Trivia Recap April 9, 2015 – Corner Brewery


A slightly revised ‘Pods trivia team line-up playedSporcle Live Trivia with Kuma at Arbor Brewing Company Microbrewery Wednesday. A couple of our stronger players were absent, but we walked away with one third place prize/$5, 108 total points and finished in third “venue” place for the night. After the rough round of questions we battled, including the dreaded “progressive” mystery round in game one, we’ll take whatever small victory we can!
Game one
1. Long songs – At more than 8 and 1/2 minutes, what is the longest song to ever hit #1 on the Billboard Hot 100?
2. Beverages – Michael Jackson, Britney Spears and Cindy Crawford have all appeared in advertisements for what beverage?
3. High schools – The high school attended by the characters on “Boy Meets World” is named for what U.S. president? For nerd bonus point, what was the name of the college these students attended later? Nope. Didn’t know either of these. Miss for 1.
4. Racing (we groaned when we heard this category) – As of April 2015, Scott Dixon, Tony Kanaan and Ryan Hunter-Reay are the most recent winners of what racing event? Nope, we went with the bicycle race. Miss for 2.
5. ’80s movie characters – What is the alliterative name of Billy Crystal’s character in the 1987 film “The Princess Bride?” Easy for a team with a heavy nerd quotient such as ours…missing it would be “inconceivable.” Interesting bit of trivia, Andre the Giant was a celebrated drunk, and liked to stay up late partying with cast members from the movie, which infuriated director Rob Reiner, who had to deal with the hung-over actors the next day.
6. Physics (SCIENCE!) – Does a photon have a positive charge, negative charge, or no charge?
7. Battles – The Battle of Little Big Horn, also known as “Custer’s Last Stand,” took place in what modern day state? Debated our way out of getting this correct. Please, magic Genie, grant us our wish for having the re-rack again! Miss for 3.
8. Jock Jams – Audio clue of glam-rock song by a guy with a sparkly name.
9. Mythology – what creature in Greek mythology would kill those who could not correctly answer his riddle? We jokingly wanted to put down “Gollum.”
10. Autobiographies – What TV personality penned a 2009 autobiography called “Here’s the Deal – Don’t Touch Me?” Turns out a player who showed up after we handed in our answer would have gotten this one right for us. Blew our 5-pointer here 😦
Mystery round – What corporation am I? Those turning in their slips during question one got all the points. Those turning them in later got 2 points fewer, so on, and so forth. Almost always deadly in terms of points.
1. “I am an American company bearing the name of the founder and was founded on June 16, 1903.”
2. “My current president and CEO is Mark Fields.”
3. I am a luxury automaker selling cars under the brand name Lincoln.” And this is where we turned in our slips…
4. “I own the naming rights to the stadium in which the Detroit Lions play.”
One of our “guest” players Kevin N. (Brad’s big brother) had a hunch on the right answer after hearing question 1. But we didn’t want to risk being wrong.
Heading into the final: Fifteen teams with scores ranging from 22 to 63, with Cool People and Jeff sitting in the top spot. we were in fifth place with 51 points.
Final category: Coastlines
Of all the states that border either the Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico, six have a coastline of 75 miles or less with their respective body of water. Name FOUR of those six states.
Final standings: Miskatonic U., 71, Don’t Forget to Strip Your Bartender, 75, Cool People and Jeff, 83.
Game two
1. Themes – What game show’s theme song was written as a lullaby for the son of the show’s creator? A great time for Brad to re-join the team, nice work!
2. Super Bowl Winners – What was the first NFL team to win a super boal in a year when they played their home games in a domed stadium? Miss for 1.
3. Airports – the major international airport with the three-letter code “FRA” is in what European country? Easy answer for pilot Joel V.
4. Unlikely duos – Name one of the two artists that collaborated on the song “Another Way to Die” from the James Bond film “Quantum of Solace?” No idea. Miss for 2.
5. Mammals – What is the common name for the “Chiroptera” order of mammals?
6. Famous Americans – The most populous U.S. city named after an American is named in whose honor?
7. Actors – What actor plays the best friend in the romantic comedy “My Best Friend’s Wedding?” Nope, had no rom-com experts in attendance. Miss for 3.
8. Company names – what American print services company was founded under the name The Haloid Photographic Company in 1906?
9. TV channels – Within 2, in what year was the cable TV channel FX founded? Heather came up with this one with success.
10. Tasty treats – What tasty treat, created by Curt Jones in 1987, is created by flash freezing ice cream mix in liquid nitrogen?
Visual mystery round: Sports duo Brad and his brother Kevin teamed up here, getting them all correct (nice work)!
Heading into the final: Eighteen teams with scores ranging from 6 (yes, really) to 60, with a team using a pseudonym involving the word “jeans” leading the pack. We were tied for second with Cool People and Jeff with 57 points.
Final category: Academy Award nominees
Since the year 2000, two actresses have received nominations for the Academy Award for Best Actress while less than 20 years old. One for her role in a 2003 film, the other for her role in a 2012 film. Name either of those two films.
We came with virtually everything but the name of the 2012 one…just couldn’t come up with it, and had absolutely no idea on the 2003 movie.
Game winners – Gentlemen Kangaroos, 59; Cool People and Jeff, 71, Ennui, 72.
Nice work,special thanks to Matt, Jeannette, Kevin and Joel for stepping in to help (especially Joel for answering Heather’s desperate text at the last minute). Also thanks to Terry (?) from Your Resume Sucks for bringing a bottle of Hop Town Brown to Brad (too bad he was getting ready to leave and couldn’t drink it, but he gave it away to a couple of players who were sticking around). That was pretty sweet! He really appreciated that. Until next time (specifically, next Monday at MAIZ Mexican Cantina), Go Pods!

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