Yellowjackets Blog Coming….Soon!?

I’m a little late to the Donner party (lol), but I finally got around to watching the Showtime series Yellowjackets, thanks to my friendly local library having it on dvd.

I know it will be a minute until I get around to watching season 2 when it premieres in March, so I guess I could package whatever blog I write as “preview” for season 2?

I didn’t enjoy – or buy – the Shauna/Adam fling, though I do have questions about who he really is. I’m a little creeped out that Misty is the character with whom I have the most in common, but it’s only because I wouldn’t complain about listening to Andrew Lloyd Weber tunes! Maybe she’d even be my date for the Jesus Christ Superstar production in Detroit, though I’d be afraid to get into a car with her!

I have some other thoughts and a lot of questions, but those will have to wait!

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