Trivia Recap – Game # 766 – May 4, 2023 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

After an evening of live trivia that left a horrible taste in my mouth (please no dirty jokes unless I’m telling them), it was kind of nice to sign in for a relaxed virtual trivia game – where we were guaranteed to have the best seats in the house – and we didn’t have to show up two hours before game time to save those seats! Oh yes, and the light breeze coming in through my husband’s upstairs office window was nice! Earlier in the evening, we saw a bunny hanging out in our back yard, and later in the evening, we heard coyotes having a howling good time singing along to a passing train!

Kind of makes me wonder why I was so upset about the Corner Brewery having silly new rules about who and how many can sit at X tables on their trivia nights. Why should I struggle to get my ass to a trivia spot early – only to potentially have some staff member tell me that I don’t have enough warm bodies sitting at the table that I’ve been staring at for two hours?

“So…you’re telling me I don’t have enough friends,” I say, giving my best facial impression of a downtrodden basset hound?”

“No, you don’t. Now go sit at a folding kiddie table with the other players who don’t have enough friends! Go – Vamoose! Every seat needs to be generating money!”

Now I’m sure they’ll be a lot nicer about it, but truth be told, if I get my sorry self to a place early to save a table for TWO HOURS, I’m going to want to keep that table, and only share it with the friends I do have (even if the bar staff doesn’t think I have enough friends to justify sitting at the table I’ve picked! You know this was all a joke, right?

Yeah, joking or not, I’m better off just avoiding all of that nonsense, aren’t I? And overly crowded rooms, while I’m at it! 🤣

What was I talking about again? Oh yes, a trivia game! The questions…

Round One

1. Ice Cream – A traditional Neapolitan ice cream in the United States typically contains what three flavors?

2 Basketball – Within three, how many inches in diameter is a regulation basketball rim? Husband talked me out of correct answers, oy….

3 Deodorant – What brand, known for its body sprays, was introduced in 1983 and has fragrances named Phoenix, Dark Temptation, and Apollo, among many others?

4 Disney Channel – The song in the following clip is the theme to what Disney Channel series that aired from 2001–2004? Yeah, this was Lizzie Maguire…sorry I had a long workday and I’m too lazy to rewrite this…

Mystery Round One – Visual

Got all of theae.

5 Capitals – What Central European national capital city was the historic capital of the region of Bohemia and was the main residence of several Holy Roman Emperors? Miss,mthis time I talked my husband out of a correct answer!

6 Formulas – What constant does the letter “c” stand for in the formula E = mc²

7 Weather – The term Dust Bowl refers to a series of droughts and dust storms that primarily took place in the Great Plains region of the U.S. in what decade?

8 Arcade Games – Name one of the two characters who can be controlled by players in the original 1987 arcade game Street Fighter.+1 Point for naming both.

Mystery Round 2:

Name the song with the word “star” in its title (either on its own or as part of another word) based on the year of release and lyrics.

M1. (1972) “He told me; Let the children lose it; Let the children use it; Let all the children boogie”

M2. (1983) “’Cause you shine on me wherever you are; I just think of you, and I start to glow; And I need your light and baby, you know”

M3. (2012) “Hands up and touch the sky; Can’t stop ’cause we’re so high; Let’s do this one more time”

M4. (1999) “Somebody once told me the world is gonna roll me; I ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed”

Missed #3. I actually listened to song #1 before the game!

FInal Question: The Tour de France leader in the general classification category wears a yellow jersey, while the leaders of the points classification, the mountains classification, and the young rider classification wear jerseys with other colors or designs. Name two of those three other colors or designs.

We wagered zero and would not have known it anyway.

We plan to go out for a live game Monday. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, David Bowie! Sorry…no answers for these. Look em up!

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