Trivia Recap April 2, 2015 – Corner Brewery


Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery in Ypsilanti is again proving itself to be “the” trivia hot spot – with just five “venue” points dividing the top five teams. At the very end, there can be only one team advancing to the regional tournament. And it is still far too early to tell which team that will be, since it will all come down to that final game and its all-important wagering.
We finished in second place for the night and took a $10/second place gift card. One of our stronger players Dave K. had to miss the game, but his spot was filled by Joel V. for the night. Great teamwork on the questions overall, despite some bickering about a certain two point answer about the Unabomber that almost – but not quite – resulted in divorce 🙂With such slim point spreads, a little heated competition is to be expected sometimes.
On to the questions, which may be abridged for brevity and in some cases, researched using Google since not every question was written down word-for-word. If anyone notices any errors, please indicate so in the comments and we will correct them. Thanks!
Game one
1. S-words – What “s” word describes both a fortunate event and a 2001 film starring John Cusack?
2. States that end in “Hampshire” – What is the name of the granite rock formation featured on the reverse side of New Hampshire’s state quarter? For “nerd” bonus, what is the four-letter motto for the state of New Hampshire? Got both, mainly thanks to Brad.
3. Colors that are red – What song from Taylor Swift’s album “Red” was the first to reach #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts? Nope. Dropped our 1.
4. Condiments – An iconic advertisement featuring what condiment featured people passing it between vehicles?
5. Catch these men – Within one, in what year was Ted Kaczynski arrested at his remote cabin in Montana? One our players absolutely insisted on a particular year for the answer, but was outvoted by a couple of other players. And of course the answer we didn’t turn in was spot-on correct. This wound up costing us first place in game one, but alas, water under the bridge. Riddled with corpses, lol…a miss for 2 points.
6. Let it snow – what team did the New England Patriots defeat in a January, 2002 game played in heavy snow? Miss for 3.
7. Countries – If you’re traveling from Monterrey, Mexico straight north, how many states do you pass through before hitting Canada? Nice teamwork, Mike, Brad, Joel.
8. An album cover – What type of animal is featured on the Prodigy album “Fat of the Land?” Nice work, John.
9. Famous titles – Which Charles Dickens novel features the characters Sydney Carton and Lucie Manette?
10. Potent potables – What liqueur, with an anise flavor and greenish color, has been banned in several countries because of its supposed hallucinogenic properties?
Mystery – Twisted Titles – Book, movie, or album title with just one letter changed based on the following clues
1. Geoffrey Chaucer’s tales of 14th-century men.
2. Zach Morris and his friends attend the Festival of St. Fermin.
3. Roberto Benigni wins academy award for his portrayal of the sheriff deputy of Mayberry, N.C.
4. Tim Allen stars in a series where he makes holes in the ground better than all of the others.
Got them all.
Heading into the final: 14 teams with scores ranging from 40 to 66, with Cool People and Jeff in the lead. We were in fourth with 61 points.
Final category: Video Games
Upon its release in the U.S. in 1985, there were 18 games available for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Three of those 18 were sports games whose titles were simply the name of that sport. Name two of those three sports titles.
Got them. Game winners were Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender (moving up from 7th place), 76, Miskatonic U., 81, and Your Resume Sucks, 82.
Game two
1. April – Every year the month of April begins on the same day of the week was what other month? Great teamwork here for success.
2. Fools – In 1956, what New York-based do-wop group had a hit with “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?” Believe it or not, we weren’t quite old enough to know this one…
3. DVDs – What 1996 disaster film was the first movie to be released on DVD?
4. Commercials – audio clue.
5. SCIENCE! – What is the term for the changing of physical state of matter from gas to liquid? For nerd bonus, what is the term for the changing of a gas to a solid? Got it, but missed the nerd point.
6. Competitions – What pizza company founded in 1960 has been hosting the “World’s Fastest Pizza Competition” since 1982? And we happened to be sitting in the same town where this particular pizza chain got its start…
7. SNL – In May 2000, who was the youngest person to serve as both host and musical guest? Ooops, we did it again and missed it.
8. Money – Name both men to appear on currently circulated paper currency in the United States who were not presidents.
9. Countries – The country of Lesotho is completely surrounded by what African nation?
10. Supreme Court cases – What historical figure and former slave successfully sued for his freedom in a landmark court decision?
Mystery – 2, 3, and 4 (ouch).
Heading into the final: 12 teams with scores ranging from 36 to 63, with Cool People and Jeff in the lead. We were in ninth place with 52 points (double ouch).
Final category: U.S. Navy
The USS Pueblo is the only U.S. Navy ship still in commission that has been captured and not returned. Today it used as a museum by the country that captured it in 1968. What country captured the USS Pueblo?
We wound up in a tie for third with Titanic Swim Club. Our tiebreaker question was “In what year was the Plessy vs. Ferguson Supreme Court Decision? They nailed it dead on, we were decades off. Well pllayed! Game leaders: Titanic Swim Club, 72; Corn Fritters, 79; Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 80.

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