Questions I’d Love To See Answered in Yellowjackets Season 2 (FOR ADULT READERS ONLY)

Note: This blog will contain spoilers for season 1 of the Showtime series Yellowjackets. This is not intended for anyone but adult readers – subjects may be disturbing to some readers, so please do not read any more if you are disturbed by subjects such as unwanted pregnancies, cannibalism and people who only listen to either podcasts – or musical theater – in their vehicles.

I’m watching Yellowjackets season 1 for a second time. I am late to the game, since I do not have access to the Showtime network, and only recently found out that my local library had the series on DVD (which is how I have watched some other series that I do not have streaming services for watching).

Aside from not enjoying the lack of sexual chemistry between Shauna and Adam, I’m enjoying the series so far! The storyline keeps me as hungry as the girls a week after they’ve enjoyed the last bits of whatever animal carcass- or (ahem) – “other” carcass they’ve been gnawing on – (some with perhaps too much gusto). You know how that nosy fake reporter Jessica has been stalking these survivors? I’d like to do the same! πŸ™‚

The acting is top notch. Christina Ricci is the one who lured me in, I’ve been a huge fan of hers since she was Wednesday Addams in the Barry Sonnenfeld Addams Family movies in the early 1990s. Juliette Lewis and Melanie Lynskey helped seal the deal. Though honestly, the only other thing I’ve seen Lynskey in was the 1999 film Detroit Rock City. She’s the one with the crush on the Peter Criss fanboy – and resembles an old girlfriend of my husband’s (I digress)!

I would have loved to see Kirsten Dunst play a grown up Laura Lee, but since the story doesn’t allow for a grown-up Laura Lee, how about putting Drew Barrymore in this series someplace? She’s just so adorable! πŸ™‚ Seriously, the casting is just fine as it is! And I can’t wait to see Elijah Wood in season 2 (who supposedly puts Misty through her paces).

Above we see Natalie and Travis getting ready to bag their first deer.

Here’s what I know so far (SPOILERS AHEAD):

  • A dark haired girl gets chased down, hung up, and bled out – and (presumably) eaten – and she is wearing a necklace identical to Shauna’s – and we see Jackie wearing the necklace later
  • Taissa, Shauna, Misty, Natalie and Lottie all survive the 19 month ordeal
  • Jackie’s folks are seriously disturbed
  • Taissa has some involvement in something shady – and has paid Jessica to keep tabs on the other survivors.
  • Lottie comes from a family of wealth – as evidenced by her having a maid bring her pills in a posh dining room – and her father having paid for the ill-fated flight.

questions i’d love to see answered:

  • Does coach Ben survive? Whom else survives?
  • Who sent the postcards to Misty and Nat? What secrets is Misty hiding? We all know she is a sociopath and is shady as f— (she destroyed the plane’s flight recorder deliberately, after all). This makes the fentanyl-laced cigarettes she gave to Jessica look almost tame by comparison!
  • What’s with the crazy symbols carved on the trees and other things?
  • Who was the person wearing the yellowjackets mascot outfit in that final game/pep rally? And did they go on the trip with the others?
  • What did the parents and other family members do after the crash? Why did it take 19 months to rescue them?
  • What happened when the girls returned to school? Did the senior girls get a free pass to graduate?
  • Were the physical education requirements waived for the remaining girls?
  • What really happened to Travis?
  • Was Laura Lee”s flight sabotaged? If so, who did it?
  • Who the hell is Adam, and why does he leave so few digital footprints? I hardly think his meeting Shauna was an accident. Some fan theories I’ve read online speculate that he might actually be Javi. While we’re on the subject, what happened to Javi after he ran away from the “Doomcoming” madness?
  • What is Lottie’s involvement in all of this? What pills was she taking before she went off her meds? I’m presuming they were of an anti-psychotic nature.
  • What the f— happened to Shauna’s baby? I think we all know that it’s not her daughter Callie.
  • I’m not even going to spell out my next question because it’s too horrible. But…we have already been presented with the whole cannibalism story. And we know Shauna flinched at a field abortion. And we have not met her grown up first baby. I mean, come on – a miscarriage or stillbirth would just be a cop out – and lazy writing.
  • What is the real dark secret these girls are protecting? Eating other people to survive in a situation like this – though horrifying- is still somewhat socially acceptable given the circumstances. Maybe you won’t get many takers if you host a “wild game” dinner party at your place if people know you’ve partaken of the “long pork.” There has to be something beyond the Lord of the Flies-esque tribalism sequences we’ve already seen glimpses of in season 1.
  • Why do the girls not sound like they’re from Jersey? The only actress I’ve seen in the series sporting a Jersey accent is Allie, the girl who doesn’t make the flight to the soccer finals because of a broken leg. I don’t think I have a chance at having THIS question answered! πŸ™‚ Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi might need the work – she could serve as dialect coach! Who doesn’t find Jersey accents entertaining?

So….think again about what I said a few questions ago about Shauna’s baby. But first, a story from my childhood!

My older brother liked to change lyrics of popular songs. Remember “Papa Don’t Preach” by Madonna? Here’s one of his changes:

“I’ve made up my mind…I’m…eatin’ my baby…I’m gonna eat my baby…” It would sound better coming out of Madonna! But I’m guessing she wouldn’t find it that funny! It was just a brother poking fun at songs his sister liked!

So…what really happened to Shauna and Jeff’s first baby? I’m just going to leave that question here.

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