part of either the Kung Fu Panda series or the Rush Hour series?
This was not so easy for us. Dropped our 1.
3. Discoveries: One of Robert Ballard’s best known discoveries was the wreckage of which ship in 1985?
4. Patriotic Songs: Which patriotic song written by Irving Berlin includes the lyrics “Stand beside her and guide her/Through the night with a light from above?”
5. Animals: Native to northern Africa, the fennec is the smallest species of which type of animal: snake, fox, owl, or rabbit?
Zoologist Brad knew this before the multiple choice was called.
6. Comedy: What is the full four word title of the sketch comedy series created by Monty Python which aired on the BBC from 1969 until 1974? “It’s….”
7. Retail: What is the name of the Maine-based retailer specializing in outdoor gear and apparel named for the man who founded it?
8. 80s Movies: Name one of the two actors who played rival conmen in the 1988 film Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Bonus for naming both. Got them both. Should have asked about the actress who played the con woman!
9. Baseball Rules: Within three, in which year did the American League first use the designated hitter? Nice work, Brad, for getting it within three.
10. Greek Literature: Which ancient Greek writer wrote Oedipus Rex and Antigone? Nope. Miss for 3. College lit class just too much of a faded memory.
Mystery Round: Country Codes from the International Olympic Committee
1. IRL
2. NGR
3. CIV
4. LAT
Talked ourselves out of getting #2 correct, our only miss of the mystery round.
Heading into the final:
Eleven teams with scores rangign from 23 to 67, with More Beer Less Pants starting the night off with a perfect game. We were tied for third along with Normal Park Trivia Tigers, aka Little Lebowski Urban Achievers.
Final Category: Slogans
Final Question: Put the following McDonald’s advertising slogans in chronological order from earliest to most recent in terms of the first time they were used: “Food, Folks, and Fun,” “I’m Lovin’ It,” “You Deserve a Break Today,” “We Love to See You Smile.”
We were gun shy of this category and bet zero. But of course, we wound up getting it right.
Final Standings: Miskatonic U., 62, Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (moved up from third), 82.
Game Two
1. Actresses: What actress won an Emmy Award for her role in the Showtime series Nurse Jackie in 2010?
2. Corporations: What US corporation, cofounded by Larry Ellison, is the world’s second largest software maker by revenue after Microsoft?
Nice work “computers” expert John L.
3. Borders: Name one of the two South American countries that do not share a land border with Brazil. Bonus for both. Got one, but couldn’t come to an agreement on the correct second one.
4. State Sports: What equestrian sport, originating in the Middle Ages, was designated as the official state sport of Maryland in 1962?
Damn, the right answer crossed our minds. Maryland is infinitely cooler, now…miss for 1.
5. Singers: Who served as lead singer of Journey from 1977 until 1987 and then again from 1995 until 1998?
“I thought we agreed, no Journey psyche-outs!” Anyone see the movie “Baseketball?” It will forever change how you think of this singer and the group he fronted.
6. Disorders: What eleven letter word first used in 1816 describes the recurring urge to steal, often without need?
7. Book to Movie: Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, and Claire Danes all appear in which 1994 adaptation of a 19th century novel?
8. Laws: The Townshend Acts were a series of laws whose passage led, in part, to which war?
9. TV Logos: Prior to a 2008 relaunch, what type of animal was featured in the logo for Animal Planet? Bonus: which letter is on its side in the current logo for Animal Planet? For some reason, we thought this animal was one native to Madagascar. Miss for 4, but we got the bonus point.
10. Cereal: The name of what brand of cereal is similar to an informal British expression for “goodbye?”
Visual: a strong category for us. Missed all but the “Miller” one.
Heading into the final:
Nine teams with scores ranging from 37 to 65, with Normal Park Trivia Tigers in the lead. We were tied for fifth with a team making reference to stalking.
Final Category: US State Capitals
Final Question: Which US state capital that begins with a vowel is the 22nd most populous city in its state, the lowest ranking for any capital?
Final Standings: Stalkers, 73, More Beer Less Pants, 84.

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