Trivia Recap – Game # 751 – February 2, 2023 – (Live Trivia Game) – Sticks – Ypsilanti, MI

Two Gen Xers, a Millennial and a guy who claims to belong to that “lost” generation falling between Boomers and Gen Xers – ya know – too cool to be a Boomer, but not quite apathetic enough to be a Gen Xer? Yeah, well all of these people – whomever they or society wants to label them – walked into a bar and actually took a first prize in a live trivia game!

If you’re thinking that this just might be a sign of the apocalypse, we don’t blame you! Apocalyptic or not, it was kind of fun getting together again with trivia teammates whom have not battled trivia questions together since March, 2020, when we played together at Tower Inn, which is now a Thai restaurant called Basil Babe – and no longer offers trivia. We qualified for two different trivia tournaments – in two different leagues – playing at this place, though we never had a chance to play there for very long.

Does anyone else think about a really hot green lady when you think of “Basil Babe?” Kind of like a female Jolly Green Giant – only maybe not so giant (unless you’re really into tall women, lol)?

How about some game questions?

Round One

1 Traditions – Groundhog Day is derived from a tradition that originated with German immigrants in what U.S. state? Don’t ask what animal the sausage is made from…

2 Video Games – Dr. Robotnik, also known as “Eggman,” is the archnemesis of what Sega video game franchise that debuted in 1991? I’m glad my teammates were all over this one, because the only egg themed villain I could think of was from an earlier arcade game called “Burgertime.” Oh the hours I wasted playing that one on an Ijustdatedmyself PC also called a Commodore 64. My older brother still has this computer – your smart phone certainly has more memory!

3 Artists – With works including Cloud Gate, Sky Mirror and Temenos, artist Anish Kapoor is best known for what kind of art? Oh the dreaded “art” question – where we are either too confident and waste the points – or not confident enough and put in a wrong guess! This time we second guessed ourselves, miss.

4 Grammy Awards – The three youngest winners of the Grammy Award for Album of the Year are women whom won the awards in 1996, 2010 and 2020 – name two of those women – all three for a bonus point. We only managed to name one correct one, talked ourselves out of another whom would have been correct, miss.

Mystery Round One – Twisted Titles

Give the name of the Morgan Freeman film based on a description that will make the title the same as a Morgan Freeman film – with one letter changed.

M1 – Morgan plays the role of God and oversees a peace agreement

M2 – Morgan and Jack Nicholson spend their elderly years fulfilling their desire to compete in boxing

M3 – Morgan investigates a kidnapping linked to the actor who played Robert California

M4 – Morgan assists the FBI with an investigation into magicians who steal needle and thread

Got all of these correct, nice teamwork! Number 4 was the most difficult for us…

Round Two –

5 Spin-Offs – What spin-off of a series that aired from 1987-1993 is set at the fictional HBCU Hillman College and originally centered on the character Denise Huxtable?

6 Sports History – In 1966, Texas Western became the first school to win the NCAA championship with an all-black starting lineup in what sport?

7 Books – What word completes the title of a Pulitzer Prize winning book written by John F. Kennedy that was published in 1956?

8 Cities – The cities of Fez, Tangier and Marrakesh are among the most populous in what African country on the Atlantic Ocean?

Mystery Round Two – “Name that Bone.”

Yes, we were all immature and giggled at that mystery round name…

We missed #4, we picked the wrong arm bone twin.

We were in third place going into the final with 47 points.

Final Category – Olympians

Since its first issue in 1892, only 10 men have been featured on the cover of the American version of Vogue magazine. Name one of those three men – all of whom won at least one gold medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Miss, we picked an Olympian from an earlier Olympics. On to…


Round Three –

9 Candy – What chocolate-coated candy currently made by Hershey’s got its name because its original maker was unsuccessful in making perfectly shaped caramel spheres? A bit of a thinker for us, but we got it…

10 – TV Jobs – On the TV series “Three’s Company,” Norman Fell, Audra Lindley and Don Knotts all played characters with what occupation? I hope this one stumped all of those kiddos in the room whom are young enough to be our kids, LOL!

11 – Scandals – “The Affair of the Diamond Necklace” was a scandal in the 1780s that notably involved what queen consort? Firstly, if you have to ask “What’s a queen consort – is that like a king’s whore or something?” You’re probably going to struggle with the question! We actually got it correct by naming the only queenish person we could think of from that time period. And now I think of that word that I had confused with consort – “courtesan.” And that is a word for “prostitute” (easy mistake). Any other D&D gamers out there remember a “harlot chart?” My favorite was “saucy tart!”

12 Rappers – The rapper born Inga de Carlo Fung Marchand in 1978 in Brooklyn, whose single “I’ll Be,” featuring Jay Z, reached the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts, is better known by what colorful stage name? Miss.

Mystery Round Three – Audio

This was an all-audio round involving the voices of NFL coaches for the following teams – Arizona Cardinals, New Orleans Saints, Indianapolis Colts and the New York Jets. And that’s really all I can say, other than we only got one correct.

Round Four –

13 – Movie Roles – Jim Varney is known for playing what character – whose first name begins the following film titles (BLANK) Saves Christmas, (BLANK) Goes to Camp, and (BLANK) Goes to Jail? Nerd bonus point for knowing what character he voiced in the Toy Story franchise. My fan theory is that if he had not died, he also would have voiced “Mater” in the Cars film franchise. My favorite of these films is the “Goes to Jail” one! What’s not to like about an actor who plays two characters?

14 Latin – The Latin term Lex talion, which literally means “law of retaliation,” is also commonly translated as what five-word phrase association with justice? Our teammate “Mr. E” was so quick with this answer that I asked if he was in the Mafia!

15 Organs – What organ in the human body produces bile, which aids in digestion? We almost overthought ourselves on this one, but didn’t…

16 – Boats – The USS Badger is a passenger vehicle ferry that operates seasonally from May to October on which of the Great Lakes? I’ll bet the Michigan players had an advantage with this question! Now who knows what city this ferry departs from in Michigan?

Mystery Round Four – Marvel Characters

Put the following Marvel characters in order from earliest comic book appearance – to the most recent.

Captain Marvel, Ghostrider, Submariner, Deadpool.

My nerdy teammates were pretty good with this, and didn’t really seem to need my help. But I did chime in with “They mentioned Captain Marvel in that Bungalow Bill song by the Beatles. That was when he was a guy.” And that caused our question answer person to put him (now a her) earlier on the list. We got all of these right.

We were in FIRST going into the final with 45 points. How mind blowing – 45 points in most virtual trivia games would probably put us in 12th place or lower!

Final 2 – State Names

Four Eastern U.S. states have the word “commonwealth” as part of their names. Which two of those states border each other?

And for the second time during a trivia game, I used the word “whore.” This time to describe a state that borders – or touches – a lot of other states.

And we didn’t f— this up! We haven’t won any prize money since we won that mysterious $5 prize from The Owl in December. We still don’t know if we were supposed to be splitting it with another team because we tied with them – or because that was a mistake. But drink money is drink money, right?

That was a fun night out. We’ll probably stay cozy in our jammies tonight and just play trivia virtually. As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, you haughty courtesans!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game # 751 – February 2, 2023 – (Live Trivia Game) – Sticks – Ypsilanti, MI

  1. round one
    pennsylvania, sonic the hedgehog, sculpture, alanis morrissette/taylor swift/billie eilish
    mystery one
    truce almighty, the bucket fist, along came a spader, now you sew me
    round two
    a different world, basketball, courage, morocco
    mystery two
    humerus, clavicle, tibia, radius
    final one – ryan lochte, ashton eaton, lebron james
    game two/round three
    milk duds, landlord/property manager; marie antoinette, foxy brown
    mystery three
    Did not write down correct answers.
    Round Four
    Ernest/slinky dog; an eye for an eye, liver, michigan
    mystery four
    submariner, captain marvel, ghostrider, deadpool
    final two
    ky, virginia

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