So…Are The ‘Pods Back in the Live Trivia Saddle Again?

Short answer? Let me consult my magic 8 ball (shakes it vigorously)… What’s it saying?

All signs point to yes

I’m sorry, is a magic 8 ball reference too old of a pop culture reference for you? It’s tit for tat, after all. I don’t think I’d be able to have a conversation with a teenager without having a pop culture translator at the ready. And if I were communicating with one of these creatures via texts, I’d need a built in translation on my phone. Do they make teenager translators? Who wants to be a millionaire? I’d invest in that!

Case in point – an (Ann Arbor, MI) Pioneer High School student named Adriana Davidson was recently found dead on campus, and her texts between her and a friend included the phrase WYM?

I had no idea what that meant. Good thing the news article I read translated that for me, it means “What do you mean?”

Live trivia nights are not that much different, -are they – in terms of culture clashes? Us older players shrug when we get questions that have Billie Eyelash as an answer (please don’t correct me) and younger players may not be hip to which TV series besides Happy Days featured The Fonz (Parks and Recreation doesn’t count). I have heard that actor Henry Winkler is a pretty cool guy IRL (see I know some text acronyms)! Now pardon me while I go to church…

Some questions are even too old for us, but just right for an older teammate. At our most recent game, I recalled having a question about what was the name of the college in Animal House. My husband and I were stumped when we had it in our game, though our older teammate would have been all over it like a toga (see I can do a pop culture reference involving that movie even if I don’t know the name of the college). Do I know how many kilos of cocaine were snorted by John Belushi during filming? No, but I read that there was a “mountain” of coke in Belushi’s trailer during the filming of Blues Brothers (per director John Landis’ recollection).

So I guess all signs point to “yes,” live trivia games may happen for us in the future! We will stay as local as possible, since it’s winter, and I do not like the host at the one “away” spot we played. In December. I got kind of a bad overall vibe from the place – seeing the bar staff drinking on the job was a turn off.

As for whether trivia games will happen with any regularity, the answer is a bit more hazy! The thought of being tied down to trivia commitments is a hard pass! Yeah yeah, I say that now! 🙂

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