Ice Storm Aftermath And Power Outage Worries…

I didn’t bother taking any pictures today of the aftermath of Wednesday evening’s ice storm that hit Southeast Michigan hard on Wednesday, February 22. I think we all know what ice covered trees and downed trees look like, don’t we? I did take a cute picture earlier of a chubby squirrel climbing a tree behind my house, but I used an old digital camera, so I’ll have to wait until I can upload to my laptop. That will not happen today.

Hearing the thunder last night was really wicked! Was that Thor saying “Hey?” More about the God of Thunder in a bit!

My husband and I visited two grocery stores today (not counting Total Wine & More for a booze run), and both were closed! Power outages were the cause. We managed to find a store ironically very close to home that was open and we grabbed some produce and other provisions. It’s not the cheapest place to get groceries, which is why it wasn’t our first choice.

Now my lights are flickering occasionally, so I have my headlamp wrapped around my wrist, some battery operated candles flickering on wall sconces in the kitchen and some other emergency lights at the ready. I charged a couple of battery packs last night that can keep small electronics charged. I’m not one to just curse the darkness – even I do enjoy using curse words a bit too much these days! I’ll see if I have a picture in my media library of some of my battery powered (and gas powered) lights I’ve used on rustic camping trips:

We thought about trying to go out tonight, but some local businesses – including a bar we wanted to visit – don’t have power. Good thing we bought booze, right?

The winds of Thor may be blowing cold for now like that Led Zeppelin song says, but my power is still on and my garage steps are being used as an auxiliary drink fridge!

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