Trivia Recap – Game #748 – January 19, 2023 – Live Game – Sticks (Ypsilanti, MI)

If there’s one thing we’re famous for f—ing up in pub trivia games? It’s wagering high when we don’t know an answer – and wagering too low when we DO know an answer! But let’s not sell my team short – we’re pretty good at f—ing up a LOT of things in any given trivia game! Shame on us for not knowing the primary alcohol used in a Planter’s Punch cocktail – or for knowing which state was the westernmost among states encompassing the Louisiana Purchase. I guess we need to go back to school and take a U.S. history class…

We finished in sixth for the night with 83 points, which for us, is a “high score!” We’ve been playing mostly virtual games and have been in a slump with the live games, so that makes sense.

We invited a player whom I’ll call “Mr. E” to our game last night – whom we hadn’t seen in person since before the pandemic hit us in early March, 2020. He was a huge help – he was able to get a video games question with a nerd point correct for us – and was able to spot the voice of an actress speaking at an Academy Awards ceremony, along with helping us with several other questions. He told us that he had recently hit up a bar called Oscar’s – a former trivia haunt of ours – when he had some friends visiting last weekend. He said that in their final question, they had to ID the oldest living male actor whom is also an Academy Award winner. To which we said:

I know you trivia players out there might be dying to know that answer, so I’ll just tell ya – it’s Gene Hackman. The only Oscar I know he has for sure is for The French Connection, but I’d have to use the Google to see what his other Oscar is. But my guess is Mississippi Burning (we’ll see if I’m right). Nope, I am wrong – though he was nominated for it! The other one is Unforgiven. Dustin Hoffman beat him out for that Oscar for his role in Rain Man. But let’s not go down any Oscar trivia rabbit holes just yet, let’s see the questions we had in our game?

Round One

1 Consoles – The eighth generation of what video game console includes Playstation 4, X Box 1 and two other consoles- both from the same manufacturer. Name one of those two – which were released in 2012 and 2017 respectively- Name both for a nerd bonus point. “Mr. E” was all over this for both correct answer.s

2 Zodiac – Which sign of the Western zodiac falls in May and June each year between Taurus and Cancer? This one was all me…oh the silly things I was into as a silly teenager!

3 Hip-Hop – What hip-hop group with a number in its name – released the album “Banned in the USA” in 1990 as the first album to carry the black and white RIAA parental advisory sticker? Speaking of my teenage years, yes, this was a huge, huge entertainment story at the time. Seriously, though – didn’t those RIAA warning stickers just trigger more sales?

4 TV Hosts – In 2019, Karlie Kloss replaced Heidi Klum as the host of what long running competition show prior to it 17th season? Another assist from our guest player “Mr. E.”

Mystery Round 1

“In a Box”

All answers will include the letters B, O and X

M1 – Item struck by Fonzie on “Happy Days” to get it to work

M2 – Poisonous substance produced by living organisms

M3 – City in Mississippi and setting for 1988 Matthew Broderick film

M4 – U-shaped river bend

We got all of these correct, nice teamwork.

Round Two

5. World Series – The New York Yankees have the most World Series championships – which team has won the second most times- most recently in 2011? First miss of the game, we guessed the San Francisco Giants.

6 Hormones – What hormone produced by the pineal gland is instrumental in regulating the sleep/wake cycle?

7 Novels – What 2013 novel by Donna Tartt,which won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, is narrated by a 13-year old boy named Theo, who survived a bombing at an art gallery and takes a painting with him? FB clue.

8 Drinks – What is the primary alcohol in a Planters Punch cocktail, according to the International Bartenders Association? Second miss of the game, we guessed bourbon. But it sounded so “Southern” (whine)!

Mystery Round 2 –

Ed Harris films

Name four of the films in which actor Ed Harris was nominated for either best supporting actor or best actor – released in 1995, 2998, 2000 and 2002

We could only name two of those films. We were in third going into the final with 48 points.

Final One – Election History

In the 2000 US Presidential Primary, who was the only person other than George W. Bush and Al Gore, to win a state Primary or caucus? Note – must be a Republican or Democratic Primary (not third party)?

We guessed the guy who switched parties (fail)!

Game Two/Round 3

1 Latin – What common Latin phrase means “in a turned position- or the other way around?”

2 Speeches – Audio clue of actress who won an Academy Award for best actress for her role in a 2013 film playing a character named Patsey.

3 Shapes – Due to its shape, farfalle pasta is commonly known by what name which references a clothing accessory?

4 Music Awards – The Hal David Starlight Award is given by the Songwriters Hall of Fame to recognize active artists whom are “making a significant impact impact in the music industry via their original songs.” Name 1 of 3 artists with first names of John – whom were awarded this prize between 2006 and 2008 (name both for a bonus point). Special thanks to my trivia pardner Mike for writing this one down while “Mr. E” and I attempted to answer it. We got one of the correct Johns, not both.

Mystery Round 3 -Before and After

Put the two clues together to form one correct answer.

M1 – Three-named actress who plays Claire Dearing in Jurassic World – and “shock jock” whom has had a presence on Sirius XM radio since 2006

M2 – Bible book in the tile of a 1977 Bob Marley album and MLB manager who led the Houston Astros to the 2022 US title

M3 – Capital of New Jersey and muscular organ covered with lingual papillae

M4 -Cover song that was a top 10 Billboard hit for Juice Newton in 1981 and an Apple TV drama featuring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer Aniston

We teamed up nicely on at least three of these, but we couldn’t wrap our collective minds about which of Juice Newton’s songs was a cover, so we missed #4.

Round 4

5 US Geography- The westernmost portion of the Louisiana Purchase is located in what US state? Miss.

6 Geometry – In degrees, what is the sum of the interior angles of an octagon? Mike and “Mr. E” worked really hard on this one, but nope…

7 Colors – While it has some shades of brown, sanguine is primarily what color?

8 Golf – The standard golf wedge that has a loft between that of a 9 iron and that of a gap wedge, is best knby what 8-letter name? “Mr. E” was all over this one to help us finish the round.

Mystery Round 4 –

Us older folks had a rambunctious time explaining the show in image #3 to a millennial!

We were again in third place, this time with 47 points.

Final 2 –

20th Century Art

We were not confident, since we so frequently f— up art questions (like that mystery round a few games ago where we could only name one piece of art from a list that is on display at the Louvre). But as you know, when you wager low, that’s when you know!

In 1942, what notable artist created a sculpture titled Bull’s Head, which is made from a bicycle seat and handlebars?

We finished just shy of a prize. Next time?

As always, Go Pods, and stay classy, Jackson Pollock!

One thought on “Trivia Recap – Game #748 – January 19, 2023 – Live Game – Sticks (Ypsilanti, MI)

  1. round one
    nintendo switch/WII U; gemini, 2 live crew, project runway
    round two
    cardinals, melatonin, goldfinsh, rum
    final one – john mccain
    round three
    vice versa, lupita nyongo, bowtie, mayer/legend/rzenkik
    round four
    montana, 1080, red, pitching
    final 2 – picasso
    mystery one
    jukebox, biotoxin, biloxi, oxbow
    mystery two
    apollo 13, the truman show, pollock, the hours
    mystery 3
    bryce dallas howard stern, exodusty baker, trentongue, Angel of the Morning Show
    mystery four
    beverly hillbillies, gilligan’s island, hee haw, munsters

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