Who Wants the Short Version of Thursday’s Trivia Game?

Hey all, I will be finishing up the full recap of Thursday’s pub trivia game at Sticks in Ypsilanti, MI in just a bit. The questions are already typed up – all I need to add are the mystery rounds, commentary and after I publish it – the answers. Apparently I can’t add a comment to an unpublished blog!

We finished with 83 points for the night – and since we’ve been mostly a virtual team for the past (nearly) three years, the Sporcle universe thinks this was a “badgeworthy” accomplishment and gave us a “high score” badge! Uh, OK!

We flubbed the first final question about election history after we’d wagered full points on it (ouch), and decided to be cautious in our wager on the second final question about 20th century artists. Which of COURSE means that we knew the answer! We were just one place shy of a second place win in game two.

Bringing some help to the game definitely helped! I’d tell ya more, but I’ll save it for the full recap!

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