Back on the Trivia Horse This Week? Yup, If the Horse Doesn’t Buck Us!

A massive ice storm in the area in which I live and the surrounding areas basically did a whammy on every g-dda–n thing last week. Power outages, shuttered businesses, canceled trivia games (the horror!), closed schools, downed trees, restless kids at home with parents struggling to keep them occupied (especially if the Internet also went out). Us Michigan folks are tough and used to all of this weather-related nonsense, right?

My husband and I managed to venture “out” last night. By “out” I mean going out for things other than gassing up the car, picking up supplies, booze, groceries, etc. We went out for a couple of drinks and a delightful meal that I had nothing to do with preparing! But as some other old folks might remember Gilda Radner making the title of her 1989 biography and us older folks might remember her character Rosanne Rosannadanna saying on classic Saturday Night Live:

Yes, it’s always something, isn’t it? When we walked into the beer/food establishment, there was a sign warning us that even though power was restored – the furnace wasn’t working – so “bundle up!” Did we leave? Nope!

Fortunately, the collective body heat of other guests of the place did the trick! Some folks wore their winter coats and hats, I was warm enough in long sleeves and a lightweight hoodie jacket. That is all thanks to my tendency to be as cold blooded as whatever snake Paula Abdul sang about in 1990 – which is a nice way of saying I tolerate cooler temperatures fairly well. Reminds me of something I overheard a customer saying a few years ago while I was stocking merchandise in an “old lady” clothing area of the store in which I work:

“She doesn’t need any sweaters, she has Satan to keep her warm.”

To this day, I still get a laugh out of this – and want to meet this person! And maybe I too have Satan to keep me warm! My co-workers who see me doing my job in short sleeves in a non-climate controlled environment in the winter – with fans on – might agree with that statement! But I digress, and to be fair, sometimes my feet get really, really cold in the winter! Maybe Satan wants nothing to do with my feet (I wouldn’t blame him)!

What’s really important is that we’ll try getting out for a live trivia game this week, or stay in and do a virtual one this week! Eleven days without engaging in trivia battle? What madness is this? 🙂

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