Day #16 Without Trivia! IKR?

It’s been a whopping 16 days since I’ve engaged in any pub trivia battles. I honestly can’t remember the last time I took such a lengthy break from playing either a virtual or in-person trivia game in the past 10 years or so. What The f— is wrong with me?

That’s a loaded question! Sure, there are plenty of things wrong with me…

Taking a break was my choice. I wasn’t upset with how it was going, wasn’t upset with any of the other players, Hell, maybe I’m over my little beef with that one player I dislike who plays in that “other” trivia league. Nope, I still don’t like that person! Though I think my dislike has mellowed a bit!

My plan is to do a live game the week of April 23 and maybe a virtual game or two sometime before then.

After spending so much time indoors over this past Winter, I think I just wanted to get outside more. Also having to arrive so early just to get a table at the Corner Brewery is just plain… boring. I’m already planning to return to this place for trivia in a couple of weeks when my work schedule will allow it, so you other teams out there, be warned…we’re coming back!

How was my attempt to sound threatening? Nothing? Yeah, I get it, I wouldn’t feel threatened by my team, either! My players may not be the best, but damn it, we’re a tight crew and most of us have known each other for decades!

Right now, I’m just relaxing in my recliner with the patio door open and listening to chirping birds. Later, I might wander outside to see if there are any bunnies out for their evening feeding time. A couple of nights ago, my husband and I sat out on our deck and avidly watched a bunny just munching on grass. It was almost as entertaining as an episode of “Yellowjackets!” But wait, something bad happens to a bunny who wanders into Shauna’s garden in season 1. Uh…!

After the bunny was done eating, they retreated to just inside the woods and had a short little relaxing flop on their belly. You wouldn’t think that such a “prey” creature with so many other creatures wanting to eat them would ever be able to relax. Yet this one did. It was so inspiring! Don’t we all need to be more like this bunny?

Hashtag goals!

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