Trivia Recap – Game # 757 – March 2, 2023 – Virtual Sporcle “Pub Quiz” Format

For the third night of trivia battles in a row, we failed on the final questions – yet again! This time, however, we wagered zero on the category (we still would have failed anyway). Are these shitty games our punishment for having the audacity to get both final questions correct in a live trivia game a couple of weeks ago? We’re not above being a bit superstitious about things like that! Ya know, like wanting to play trivia games during weather events, because we believe that Cthulhu might be out there lending a helping hand? Have we gotten enough crappy games out of the way to hit the reset button? Could someone please tell us what more we have to do – our neighbors aren’t appreciative of us having an altar in our back yard and leaving dead sacrificial animals lying around!

I kid, of course! We don’t sacrifice animals – though we do have lots of animals living in the woods behind our house! Most recently, we saw a groundhog wandering around back there. Apparently it didn’t get the memo that winter isn’t over yet (we still have a few inches of snow on the ground as I type this). If we can’t believe in the weather predictions of groundhogs, what can we believe in anymore?

Here were our game questions:

1 Logos What color is the circle in the logo for 7 Up, which has been animated as Cool Spot, the brand’s mascot?

In the next question, a Simpsons gag will help us get it right!

2 Gymnastics What men’s gymnastics apparatus is derived from a device originally used in ancient times for soldiers to practice mounting and dismounting? Oh REALLY. Is that all they used this thing for? 😉

3 Film Settings A Streetcar Named Desire, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Beasts of the Southern Wild are all Academy Award for Best Picture-nominated films primarily set in which Southern U.S. state? I actually looked up “films set in New Orleans” on Mardi Gras so I knew this answer. Though we did flunk a question about that last film in the list recently!

4 Oil As of 2021, what is the largest oil company by revenue that is headquartered in the United States?

NERD POINT: This company is based in which U.S. state?

My husband came up with right guesses on this one.

Mystery Round One –

Tabletop Gameplay Name the tabletop game based on a brief description of the gameplay.

1. Call out grid numbers in search of the location of your opponent’s vessels, hoping to find them all before they locate yours

2. Choose the red noun card from your hand that is best described by the green adjective card played by the judge, and hope that they pick your card from the group as the best option

3. Draft colored tiles to your player board and score points based on how you’ve placed your tiles to decorate the palace

4. Get your four cylindrical peg pieces around the board and into your safe space, using the “Pop-O-Matic” to roll the dice, and hope your opponents don’t send you back to the start

Missed #3.

Round Two –

5 Kids’ TV On the Nickelodeon series Blue’s Clues, what is the name of Blue’s canine friend and next-door neighbor, who shares her name with the color of her fur? Miss.

6 Money Along with her son, what member of the Shoshone tribe is depicted on a U.S. dollar coin first minted in 2000?

7 Hip Hop Which member of the hip hop trio Run-DMC did NOT lend his name to the group’s name? FB host clue, thank the gods…

8 Islands Palermo, Catania, and Messina are cities located on what Mediterranean island? Are you talkin’ to this island?

I don’t have my notes, but I think there was a visual mystery round here. If I find them, I’ll edit this post accordingly.

Final Category – Stage Names

Final Stage Names Which two of the eight actresses featured on the poster for the 2018 heist film Ocean’s 8 are credited with their single-word stage names?

We wagered zero, but would have only known one (and not the most popular of these two actresses). We remember her from her funny character in Crazy Rich Asians where she had three outfits in labeled garment bags – cocktail, clubbing, and walk of shame. Sadly that was probably the funniest moment in that movie! Sometimes you’re just not that into a movie, and sometimes a movie just isn’t into you. The scenes where they’re eating food at outdoor restaurants were absolutely drool-inducing, though!

Unsure when we’ll be trivia-ing next, a mid-week live game next week is on the tentative “docket.” As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Mrs. Pommelhorst!

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