Time For My Cabin Fever To Break!

I haven’t been on a cabin trip since Halloween, and aside from an overnight in a local hotel last November, I haven’t really “gone” anywhere besides gou g to work, stores, and occasionally bars. And those last places much less frequently than before the plague, which is good, because it saves money!

But in three weeks (drum roll), a cabin trip is on our calendar! Even if an epic winter event causes us to cancel, we’ll get our money back and have a plan B trip in a hotel. I’m really hoping it doesn’t come to this!

The cabin looks like this one (pictured cabin is at Waterloo Recreation Area near Chelsea, MI):

We’ll have a three room cabin with heat, electricity and modern small appliances to ourselves for two nights. We’ll need to haul in or pump our own water, and the restroom will be a Porta potty outside. But those are only minor inconveniences for seasoned campers like us! We got the cheaper off season rate by being able to sacrifice those little comforts.

We’ll have our own fire circle outside and a full lake view, and an empty campground to ourselves (it doesn’t open to campers til mid April).

With winter being as extra wintry as it has been as of late, we should have no trouble finding downed wood for our campfires!

I can’t wait to get out of town for a couple of nights!

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